DISCUSSION for those who have already finished the show

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    Just completed the show and I think it is fantastic with a great cast. I cannot wait for season 2 to start. I really wanted some input from anyone who have finished the season. Stop reading if you have not finished. I was wondering if Frank plan from the beginning was to be VP. IT seems the way the show presented itself to us was that originally he really wanted Russo to win and to be the governor.He really wanted the watershed bill to pass.If the bill did pass,Russo would win.It was his wife under Sam corpinfluencethat caused him to lose the bill.So if peter did win,was that is original plan?To be Russo his puppet all the way to the white house?That would take years and honestly too many uncontrollable factors.He only changed his mind after Russo threatened him when the bill did not pass.By then he was plotting for Russo downfall so he could ultimately become VP.But isn't this plan faster and better?IT seems morebrilliantif it was Frank's plan from the beginning.However it cannot be cause he would have knownClairewould betray him and cause the bill to fail.This is the part of the story which I do not understand. What was his original plan? I guess I am like Zoe Barnes and friends guessing Frank motive. For those who have finished, what do you guys think? I really like to know.

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    Great question - Frank's original plan was definitely to be Secretary of State. After that I think his plan was revenge, which then opened up the possibility for increased power in his own party. First by authoring the Education bill. Then by helping toshepherdan importantgubernatorialvictory to the party. But once the Delaware watershed bill was defeated, Frank realized he could make a bolder power grab by ruining Russo's career, in turn inspiring the VP to jump in to save the day and open up the VP job.

    It's a bit funny to think of the VP job as a powerful one, but I'd imagine the second season would see Frank having tons of influence over the President as he tries to line up his own Presidential candidacy.

    It will be a race against time though as surely the Zoe / Janine journalist superteam will be hot on the trail to exposing Frank's manipulations - the biggest of which would land him in jail for life. The problem is that Frank has proven pretty masterful at reacting to bad news in order to turn it in his favor. Should be fun.

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    I think Frank would have crushed Russo either way.
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    The plan never changed. Whether or not the bill passed, it was Frank's plan to build up Russo for the governorship and then tear him down before he got elected, thus created the vacuum for the VP to step into, and opening up the VP slot for himself. The only thing passing the bill would have gotten him is more cred with the President, thus shoring up his chances at a VP nomination. He was pissed at the watershed bill getting defeated because it made him look like an idiot (e.g., getting the vote count wrong) but it didn't change the plan. Once the revenge plan gets going (from episode 1) he is no longer aiming at Secretary of State but looking at "the bigger picture", as he puts it (We can safely assume, I think, that he ultimately wants the Oval Office).
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