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  • Who to hate more?

    I like the show even though I think the first lady and the president are terrible people. And even though I've seen the president do more terrible things on the show, the first lady's face is enough to disgust me. I can't explain it but her two faced nature for some reason is more unpalatable than the president.

    Update we are up to season 5 and I literally hate the first lady so much and she has so much screen time I stopped watching it completely.
  • Season 5 (watching atm)

    95/100 points
  • Expectiong season 5

    Lets see whats coming very goods so far
  • Unexpectedly not jumping the shark, but getting better @ S04

    I am a big fan of the original UK series, and thought the US remake was about "ok" since it's hard to screw up with a near 1:1 copy. Season 2 was used to branch from the original story line, and Season 3 introduced the foreign policy sub-plot which was fun to watch but appeared very artificial.

    With Season 4, I somehow expected the series to jump the shark, but this is one of the times I was completely wrong. The characters and story lines have matured and it's getting domestic political again, which was the strength of the shows in the first place. While some elements like the Underwoods teaming up on the ticket are of course farfetched, they're ramping up the cynism, power play and backstabbing.

    With Frank talking directly into the camera again more often, it's back to the basic idea and I cannot wait for Season 5 and beyond. Thanks Netflix for not dumbing down even when in troubled water!
  • Takes too much time to become interesting

    i gave it a 2 because it takes 2 seasons for this show to become interesting and the characters are neither interesting nor realistic.
  • I'm an absolute fan

    If good-hearted protagonists and happy endings are your thing, this probably isn't the show for you. After all, what happens to a house of cards once built? This is about cunning, ambitious people working in a grueling, fast paced environment and the relationships between them, and it stands as a satirical commentary on politics in the US. If you're like me, you'll fall hard for the intrigue and character dynamics, and you'll be swept off your feet by the very first episode-- hang on for the rollercoaster ride ahead.

    This show managed to keep me guessing at every turn, yet leave me satisfied with things as they unfolded. The acting, music, camera work and design elements are superb, not to mention the writing. My favorite part of the show is the way that the characters change and interact with each other-- if that's something you enjoy, you'll love this show!
  • Recommended for people who enjoy high quality television!

    I really enjoyed that the last two episodes of season 1 and 2 blindsided you on what was about to happen. Season 3 didn't have a blindside, which I liked because it showed that Frank had lost his touch. Season 3 was slower in comparison to the other seasons, though was still marvelous to watch. I would recommend this to anyone who likes high quality television (I will watch most things if it is decent acting and storytelling).
  • Could have captured more Audience if Netflix US was not blocked in Europe and Asia

    Unfortunately the show could have been streamed in wider population if only Netflix did not had their geo restrictions issues. The show has all what it needs, solid script, hilarious screen play. amazing make up artist and thrills that keeps you moving. Some people opted to watch it via unblock . com to access it from geo restriction while few waited it to be available on torrent for download ! I Feel Netflix should make serious effort in order to legalize streaming to wider audience
  • Not so long road to ruin.

    This show has been going down hill since the tail end of season 1.

    As time has gone by; the characters and in particular Frank, has become more and more exaggerated and caricature-like.

    How realistic is it for a guy who has been one of the key power players in Washington for decades and has successfully hidden his ego and ruthlessness under a veil to suddenly lose ALL ability to hide his disregard or contempt especially for people whom he needs?

    Frank started off as a sociopathic pragmatist and now he is what? an ego-maniacal, un-strategic, un-tactical, petty fool who pisses on his father's grave with media and SS Agents just around the corner or spits on statue of Jesus in the middle of bloody cathedral while in earshot of agents and the fucking Bishop?

    Initially Claire was portrayed to possibly be even more cold and ruthless than Frank but they have turned her into a mess with no good driving factor.

    I mean seriously? they have been in that partnership for decades and have had their ambitions from around the same time -yet now things start to fall apart, and from problems that would have cropped up any number of times at some time their prior 30 YEARS together.

    I'll watch the start of season 4, if they don't up their game -I'll be unsubscribing this show.

    Also WTF is it about the random pointless 'main' subplots that they have each season -Zoe's Scooby gang trying to expose Frank, then the crusade to expose Frank for Zoe's murder, then that awful Doug and Rachel BS. . .I mean WTF?
  • Season 3 enjoyable yet falls short comparing with season 1 and 2.

    As titles states, i did enjoy season 3 of House of Cards, but it wasn't was good as the first two. I just hope season 4 if it is in development gets better. Overall i would give a 7 for season 3. Kevin Spacey is always a treat to watch, what a briliant actor.
  • episodes 1, 2 and 3

    Very disappointing 3rd season. Frank and Claire more despicable than ever. Can't believe writers couldn't think of anything better than having her want to be an Ambassador as well as First Lady. Preposterous
  • Meh... I'm going re-watching BOSS instead

    I was thrilled by reviews and, to be honest, by the first couple episodes. After that it really struck me that this is a rip-off of a more exiting show: BOSS. Same characters, same plot, less fun. Excluding mr. Spacey's brilliant performance (as always) this show is filled with a poorly interesting story and poorly interesting characters.

    Yeah yeah... HoC has Fincher on the team. So what. BOSS has Van Sant on his side and both directing and photography can't really be compared between the two.

    Trust me on this: if you "like" this you'll just love BOSS.
  • 3rd Season?

    it has been awesome first two seasons, when will third season be starting? can't wait
  • Casting

    The casting company for this show is not the best. They dont follow their own rules and they let the favorites post locations and other things.
  • Slow but effective

    This is a kind of show,either you fell in love with it or you hate slow but Kevin Spacey would surely ensure that you're wait isn't would recommend this show for all the fans who like to Kevin Spacey and his acting for season 3 :D

    Well I join the choir of people who express deep resentment watching this show.

    To engage yourself in a story don't you have to empathize with some of the

    Maybe I am supposed to be intrigued and fascinated with Mister Underwoods excellent skills at playing deceitful and turning the tide of events in the political system to serve his purpose again and again - but I don't.

    The theme of deceit is simply too easily identified and can be predicted in such a way, after watching two or three episodes, that you know more or less which structure the rest of the episodes are built around.

    Every single person has given up any kind of personal integrity. They can the threatened or bought to do whatever Underwood wants.

    The only happy end I can imagine would be if the Whole place blew up.


  • Simply Great

    Everything is so well done. Spacey brings the boom. The supporting characters bring the bang. Can definitely tell this is David Fincher's baby.
  • Best show ever

    FU and CU kick ass!
  • Only for Kevin Spacey fans.

    House of Cards was an average show in the first season and became a mediocre show in the second season. The attachment of talented people like David Fincher (one of my favorite directors), Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright skyrocketed my expectations, but the result is rather lackluster. The main problem is the convoluted writing that tries so hard to make Kevin Spacey's character look like a manipulating genious and hide the fact that most of the time he is just a lucky opportunist. Another issue is the really boring plotlines that take entire seasons to set up and then they just disappoint. The first season was watchable and had its moments especially because of Corey Stolls' character, but the second season was disappointing altogether. Of course, the fact that Frank is now POTUS unlocks many intriguing plotlines which can only lead to his uncompromising and utter demise.
  • spectacular

    love it
  • Not so far from Reality

    Great Writing and acting !! The best Character ever made by Mr. Spacy!
  • brilliant

    as a 17-year-old who is entirely uninterested in anything regarding politics, i was surprised to find myself loving this show. in contrast to popular opinion, i liked the use of francis' depiction of his thoughts by looking into the camera: i was somewhat caught off guard at first, but i found that this detail added humor, insight, and (even more) character to the dark and manipulative Francis Underwood. Kevin Spacey is brilliant, and i couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role of Francis as well as him. Personally, i preferred the first season overall due to some minor problems i had with the second season. overall, great great great show with incredible acting skills and excellent character developments.
  • I find this offputting

    My girlfriend gave up on the first episode within five minutes; she was too bothered by the artifice of the main character talking to the camera. I stuck with it, but I felt the whole show was artifice, and it put me off. I find the characters unrealistic, but not interesting enough to make up for that. It feels like a good premise for something intriguing, but I feel no urge to watch more. The only character I really found interesting was the wife, but not enough so to want to watch again.
  • Just started watching.

    A little slow but picking up nicely. So far so good.
  • Awsome

    A Great Show indeed...
  • Great show but the second season could have been a lot better...

    Great show but it was spoiled at the end of second season. Too predictable, too naive, too simple without any unexpected twists. I prefered the first season. The second one stays in the dark...
  • Going back to game of thrones!

    So i've just watched episode two where the site appears in the end and %#!(%! appears in the beginning ;)

    im really frustrated about this whole episode... how can things like this happen

    im going back to game of thrones!
  • Exceptional tv

    The show does everything the right way. The right casting, tempo, style of filming. The writing offcourse stands out.

    *** spoiler alert ***

    What I don't understand is the logic of underwood doing the killing of Zoe himself. It doesn't make much sense. Why put yourself in that much risk of being exposed. In the Russo case I understood the moment. But with Zoe it was a bit too much. I guess it shows the willingness of him killing making him a very bad person. But giving the order to Stamper would have been almost as bad and a bit more realistic.
  • some serious stuff.....

    after sherlock and walter white i think kevin spacey as francis underwood is really the best person to watch
  • Theres always a but..

    **Spoiler Alert** You can clearly see from my score that I really enjoy this show. The murder aspect of this show does however bother me though. Are we expected to believe that the Vice President of the United States is walking around murdering people? Then we are expected to take the show seriously? This character has such cunning and intelligence that even if he was doing it he would likely work in such a way as to not get his own hands dirty. Basically everything else about it is of such high caliber. Kevin Spacey is acting better than I have EVER seen him. Too bad the writers clearly think so little of our intellect as viewers. I would still highly recommend this show for everything else that is has going for it.