House of Cards

BBC (ended 1990)


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  • Season 1
    • Part 1
      Part 1
      Episode 1

      After a general election that he helped to win, Francis Urquhart, Chief Whip of the Conservative party, feels unappreciated by the Prime Minister. He sets his sights on the highest post in the land and uses a young, ambitious journalist to embarrass Prime Minister Collingridge.

    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Urquhart is the perfect politician. Impeccably diplomatic, charming, admired, trusted and respected by all. He has faithfully served his party without question, but events are about to spark his ambition. When the long-standing Prime Minister dies, the hunt is on to find a replacement. Urquhart is a hard-line Conservative and believes in strong leadership. In his eyes, none of the choices measures up. Naturally, he keeps his opinions to himself, but as Party Whip, his support is valuable, and he is courted by all the candidates. He must tread warily, as supporting the loser could cost him his position. Supporting the winner, however, could land him a Cabinet position.moreless
    • Part 2
      Episode 2
      At the Conservative Party Conference, Francis Urquhart prepares the downfall, not only of the Prime Minister, but also of the most likely contenders for the job.
    • Part 3
      Episode 3
      After Prime Minister Collingridge steps down, the other cabinet members prepare to take over. Publisher Ben Landless believes Francis Urquhart should get the job. Meanwhile, Mattie Storin discovers that there's something fishy about the scandal that took down Collingridge.
    • Part 4
      Episode 4
      Just when Francis Urquhart's rise to power seems to be unstoppable, Mattie Storin discovers information that could damage his ambitions.
  • To Play the King, Part II
  • The Final Cut, Part III