House of Cards

BBC (ended 1990)


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  • Netflix Move Over

    This is the real House of Cards. Great acting, great story line and great characters.

    Netflix is just an American whitewashed copycat, oversexed version of the BBC version.

    The acting by Ian Richardson is superb.

    I totally concur with another reviewer.

    Watch the BBC series first. Great tv series.

    In fact you need to watch all three seasons of the BBC series of House of Cards. The first two seasons, House of Cards and To Play the King were great but the last season The Final Cut was a big disappointment. The last season was bland, full of gratuitous sex involving late 40 yr olds, poor scenes about Cyprus and poor script writing. Alas. I should have stopped after seeing the first two seasons.

  • Masterpiece!

    More than 20 years after its release, House of Cards still manages to thrust a steely rapier under the viewer's skin, its view of the hostile British political maneuverings of Urquhart and his kind both riveting and shocking. By the end of four hours, Francis Urquhart had ruined several lives, brought down a prime minister and murdered two people. He then proceeded to take out a reigning monarch. Ian Richardson's performance, as Parliamentary Chief Whip Francis Urquhart, is delightful: he IS . Anybody else can only pale by comparison (sorry Kevin!). Urquhart played by Ian is ruthless and immoral, but also a very capable executive, who is right about some important policy questions while his well-meaning rivals and victims are wrong.

    Do yourself a favor and WATCH the original before watching the American version.