House of Carters

E! (ended 2006)





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  • The famous but dysfunctional Carter clan bare their hearts and souls, not to mention their dirty laundry, when they try to repair their fractured family by living together for the first time in over 10 years.

    I was eagerly looking forward to this series as I have always been a big fan of Nick Carter (of the Backstreet Boys) and his younger brother, pop star Aaron Carter. However, after seeing the first full episode, I\'m having mixed emotions. For the first time, I\'m seeing them as real people, dysfunctions and all, and not as the pretty boy singers I\'ve idolized them as for years. That being said, this episode was pretty painful to watch, yet interestingly addictive at the same time. All the Carter siblings had some real (and not scripted) emotional angst to share with viewers and with good reason - they were raised in the limelight by show biz parents who cared more about fame and fortune than about their own kids\' needs. Now, their pain is being scrutinized in a fish bowl environment for all the world to see. And the reality is, it ain\'t pretty! While it appears that Nick has good intentions in reuniting his clan, he also appears to be trying to hard in demanding respect and being somewhat controlling. B.J.\'s a drunken mess, Leslie\'s an outsider still reeling from her parent\'s divorce, Angel\'s a cold-hearted b*tch and Aaron, he\'s trying to be the rebel in the family but... well, let\'s just say it looks like he\'s not headed down the right path and hopefully someone intervenes before he OD\'s. The best thing about \"House of Carters\" is that it made me glad I\'m not related to them and it made me appreciate that, despite their money and fame, I might actually have things better than them. But will I be watching next week? You bet I will!