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  • The cameras are rolling as this disfucntional family gets into arguements, fights and heated discussions about their childhood and parents.

    Being only 18, I can gladly admit that I was a around during the boy-band craze, and yes I was obsessed with the Backstreet boys. If it wasn’t their songs it was their great looks but being only 10 at the time I was greatly disappointed when I learned I stood no chance with these men who were at least 10 years my senior. One year later I was happy to learn that the hottest Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter of course, had a younger brother who was about my age. My obsession with Aaron Carter was somewhat unhealthy but came to an end when I entered high school. I didn’t hear too much about either of the Carter boys unless is was about Nicks DUI or supposed abuse charges that tabloids were accusing him of. I think I heard Aaron sued his mother for something but other than that I was sure that they had left the Hollywood scene for good.
    Last month I saw previews for House of Carters, and being a celebrity reality TV show fan that I am, I was somewhat excited to see how my childhood idols were doing.
    I was kind of expecting something like Laguna Beach, only with already famous people. I thought the show was going to be how successful the 2 brothers have been and how the sisters are desperately trying to reach stardom. Half-right-the one sister is in fact trying to be a model- I realize that this show is quite different.
    The chaos that went in during the first episode is way more then I could ever handle. Aaron’s “gangster” persona ends up in a fist fight with his big bro, only to reveal a secret that no tabloid ever reported: Aaron took out Paris Hilton the day right after Nick broke up with her. From the crazy events to the emotional discussions the siblings have about their childhood, I can’t help but to feel sorry for the Carter family.
    I’m looking forward to the next show and the next chaotic event that the Carter family will experience.
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