House of Carters

E! (ended 2006)





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  • The five Carter siblings Nick, Aaron, BJ, Leslie, and Angel are reunited into one house and attempt to mend their dysfunctional family.

    The House of Carters, I reccommend, should only be watched by people who can deal with yelling, screaming, and swearing. In this show, you have to definitely get used to people fighting (physically and verbally) almost 24/7. What irritates me is that Nick is trying too hard to play dad, denying that he ever even bothered to make that effort, and wants all his siblings to just see him as the big brother. However, he has no idea that his actions are utterly contradictory of what he always says. In the show, he tends to overreact and completely loses his mind when he can just work it out by talking (probably even mild verbal abuse) instead of biting his little brother on the arm, which really is childish for a 25-year-old. Another thing that bothers me is BJ. She whines and whines and just keeps on going. She is the oldest sister, after all, so why can`t she set an example? Even younger sister Angel is more mature than she is. She can`t even get ahold of herself. She`s always running away from problems. The other three siblings, Angel, Aaron, and Leslie re pretty much the held back ones, or not as crazy as the other two. They usually get into fights only because either BJ or Nick started it. Some of the scenes in this show, in fact, seem a little choreographed, like the lines and actions were memorized. This is kind of unexplainable to put into words, but you just seem to know when their actions seem a little "fake." Other than that, it`s kind of interesting to see how a celebrity family is completely fallen apart, and to see how they can deal with their lives. It`s striking to watch them struggle. It really is sad that they are desperate for a good life, and nobody is helping anybody. Sometimes you just want to walk straight to them and tell them, "Why can`t you just get along?" But then if that happened, the show wouldn`t be interesting. In conclusion, the show is a so-so or an okay, so I give it a 7.