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  • Something every needs to know, and i would like your opinion. So please read. I would even like for the carter family to read this, and give me a piece of there mind. Would love to hear from them ;)

    Ok, I just saw the video clip of nick and aaron carter fighting.
    Was that actually necessary for Nick to yell at his younger brother in his face like that?
    No. Nick needs anger management. Seriously.
    Ok, If was Nick and I was in this situation this is what I would have done.
    First, I would ask Aaron what is he doing.
    And its obverse, but I would still ask.
    Two, I would tell Aaron to turn the music down just a tad bit so I could sleep. Three, I would go back to bed and see if the music’s turned down, if it was I would try to sleep or read a book to put me to sleep. If the music was still loud as before and aaron didn’t turn the music down (not listening) I would go back and actually see what he is actually doing. If I found it enjoyable (even thought its midnight) I would join or I would watch.

    Man I wouldn’t yell at aaron for playing music in the middle of the night.
    He’s just a kid. And im sure Nicks played music at midnight too, since he was in the backstreet boys band. Teenagers do go through phrases and it is normal you know.
    Four, If I didn’t enjoy what aaron was doing I would tell him again to turn down the music.
    Man I would just let him go, Aarons bound to tire himself out. And Nicks got no right to even be in his brothers face like that. Poor Aaron. Sure aaron needed some yelling at but not in his face. And the swear words, please.
    isn't nick carter surpose to be a role model for backstreet boys or something. Yeah right. My ass.

    House of carters shouldn’t even be on if things happen like that.
    Aaron doesn’t need a brother like Nick to yell in his face and swear at him like that.

    Aaron you should move out. Forget about Nick altogether.
    You can do better without him.

    Aaron's been close to Nick for too long, and its time for Aaron to do his own thing now.
    And if Aaron doesn't like the way Nick treats him, well everyone if I was Aaron, I would take the money I got from singing or whatever and i would move out. I would do it now, before its too late.

    Because you know what, even looking at Nick when he was fighting with Aaron, it looked like he was going to hit him, and Aaron doesn’t need that.
    I know what its like to get hit, and seeing Aaron ever getting hit by Nick that would be a terrible/shocking thing. I would hate Nick for the rest of my life. I do already.
    That doesn't surprise me. Nick’s got problems, really bad.
    Being in Aarons face like that, thinking he’s tough, he’s wrong.
    And what he did to Aaron was wrong, sure he was playing music in the middle of the night, but he didn’t need to be in Aarons face like that, and spitting on him, so close to Aarons face. Is Aaron the only normal one in the family.

    So much of Nick being a role model, hey.

    If anyones got any inquries, or want to give me a piece of your mind, go ahead. Try me.

    Im opended minded too, so just remember that.
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