House of Dreams

Season 1 Episode 13

Episode #13

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Mar 29, 2004 on A&E

Episode Recap

George Wendt recaps the events leading up to the Grand Jury Ceremony. Sixteen people came in Harmony, Florida to build the House of Dreams. After gathering in the campsite, the Dream Builders introduced themselves to each other. On the first day of construction, the builders quickly learned that their work would have to meet the standards of foreman Joe Bukey. After poorly assembling a few rows of blocks on the house, Joe made the builders rip it all down and start again. Flor and Patricia became the first two Red Hats. As Patricia earnestly campaigned, Flor decided to sit back and let Patricia annoy her fellow builders. At the Eviction Ceremony, Flor successfully argued that the jury should remove Patricia because of her heartfelt story. Mike's behavior ruffled some feathers in the campsite. As Flor consolidated a powerful group of supporters, Mike and Jared countered by forming their own group. Each side took a hit as Mark and Amy were the next two builders evicted. Rumors of voting pacts erupted in the campsite, and after being implicated in starting those rumors, Lisa was shown the door. Mike and Jared were ecstatic as Flor received her second Red Hat. However, when the jury deadlocked, Flor was able to convince Sherrill to evict Jared, sending shockwaves through the camp. Flor and Jim's circle of friends continued to gather strength. However, Viveca and Sherrill continued to play the middle of the field, keeping everyone guessing. As work progressed on the house, the Dream Builders began to suspect that there was more between Flor and Jim than just friendship. After Wanda, John and Rochelle were sent home, only eight builders remained. The game took a surprising twist when Sherrill and Naomi received Red Hats and learned of the "Red Hat's Revenge." In this twist, the evicted Red Hat got to select a jury member to leave the game with them. Sherrill was voted out, and he took Jim with him. Mike was ecstatic at Jim's demise, while Flor was devastated over losing Jim. At the next Key Ceremony, it was learned that there would be three Red Hats, and Mike, Viveca and Tony squared off against each other. Matt and Naomi were the deciding votes as Tony was sent home. With five builders remaining, Matt attacked Mike's immaturity at the next Eviction, saying that Mike would squander the house if he were to win. However, Matt's strategy backfired, and he was evicted. Archrivals Mike and Flor teamed up to take each other to the finals, but their plans were foiled when they both received Red Hats. In desperation, Mike made deals with both Naomi and Viveca to stay in the game. At the eviction, Flor threatened to vote against the jury if they put her in the Grand Jury. Her plan fizzled when Naomi and Viveca voted to send Mike to the final round. Mike was all business as he betrayed Naomi and chose to face off against Viveca for the House of Dreams. Mike marvels at beating Flor and making the final round in one fell swoop. As he groggily checks the camp mailbox, Mike quickly awakens when he finds a letter asking the Red Hats to head over to the pasture for a bird's eye view of Harmony. As Mike and Viv arrive in the field, they are greeted by Jim Lentz, President of the Harmony Development Company. They pile into the waiting helicopter and go for a ride. Jim explains that Harmony was planned as a traditional town that would also have 8,000 acres of untouched land for its residents to explore. As they fly over the House of Dreams, Mike and Viveca wonder at all the work everyone put into building it. The helicopter lands back in the pasture, and Mike comments that this was the most exciting thing he's done before 9:00 AM. Viveca explains that some of the Grand Jury may be upset at having to choose between a juggler and a bartender to win the house. An Ivy League-educated juggler, Viveca explains that winning the house would provide her the opportunity to pursue some of her creative dreams that she currently cannot financially afford. Mike, a bartender from Orlando, talks about scraping to get by while growing up. He says that winning the house would be a great opportunity to settle down and start thinking about having a family of his own. Viveca says that she doesn't want to spend any time with the Grand Jury, because she wants the Grand Jury to be as clear-headed as possible. She goes on to say that it must be hard for the Grand Jury to have to give away a house they once dreamed of owning. George greets Mike and Viveca in front of the House of Dreams. He tells them that only the Grand Jury stands between them and the house. George brings the Grand Jury out of the house, one member at a time. As they line up in front of the house, Mike says that each Grand Jury member has the chance to change Mike and Viveca's life. George invites everyone to enjoy a barbecue dinner in the yard to get reacquainted. Mike comments on being uncomfortable around the jury members because they're touring a house that they have no shot at. Tony says that it was difficult to come back to the house, and wonders at what might have been. Sherrill says that he doesn't have any scores to settle, and has a clean slate from which to make his decision. Matt mentions that some of the Grand Jury members are bitter about being evicted. He says that Naomi is particularly upset with Mike, but that Flor is also upset at losing the game. Flor comments that she doesn't feel connected to either Mike or Viveca, and doesn't want to see either of them after the Grand Jury Ceremony. Matt tells Viveca about the deal he had with Mike. Viveca gets upset because she didn't work deals with anyone. Mike takes Naomi aside and tries to smooth things over with her. Naomi says that she holds a grudge against Mike because she thinks he evicted her to be a vote for him in the Grand Jury. After apologizing for evicting her, Mike thanks Naomi for being his friend. Naomi admits that she believes that Mike is sincere, but that she plans to vote for Viveca. Viveca says that she wants to win the house so she can fulfill her dreams of writing a book and producing a show. She says that she would like to use the house as a creative retreat. Mike says that he wants the house because he built it. He comments that the house would afford him the opportunity to go after whatever he wants. Joe welcomes Mike and Viveca back to the house where the Grand Jury waits. Joe instructs everyone to move the furniture into the house. Mike says that it feels wrong having the Grand Jury help move things into the house. Viveca says that the house has so much more in it than she ever expected. Sherrill says that it feels strange moving someone else's stuff into the house, and thinks that some of the Grand Jury members are very envious. After commenting that one of the empty walls needs a huge TV, Mike and Viv are asked to help Joe bring in a 65 inch HD TV from JVC, complete with a home theater system. Naomi becomes even more bitter and can't wait to be done. While watching Mike move the TV into the house, Flor says there's no way she can let him win. Joe brings in some more boxes to unpack, and explains that they contain furnishings from JC Penney's Home Collection. Matt and Sherrill are both undecided as to how to vote tonight, and Mike is unsure about how the jury will make their decision. Joe thanks everyone for their hard work and sends Mike and Viveca back to camp. While packing for the Eviction Ceremony, Mike says that he's never been this nervous in his entire life. He worries that he could lose tonight. Viveca says she's drained, overwhelmed and on the verge of tears, and isn't looking forward to the Eviction. Tony wonders if Mike and Viveca can look him in the face and tell him why they deserve the house, and why he didn't. Naomi says that Mike originally talked about using the house to throw parties, and thinks that he won't settle down until he's in his 30's. Flor says she wants to make tonight difficult for Mike and Viveca, and wants to make them "bleed and cry." Sherrill says that he wants a family to settle in the house, and will cast his vote accordingly. Matt is excited to sit on the Grand Jury so he can help determine the fate of the house. Mike says that he's about to find out if he's the recipient of a "life-changing gift," or if he's just "going back to being me." Viveca says that no matter who wins tonight, she wouldn't have changed a thing. George welcomes everyone to the dock for the Grand Jury Ceremony, and invites the Red Hats to state their cases. Viveca thanks the jury for coming back. She says that while Flor hates the Red Hats, Naomi loves both the Red Hats, and can't imagine how any of them will decide between the two. Viveca states that she wants to live in the house for six months or a year in an attempt to present the art of the circus to a wider audience, but isn't sure what she'd do after that year was up. Viv invites the Grand Jury to ask her questions. Flor asks why she should vote for Viveca since Viveca never voted to keep Flor during her many Red Hats. Viveca replies that the criteria she used in casting her votes are not the same as the ones she'd use if she were in the Grand Jury, and cannot answer Flor's question. Tony and Matt question Viveca's long term plan if she were to win. Again, Viveca has no real answer for them. After wishing the jury good luck, she takes a seat. Mike takes the podium and thanks the Grand Jury for helping him become a better person. He goes on to state that they have the opportunity to change his life forever. Mike says that he would love to live in the house for as long as he's standing, and that he would love to raise a family there. He says that it is truly a House of Dreams, but that it will always be "our House of Dreams." Mike concludes by saying that the door would always be open to everyone if he won, and thanks the Grand Jury. Mike opens the floor to questions. Tony says that he's proud of Mike for "coming a long way," and asks Mike who would be in the house with him. Mike replies that while he looks for the right person to start a family with, there are a few people sitting in front of him that "can surely fill some seats." Flor asks Mike if he lied to anyone during the game. Mike answers that he told someone important to him (Naomi) that they would both end up in the finals, and says that he feels ashamed for telling her that. Mike thanks the jury again and sits down. George sends Mike and Viveca to the construction site while the jury deliberates. George opens the discussion among the Jury by asking why Mike deserves to win the house. Flor answers, "Why not?" and states that both he and Viveca are on equal footing. Tony says that Mike deserves to win because he played a great game. Matt disagrees, and says that everyone played the game for Mike. He comments that early on they wanted to get rid of Mike, but just couldn't, and later in the game, kept Mike because he was the least threatening to go against. George asks Sherrill if he approves of Viveca's plans for the house. Sherrill responds, "Yes and no," and wishes she had a better answer. He wonders why Viveca won't commit to living in Florida full time. At the construction site, Viveca says that she feels neither lucky nor confident, but thinks she said what she needed to say to the jury. Naomi says that she can identify with Viveca's indecisiveness, and worries that the house may be too isolated for Mike, and thinks he may sell it to get a home more "centrally located." Mike sits in the Hyundai Tiburon and says he needs to prepare himself for utter disappointment. Back on the dock, Matt describes Mike as young and inexperienced and thinks that having the house handed to him may not allow him to grow up. George calls for a final vote and brings the Red Hats back. Hand-in-hand, Mike and Viveca join the Grand Jury back at the dock, and George invites Flor to speak for the jury. Flor says that the jury took care in making its decision and did not allow spite to enter into the decision making process. She goes on to state that while both of them deserve to win the house, the Grand Jury would like to congratulate Viveca on being the winner of the House of Dreams. Flor also congratulates Mike on being the runner up and presents him with a check for $20,000 from Mike says that he's ecstatic and may use his prize to get a house of his own one day. Viveca states that she's very happy, and describes the experience as incredibly challenging and rewarding.