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AIRED ON 3/29/2015

Season 4 : Episode 12

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Executive Producer Matthew Carnahan's new comedy project on Showtime is set in the world of corporate management consulting. The series is based on the book House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Tell You the Time by Martin Kihn. Don Cheadle is set to star.

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  • House of Relativistic, oh mon dieu!

    House of Lies is another example in the current rage of programing, centered on the ramifications of the new morality, . nothingness. Money grubbing Americans doing literally anything to achieve momentary emotional and sexual ecstasy at the expense of everything else. Cheadle and Bell are well cast and consistently deliver excellent renditions of the vacuous characters they portray. I also like Cheadle's X, Dawn Olivieri, from an acting perspective, (breast mole is off putting however). She is the epitome of soullessness. Many of the other characters serve as foolish comic reliefs or worse. House of Lies has many clever plot twists as well as the occasional pause in action sequences, which Cheadle always delivers well. The transgender, bisexual tween son of Mr. Cheadle, is a bizarre twist which consistently leaves me empty. He of course is typically good which contrasts with his sexual neutrality and is at the same time an annoying punk. This artificial use of sexual politics, which is ubiquitous in Hollywood currently, is very boring and simultaneously false. However, if one can ignore the incessant use of the F word, gratuitous sexuality and amoral plot material, House of Lies is good for a mindless romp into the cultural and social relativism that is our likely destiny.moreless
  • Awesome

    I love watching this show on demand rocks. The ending surprised me. its been a minute since i haven't seen it all.
  • Love it!

    Love this show, it's unpredictable and it's fun and gripping. My only beef.. Not enough of it, we need more damnit! :)
  • Relatable and unforgettable. NO WAIT.. Unrelatable and forgettable, that's it.

    Cheap fun for an episode or two until I realised there were no characters that had any traits that I could relate to in the least. Working in a corporate job, it's also so distantly removed from reality that it just comes off as something a producer pulled out of his butt.
  • Just not enough

    I admit to being a fangirl so my main problem with House of Lies is just how little there is of it... 12 eps and they barely last 20 mins? I could watch these crazy people for hours... I think the 2nd season has done exactly the opposite of Girls in that it has tempered the shock value and easy provocations (most of the time at least, language is a bit over-vulgar) and become a little more subtle... There is a lot of overtly sexual content in the show but to me this works really well in showing how emotionally stunted most of the characters are... the sex scenes are easy to watch but when it gets emotional it is rough... So of course I rate it a 10... Fangirl all right...moreless

    Showtime Renews House of Lies for Season 5

    Season 4 just wrapped on Sunday.


    Showtime Renews Shameless and House of Lies

    I guess some people actually like House of Lies.

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