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Marty, Jeannie, Clyde and Doug have all been varying degrees of awful through two seasons. I'm willing to bet it's only the secondary characters - notably Jeremiah and Roscoe - that are earning sympathy from viewers.

Do you like any of House of Lies main characters? What about the supporting cast?

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Aug 16, 2013
That's a good question. When I think about it, the answer is "no". I can't say I actually like them, but I do root for them as the main characters of the show. Out of all the terrible characters, I hope the Pod always comes on top. The financial world that the show portrays is a place of massive self-centred a-holes who will do anything to get ahead. So I do think it's understandable that they are what they are. I also think it's pretty clear that the show is trying to portray the main characters on a road of personal evolution. Every now and then all of them have to face up to the terrible things they've done, and how they affect their own happiness and others' lives.

Who is the most likeable character on the show? Probably Roscoe.
Aug 15, 2013
Thinking about it now..... no, I really don't like any of the four main cast members. They all have a varying but high degree of cockiness, insecurity, stubbornness, and generally just talk a whole lot of shit... except for Doug who's too far on the opposite end of the spectrum of cockiness, stubbornness, and shit-talking.

Jeannie probably comes closest to being likable because she sometimes seems the most reasonable of the bunch (plus, yknow, Kristen Bell's quite the physically attractive woman).
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