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Inspired by Grantland's Fantasy Trade Machine column, which aimed to trade actors to shows that fit their talents better, which House of Lies cast member would you like to see traded? And what shows would most benefit?

1) Don Cheadle

Why Trade Him? As the lead, Cheadle is House of Lies' reason for being. He's been nominated for an Outstanding Actor Emmy Award in each of the show's two seasons and would bring back a lot of value if he were traded to another show. But digging deeper, his character has remained relatively stagnant and Cheadle probably deserves a show with better writing. Without knowing what the third season will bring for Marty Kaan, I'd venture that a fresh face might give the show a shot in the arm. Perhaps that actor could be introduced as Marty's rival in season 3, with plans to replace him. Let's think outside the box here...

What Shows Would Fit?

a) Mad Men: As noted on a followup Grantland podcast, Cheadle could play a rival ad man and give Matthew Weiner the perfect opportunity to craft a fully realized minority character. We've seen the Bob Benson doppelgänger storyline already, but imagine a Cheadle who is just as cocky as Draper, Sterling, or the rest of SC&P...

b) Homeland: With Brody likely on his way out at some point soon, I'd love see Cheadle as a CIA agent ready to go head-to-head with Mandy Patinkin.

c) The Newsroom: Every good actor should tackle Aaron Sorkin's material at some point, right?

d) A spin-off of his Oceans Eleven (and Twelve and Thirteen) character. On BBC America. With British co-stars who can't understand him...

2) Kristen Bell

Why Trade Her? Despite the fact that Bell's Jeannie Van Der Hooven is essentially the show's co-lead, her unique talent could easily carry a show.

What Shows Would Fit?

a) Her Own Show. On FX? Something with an adult Veronica Mars feel? Honestly, how hasn't this happened yet, Hollywood?

b) Her Own Show. Something with Adam Scott? Scott's time on Parks and Recreation is increasingly limited. And this chemistry can't be beat...

c) Orphan Black: Facing off with Tatiana Maslany. Now that sounds about right.

d) Any Crime Procedural: We all want to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall's parody to come true don't we?

3) Ben Schwartz

Why Trade Him? Schwartz is hilarious, but his character's constant evil streak overshadows his humor. Let's get this man on a straight comedy.

What Shows Would Fit?

a) Parks and Recreation (full time): More Jean-Ralphio is a good thing.

b) Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Andy Samberg is probably going to provide more than enough comedy, but imagining the two of them in the room together is making me laugh already.

c) Any other sure-to-struggle new fall comedy: There are a lot of new comedies this fall. A lot of them are going to fail. And it's very likely that Schwartz could help save one of them if he were cast in time.

d) Mad Men: A wild card pick, but let's see Ginsberg get some more screen time in the final season, with Schwartz as his apprentice copywriter.

4) Josh Lawson

Why Trade Him? I didn't know anything about Josh Lawson before House of Lies, but he's pretty funny! That said, his storylines are always very clearly the show's lowest priority. As the butt of many jokes, he serves his role dutifully, but maybe it's time to ship him somewhere where he can shine.

What Shows Would Fit?

a) Parks and Recreation: Three words. New. Jerry. Gergich.

b) New Girl: We know that Nick Miller is going to screw this up. We do. So let's give Josh a shot as a new love interest for Jess.

c) Suits: Look, I don't know anything about Suits. But we know Lawson can pull off the required look. I'm sure there's a place for him.

What do you think? If you had to trade away one of House of Lies' stars, who would you trade and where would you send them? Bonus points if you propose what you'd receive in return with the goal of improving both shows.
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