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Now you can feel like an elite member of society who can afford Showtime for about two hours by watching the season premieres of three of the network's winter series, early and FOR FREE! (Geographic restrictions apply, I'm sure.) Showtime has posted the full-episode season premieres of House of Lies, Episodes, and Shameless on YouTube in an effort to hook some new subscribers. 

Don't know what these shows are all about? Well allow me to save you a trip to Showtime-dot-com-backslash-info! House of Lies is headed into its third season and stars Don Cheadle as Marty Kahn, the fast-talking and fourth-wall-breaking head of a management consulting agency that wheels and deals (and rips off) corporations in need. Episodes is also starting its third season, and follows a British couple whose hit TV show is being adapted for the dunces of America, where it's butchered to death and stars Matt LeBlanc. And finally, Shameless, which is kicking off its fourth season, is the U.S. adaptation of the Paul Abbot U.K. series about the struggles of a low-income family dealing with a drunk dad. 

Note: These free previews are edited for content, so if you want to see boobs and get blasted with F-bombs, you'll have to pay up for Showtime.

House of Lies — "Wreckage"

Episodes"Episode One"

Shameless — "Simple Pleasures"

All three series debut their respective new seasons on Sunday, January 12 on Showtime. 

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