House of Lies

Season 1 Episode 1

Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2012 on Showtime
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Marty and The Pod travel to New York to consult for MetroCapital, a mega-bank that is looking for a plan to unscrupulously justify taking their year-end bonuses as the financial world around them burns. Unfortunately, Marty makes an enemy out of MetroCapital's number two guy, Greg Norbert, in the process.Back at home, Marty gets some unwanted advice on how to raise his son, Roscoe, from Jeremiah, Marty's live-in father, when Roscoe decides to try out for the female lead in a school play.


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  • God's of Dan get instruments

    Diff hhch I can't watch it
  • House of Lies - Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments

    I was prepared to hate the episode based on the promos but I was surprised by how much I laughed. The characters are believable but it doesn't really have a set up for the season, which is why this is only an eight.
  • Enjoyed it

    I actually enjoyed this episode (surprise!) I think Jeannie/Bell needed more lines, but the close at the end nailed it for me. I thought the Time magazine thing was a bit much, but overall, I had a good time watching it.
  • Glossy but no Substance

    Having anticipated this show which features two of my favorites actors (Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell) I was largely disappointed by this overall first showing. I'm willing to give it a chance simply based on the power of the actors but only a four-episode-test is required for a show like this if it doesn't prove to find its footing. The show follows Marty Kaan, a management who, right off the bat wakes up next to his ex-wife who he angrily banged and he dresses her up in her clothes so that his cross dressing son doesn't see. The tropes of this show is a car pile of "whatever we can get away with cause we're on cable woo hoo! type stuff!" Gratuitous sex and the flash of it all remind a bit of Nip/Tuck but the big difference being that Nip/Tuck's characters were relatable people who turned hedonism and bad behavior to escape the perceived "misery" of their lives in a soap opera-esque way whereas House of Lies simply does it because it can. The whole world of management consulting in general is thin and barely interesting. As much fun as it is to watch people live lavishly it doesn't have the pure escapism with Entourage or How to Make it In America, it simply tries to define itself by "adult" things. Being an adult, I might add, isn't just about doing adult things. Being an adult is about balancing your life, your work, and to relate that to an audience in a believable way. Cheadle kills as Marty, but the writers have him as all sleaze no substance. But maybe I'm being a little over-critical but you kind of expect more from a pilot with a cast of this caliber. I'll stick with it for a few more episodes, but for those of you who can't handle it as I perfectly empathize with watch something else instead.moreless
  • Pilot Disappoints

    I was excited when I heard about the show's cast. The return of two actors (Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell) who have found success on the big screen to television. Given Showtime's history, this should have been great.

    It really was not. The jokes were amateurish, and outside of an occasional f bomb nothing was edgy or adult about this show.

    I also have to question how far we can go with this premise. Is business consultation something that I want to watch every single week?

    It was not terrible, but a really below average show.moreless

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    • Marty Kaan: (Talking about their client) We don't stick the landing on this one, our pod can be eliminated.
      Doug Guggenheim: Hey, no pressure.
      Marty Kaan: So, what are they looking for?
      Jeannie Van Der Hooven: They're looking for a market position.
      Clyde Oberholt: Like they don't already have one. They're masters of the fucking universe.
      Doug Guggenheim: You know, it's like my econ professor at Harvard used to say to me: never examine the motives of the guys writing your checks.
      Marty Kaan: Unless you say something that supports the position they're secretly hoping we advance.
      Clyde Oberholt: Yeah, but what's the objective?
      Marty Kaan: They want...
      Jeannie Van Der Hooven: (Interrupting Marty Kaan)They want us to tell them they are perfect.
      Marty Kaan: Look, fuck what they want, okay? Consulting is like dissing a really pretty girl so that she'll want you more. We need them to think they're almost perfect so we can book that after work.

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