House of Lies

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  • An attempt at an accurate portrayal of a great show

    Their are two kinds of people who take the time to write a review about a show, those who where so strongly moved that they are either writing about their hate or love for the show and those who are just bored out of their minds. I happen to be in the former category. I just love this show. I watch a large and diverse group of shows and out of them all I must say that this show stands near the top if not at the top itself.

    Negatives: Vulgar language is overused. While their may be instances where it is appropriate the level at which they use it in the show is past the point of inaccuracy. In the real world anyone who spoke with such foul language would be looked down upon by their co-workers and especially their clients. I think this show needs better advertising. Without proper coverage I believe that it will be a runaway success.

    Positives: While some other's did not appreciate the freezes that are used to explain the jargon I think this allows the average viewer to understand what is happening. I appreciate the relationships in this show as well as they make the show identifiable to a large range of audiences. From young to old, liberal to conservative, immigrant to average Joe I believe this show can be appreciated by a wide audience. Their are many other positives such as the absolute brilliance of the actor's performances or the senselessness of the plot as a whole but I could write about the pros all night and still have more to say.