House of Lies - Season 2

Sunday 10:00 PM on Showtime Premiered Jan 08, 2012 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • 4/7/13

    Marty's plan to start up a firm of his own comes to a tumultuous conclusion while Doug and Sarah suddenly decide to get married.

  • Hostile Takeover
    Episode 11

    Clyde is trying to convince the Dushkin brothers to tone down their over-the-top business ideas.Marty agrees to help Tamara secure a deal with Carlson, but a revelation about her intentions makes him reconsider with whom to sign the contract with. Trouble arise in Jeannie's relationship with Nate.

  • All In
    All In
    Episode 10

    Everyone in the pod are drifting in different directions. While Marty is planning to open a firm of his own, Jeannie gets a lucrative offer from the CEO of Galweather & Stearn. The opportunity given to Jeannie makes Clyde envious and elsewhere Doug takes initiative by negotiating a contract on his own. At home Marty feels his brother has overstayed his welcome.

  • Liability
    Episode 9

    When Marty is subpoenaed in a case related to a job the team did,Clyde gets qualms about the work they are doing. At the same time Marty wants more from his relationship with Tamara while Monica cannot keep up her façade of a dutiful stay-at-home mother any longer.

  • 3/10/13

    While Marty is hiding away at home recovering from his altercation with the police and trying to cope with his brother staying at his apartment, the rest of the team is consulting for a sex toy company. Eventually the whole team leaves once again for Las Vegas.

  • 3/3/13

    The Pod returns to Chicago to work with the US National Bank, but discovers illegal practices in the way the company's has been granting loans. Instead of reporting this forward, Marty makes a decision that not only disappoints the rest of the team, but makes him loath himself.

  • Family Values
    Episode 6

    Galweather & Stearn is having a leadership seminar during which personality conflicts rise to the surface. Marty and Hotschragar butt heads resulting in Marty reconsidering his future at the company. Doug has a new girlfriend which leads to him and Clyde having a confrontation.

  • Marty's team is split into two when he and Clyde leave for Chicago to improve the image of a bank, while Jeannie and Doug leave for San Diego to work with an internet dating site. Both Jeannie and Doug go on blind dates with different outcomes. Meanwhile Marty finds out that his boss is working against him behind his back.

    Episode 4

    Matt Damon approachesGalweather & Stearn hoping they would help him set up a charity, but Marty soon notices that Matt isn't easy to please. Roscoe grows closer to Jeannie when she looks after him one evening.

  • Man-Date
    Episode 3

    The quest for securing a consulting job in Las Vegas continues. A new target is set for the team which means that Marty and Clyde have to win two club owners onto their side on an overnight bender. Meanwhile Doug gets a new experience at a massage parlour, while Jeannie and Tamara grow closer at a spa. Monica on the other hand might be heading in a different direction in her personal life.

  • 1/20/13

    Marty's consulting team heads for Las Vegas to help a casino reinvent how it does its business. The addition of a new member to the team, Tamara, causes tension among its members. Jeannie ens up in a spat with both Tamara and the new CEO at Galweather & Stearn.

  • Stochasticity
    Episode 1

    Galweather & Stearn returns to daily order of business with a new CEO. Jeannie is trying to remember what happened with Marty during the alcohol fuelled night that followed the failed sales announcement of Galweather & Stearn. A new assignment given to Marty's team is complicated by the fact that nobody knows who the client is.

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