Season 6 Episode 14

5 to 9

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Finally, Cuddy is the savior!


    I think there's a single word to describe this episode: Wonderful. And when I say wonderful I mean that this episode is much better than some we can see during the season.

    Far from being a classic episode, where House treats a patient, this one is a perfect example what Cuddy's life really is. Problems at work and with the employes. A detailed portrait of the sensations Cuddy feels in her daily routine.

    5 to 9. I enjoyed the way the writer showed the multiple Cuddy's facets in the episode. It was so balanced that we can understand the situation. Cuddy's interactions with others were good enough. I also loved the interaction between House and Cuddy.

    This episode was better than others due to freshness and originality, two things I enjoy when I see a new episode. It's incredible how many problems can disturb to a dean of medicine. Of course, Cuddy, being a well structured character has the ability to solve her problems.

    Despite the many problems we can see during 5 to 9, in the end Cuddy could win. And a smile was the proof we needed to know everything was fine... And that really, 5 to 9 is a good episode.

    Good relationships, interesting problems and a perfect way to show what Cuddy feels are just some of reasons why this episode deserves a 9/10.

  • Well, if nothing else, at least the episode explains the need for socialized medicine.

    My reviews have been getting more and more political lately. I wonder if that reflects on me or on modern television.

    Anyway, yeah, that's really how I felt throughout the episode. Cuddy having to tell some poor guy that she'd take his house to get paid for a procedure that actually cost next to nothing was poignant, because we know she is generally a nice person. Kudos to Lisa Edelstein and the director for playing it straight up, though, letting previous knowledge of the character deliver the point instead of going for the "now look conflicted" shot.

    It's a pity they didn't go the same way in some other areas. Cuddy's final scream in the hall of the hospital was entirely out of character for both the show and Cuddy and poorly edited, making it seem like the insurance rep had not left before her outburst. I really hope they were seriously over budget and running long to justify not doing that scene inside her car, where it was probably written to begin with (or at least should have).

    Also, Cuddy's decision to get rid of the poor guy's check was a bit of a cop out. I'm fine with her being a nasty executive. That's what she is. Doing the fairy tale ending of having her refuse payment after pressing for it only has two results, both negative: first, it dilutes the gritty depiction of the ugly side of health care, which does the episode no favours; second, it creates a bit of a plot hole about who is going to deal with the cost. Overall, it was an interesting take on the by now usual "House from another perspective" episode that worked so well in Three Stories and has never reached that bar again. And yes, it does, intentionally or not, show that private health care is a soulless, bureaucratic and inefficient beast that must die. Or, at least, it tackles the issue, which is more than any medical drama in recent history has dared to do. So good for them.
  • it shows cudy's day and the many problems she encounters and has to fix for the sake of her job.

    wow i loved this episode. just focusing on Cuddy and how her day was was fascinating. i think they did everything perfectly and the writing was great. cuddy in the episode showed just how strong on a woman she is and how well she controls the plainsboro hospital.the way they showed the tensions between the other characters was also good because its the first time they have shown what happened the other doctors when house's team returned.probllem on problem on problem but she fixed it all; props to cuddy that is amazing. overall this episode is one of my favorites because it shows a totally different take on things at the hospital.
  • Finally! (This is a review of "5 to 9" as well as of "Wilson")

    This is a review of "5 to 9" as well as of "Wilson".

    Ever since season two people kept telling the creators of 'House' that it might be a good idea to have some real people around him.

    Everyone - the Ducklings, Cuddy, Wilson, just everyone - was incredibly pale and felt more like a recurring role than a regular.

    Finally, in season 6 (!) the creators complied, and the results, "Wilson" and "5 to 9" are the best that has happened to this show in a long time.

    Not only are these two episodes good in their own right, they also give the whole series a long-needed infusion.

  • Wilson had his episode, now Cuddy gets hers.

    The problem between Wilson's episodes and Cuddy's (besides the fact that I don't really like Cuddy, especially now the way Huddy is being handled), is that I never considered Cuddy a main character. The first three seasons she was probably the least important character on the show, especially in season 1 when she was barely around at all. She only started becoming more important when the writers decided that House and Cuddy needed to start dancing around each other. And because of the fact that I don't consider Cuddy a main character, I could care less what she does when House isn't around.

    And of course they have to show Cuddy having sex and in the shower and wearing a low-cut top all day. It has been a few episodes since they showed any shots of her breasts or butt so they have to get that in. Compare that to Wilson's episode where they didn't need to show him getting naked. And does she always have sex with her nanny in the house?

    Aren't cell phones banned in hospitals because they interfere with equipment? Every hospital I have been in has signs telling you to turn off your phone.

    So Cuddy let House have an assistant for a couple days but she doesn't have one? That makes a lot of sense.

    I don't know why the surgeon was complaining about not having Chase, just last episode he was doing a surgery. And apparently he just did a surgery with the guy's thumb.

    And why is Cuddy the only person handling the negotiation? No wonder they weren't getting the contract they wanted. The insurance company probably had people working full-time concentrating just on the PPTH contract while Cuddy has other things going on and she is a doctor, not a lawyer or a background in business. And how did she find the CEO and interrupt his lunch all in one day, in a few hours? I doubt he would be hanging around somewhere within an hour or two of driving distance, waiting for Cuddy to barge in on him.

    And now Cuddy threatens to resign. That is now everyone on the show that has now thought about quitting/has quit/got fired.

    And her scream at the end? Yeah, that really seemed in character … not.

    I was so bored during this episode; I don't even have anything else to write (and I normally finish with a page or more in my word document). House is supposed to be a medical procedure and the medicine (and House's wit) is what got me interested. I don't care about Cuddy's attempt to get a medical insurance contract and everything else she does during her day.
  • Lucas has to leave. I can't bare to see Cuddy with him anymore!! It's killing me to see her with him

    Lucas has to leave. I can't bare to see Cuddy with him anymore!! It's killing me to see her with him.

    The overall show I didn't care for, I found it horribly boring and the whole idea of Lucas and Cuddy has me where i can barely watch. At the very end I thought she would find out Lucas did those things and she would defend House, but no, Lucas is the good guy? He needs to go! The sooner the better, I think the show has shifted in a not to good direction, if you know what I mean!
  • "Cuddy M.D." basically

    Well last night's show wasn't a House episode.. With that premise I thought to myself "Damn this is gonna be boring!" and probably was for like the first 10 to 15 minutes but then it started to get interesting and we got to see what Cuddy does between the times she's checking on House's extravaganza xD She was pretty bad ass and at some times kind of cruel (but eventually we get to see that she actually was been kind though it backfired). In the end I think that House's fans will be disappointed since the episode barely feature him at all but Good Television fans will not be disappointed. I give it a solid 8.0!
  • A day in the life of... Hospital Administrator!

    There were some very high points in this episode and some lower ones. The best bits were how they focussed in on the clocks every so often and also when House has his congestive heart failure epiphany, but it cuts him off as we follow Cuddy into the lift. This leaves us disappointed that we don't find out about House's case but also excited because it breaks away from the rock solid formula. The scenes between Cuddy and House and also the scene near the end where Cuddy announces to the doctors she has got the 12% and the camera zooms in on House watching her definitely show that there is still something between them. And it was great when everything suddenly started to go right for her, as it shows the stress of the average day for a Dean of Medicine! The worst parts of the episode were that there was little or no character development, even for Cuddy, the incessant phone calls to Marina and the fight between Chase and Thomas. I mean, come on! Reality check here guys! Unfortunately the episode left me feeling as though it was unfinished, mainly because not much had happened. A bit of a filler, could do better. Hopefully the rest of the season will live up to its glory days of S1, 2 and 3.
  • A long time coming. Great look at how Cuddy sees House during her normal day.

    The reason shows like House work so well is because we have fully realized 3D fleshed out characters. Writers argue that in the overall scheme of things there are only 7 stories that can ever be told. And this reminds me of a Babylon 5 episode where we see the mains through the eyes of 2 techs. The reason we watch, read, or listen to what we do isn't so much the stories as it is the characters. There are plenty of Doctor/Hospital shows on TV and more to come. It's characterization, more so than plot, that determines what we watch or don't watch. This was an excellent example of that.

    We all love House but without his ensemble cast he's a character in the void. A show like House does a great service when they take one of the cast members and show us House through their eyes. Even though House was tangential to Cuddy, he was still relevant. Cuddy had some serious issues to deal with, negotiations, a drug dealing pharmacist, a Chief of Surgery who doesn't act like it, and patients looking for blame. Cuddy had her hands full and at one point lost it and it was House who brought her back.

    And still beyond all that, the most interesting part of the whole show was the use of the B-word in reference to Cuddy. This had to be one of the best studies of a word I've seen in a long time. While each situation was different, Cuddy always handled it in the same way, tough but fair (in her eyes). This however, got her labeled in each case. And in the final scene, after threatening the patient who's thumb was put back, she tears up the check in a "this one's on us" gesture. You go girl!
  • I was looking forward to this episode, instead im quoting Lucas: it "Kinda sucked"

    Not much to say, I was expecting a much more self confident Cuddy I'm sorry to say. They would never have shown House on the verge of tears in a work situation. Grrr. I also think some episodes in season 2 and 3 was more of a Cuddy episode than this one. There was no medical problems that we really cared about, just the administration, wich can be kind of boring. The problem of course being that the episode was set in one day only. I also think Lisa E sometimes swallows her words, I can't hear what she says. And the scream at the end - my good! Lets move past this episode quickly... but it is a long time until the next one...ugh. Like one or two episodes in season 6, this one will not be re-watched by me, I tried, but life is to short. That is sad, because all the episodes in season 5 became better each viewing. Kinda sad though. I really thought the Cuddy character was worth an episode.
  • A daring episode, but it worked.

    For the past few years, outside of a few select episodes, Cuddy has mostly been in the background, not really contributing much to this series. She was the back-up quarterback who came in to take a knee when his team already had a huge lead late in the 4th quarter. But tonight we saw things from her point of view. We saw how House's outrageous suggestions look without seeing the patient, we saw how crazy some of the doctors get and just what it takes to be a hospital administrator.

    This was not your typical episode of House. Like most episodes it was smart and funny, but the directing for this was just brilliantly done, and reminded me of the Mos Def episode where 80% of the episode was seen from a coma patient's point of view. These extra special installments make the show worth watching.

    Great episode tonight. I really enjoyed it.
  • Cuddy's day

    I think the plus of this episode was the way they told the story. There were some really interesting camera moves and some great turns in way of telling the story.. but I cannot say I was so impressed with the whole idea of having Cuddy episode. She has never been my favorite char and in one point, this episode just felt.. disastrous. Not the episode but the idea.. I think people turn in every week to watch House as dr. House not Cuddy and her problems. So, it felt out of the place.

    But.. overall.. a different kind of episode, it had some nice storylines.. but I want to get back to the more "usual" way of episodes.
  • Nice work, Cuddy!

    Having an episode with Lisa Edelstein as the main performer was not only daring, but proved to be quite interesting too.

    We are used to see House and his team at the center of attention, with Wilson and Cuddy tagging along - as moral guides. In the male dominant professional work environment it is good to see that Cuddy's feminine touch is what keeps the hospital going and its staff performing at their best.

    The twists in this episode are not as intricate, nor medical, yet nonetheless they give a good explanation of how the world around House is run. Cuddy is not a frail or dependent as one could think and knows where her priorities lie. House on the other hand does a fine job without Cuddy supervising, but clearly needs her to keep his job (and perhaps his life) worthwile.

    It would be nice to see how they would perform without each other, in a world where they'd never met - but I hope such an episode will be saved for a Christmas special.

    House needs Cuddy, Cuddy needs House.
  • Nice depiction of a bad day for a professional woman who is also a mom.

    I loved this episode because it's a nice depiction of a bad day (not necessarily THE worst day) of a working mother. Most episodes cover the guys' lives or point of view, except for the one on 13. House got new insights on Cuddy; he saw strengths in her he hadn't seen before.

    I liked her House moment also; they're sitting in her car talking and House says something that inspires Cuddy.

    It was a day that would have challenged a hospital director of any gender. Cuddy was called a _itch or words which implied that by three different men whenever she did something assertive. Also very typical. The Insurance Company negotiator was so condescending when he said he, well, his wife, knew what having a sick kid was like. Cuddy handled it all well.

    Until now, Lucas has been really good for Cuddy, especially in dealing with House and thwarting anything that might hurt her. Unfortunately, Lucas really let her down here and made her day worse. Surveillance is part of his job, so it's reasonable for him to have been out all night, but he had no regard for her needs, only his own.

    Nice episode.
  • Cuddy.

    This episode was almost as good as "Wilson". A day in the life of Lisa Cuddy, you definitely get to understand her character more. The reason the way that she is, she is overworked all the time. I'm liking the Lucas/Cuddy relationship. Basically this episode is just a taste of what Cuddy has to go through. An employee that steals drugs, a insurance negotiation, and the stress of House's team. I also liked all the House/Cuddy scenes. Everything works out in the very end, when you think Cuddy is going to get fired. I also liked Chase fighting with the other surgeon, some funny scenes. Kept me at the edge of my seat through the whole thing, and gave me a good feeling in the end.