Season 6 Episode 14

5 to 9

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Wilson had his episode, now Cuddy gets hers.

    The problem between Wilson's episodes and Cuddy's (besides the fact that I don't really like Cuddy, especially now the way Huddy is being handled), is that I never considered Cuddy a main character. The first three seasons she was probably the least important character on the show, especially in season 1 when she was barely around at all. She only started becoming more important when the writers decided that House and Cuddy needed to start dancing around each other. And because of the fact that I don't consider Cuddy a main character, I could care less what she does when House isn't around.

    And of course they have to show Cuddy having sex and in the shower and wearing a low-cut top all day. It has been a few episodes since they showed any shots of her breasts or butt so they have to get that in. Compare that to Wilson's episode where they didn't need to show him getting naked. And does she always have sex with her nanny in the house?

    Aren't cell phones banned in hospitals because they interfere with equipment? Every hospital I have been in has signs telling you to turn off your phone.

    So Cuddy let House have an assistant for a couple days but she doesn't have one? That makes a lot of sense.

    I don't know why the surgeon was complaining about not having Chase, just last episode he was doing a surgery. And apparently he just did a surgery with the guy's thumb.

    And why is Cuddy the only person handling the negotiation? No wonder they weren't getting the contract they wanted. The insurance company probably had people working full-time concentrating just on the PPTH contract while Cuddy has other things going on and she is a doctor, not a lawyer or a background in business. And how did she find the CEO and interrupt his lunch all in one day, in a few hours? I doubt he would be hanging around somewhere within an hour or two of driving distance, waiting for Cuddy to barge in on him.

    And now Cuddy threatens to resign. That is now everyone on the show that has now thought about quitting/has quit/got fired.

    And her scream at the end? Yeah, that really seemed in character … not.

    I was so bored during this episode; I don't even have anything else to write (and I normally finish with a page or more in my word document). House is supposed to be a medical procedure and the medicine (and House's wit) is what got me interested. I don't care about Cuddy's attempt to get a medical insurance contract and everything else she does during her day.
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