Season 6 Episode 14

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Nice work, Cuddy!

    Having an episode with Lisa Edelstein as the main performer was not only daring, but proved to be quite interesting too.

    We are used to see House and his team at the center of attention, with Wilson and Cuddy tagging along - as moral guides. In the male dominant professional work environment it is good to see that Cuddy's feminine touch is what keeps the hospital going and its staff performing at their best.

    The twists in this episode are not as intricate, nor medical, yet nonetheless they give a good explanation of how the world around House is run. Cuddy is not a frail or dependent as one could think and knows where her priorities lie. House on the other hand does a fine job without Cuddy supervising, but clearly needs her to keep his job (and perhaps his life) worthwile.

    It would be nice to see how they would perform without each other, in a world where they'd never met - but I hope such an episode will be saved for a Christmas special.

    House needs Cuddy, Cuddy needs House.