Season 4 Episode 3

97 Seconds

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • Bad Storyline

    They really didn't have to show someone sticking a knife in the socket, and you definitely didn't need to see a doctor copy it. Over all I still love this show but this seasons twist of trying to hire new people doesn't take away from the fact that the show still is starting to get stale. Hopefully they can start to add some interesting twists to the show soon. Having some to be continued episodes with a a few different patients with different stuff going on at the same time would be cool. Also you have to figure that by the end of the year all three of his original team will be back working for him.
  • House treats a man with a seeing eye dog, and a manwho tries to almost kill himself.

    Absolutely terrible second half!!!!!!! The episode started out great! It was funny, witty, dramatic, and Housey! BUT THEN... It got worse with the shot at Detroit, **SPOILER** House electifying himself and the ending. The after life was somwhere they should not have gone! It went downhill, and by the end the cast was terrible and the plot bad. House's new team is getting boring, and the random snipets of his old team pointless at best. It was going to be a 9.0 at least till the second half. The tribal meeting style meeting was brilliant, and the game hillarious, but the end was so bad that it counteracted that, and then some. House is at its best in the beginning, and un-recognizeable by the end. "Painful to Watch", only in the second half.
  • Unexpected ending, Touching story, and there is House. God trying to see what there in the next life. i cant believe how good a show can be until u see show.

    House test his applicants by making then in 2 teams. girl and boys to diagnose crippled guy how fainted. a guy gets into an accident. and come to house and electrocutes himself. House tries electrocuting himself to see the after him. The crippled died because hh j jh h h j h jh jh j h j hjh jh jh jh jh jh kl kj k j io iu u iu i y y y tyt yt ty re d g h hj jh jh nm mn nm hj jh jh lk jlkkl jk j jlk jkl jkl jlk l lkj lj lk jlk j
  • The afterlife

    This was another brilliant episode at the beginning of Season 4.

    House splits the remaining candidates into two teams as they try and diagnose a man in a wheelchair. By the looks of it, the focus is on "Cutthroat **** and "13", with some other characters in the background. I have to admit I didn't expect the women to win, simply because more focus was given on the men.

    I thought 13's mistake was a pivotel moment in the episode, and Olivia Wildes acting was brilliant there. I was so shocked that House kept her at the end!

    House, meanwhile, attempted to kill himself after a clinic patients tell hims that he saw something when he had a near death experience. I certainly didn't see it coming, and by the looks of it he didn't see much. I think that was a minor quibble for me in this episode- House said he wanted to speak to the patient, but he was already dead- why would he want to speak to him if he saw nothing?

    In another sub plot, Foreman finally makes an appearance running diagnostics in New York in a very House-like way- and ends up getting fired! I liked how the writers contrasted his boss with Cuddy, who generally gives House what he wants.

    Meanwhile, Chase stands up to House! I have to admit, I did want to see more of the old team...minor withdraw symptons from them!

    Overall, it was another great episode, yet not quite to the same standard as the first two- the lack of Chase, Cameron and Foreman was felt a little, whilst I have no idea why House kept 13, although I admittedly like her, and yet fired the rest of the women despite it being her mistake.
  • House near death experience.

    Best 97 seconds? And House actually wants to experience to nearly death experience. How many times House almost die? I think this is the 3rd. First is season 1 episode 22, second is season 2 finale. Did he really wants to die? The other patient who has a really cute dog is having a disease. House ignores the case and let the team treats the patient. Few doctors went home last episode, makes this episode have less doctor and less confusion. And, I still hate Amber. I think House is right by calling her "cutthroat *****". She fits the name. I don't really like this episode. Kind of think this episode is filler and boring. But yet still great writing. I can't judge and say this episode is bad because I hate this episode. Same reason I can't say I hate vegetables because they are tasteless. But vegetables contain fibres and prevent constipation.

    Final diagnosis: Strongyloidosis
  • The afterlife.

    This episode I thought was absolutely amazing, but strangely I like the B plot better than the main plot, that dealt with the afterlife. After a patient dies for 97 seconds, and says that there is an afterlife, House tries it out, and he gets nothing but a burned hand. I liked how Amber saved him, that showed a good side of her. Foreman is at anther job and gets fired on his first week, guess he is alwas going to come back to House. Thirteen kills a patient, from this moment on, i knew Thirteen was going to be part of the team. An amazing episode.
  • Yes another 10/10 from me...I just thought the ending was so unexpected.

    I'll keep this one short. I'm still loving season four of House and there's not been a single thing to fault. I admit I wasn't a huge fan of House trying to nearly kill himself because a patient claims he was dead for 97 seconds and saw something. It didn't add much to the episode to be honest except I found myself amused when he went through with it.

    Anne Dudek's character remains strong here but 13 really shines as well. She did very well at the end when House makes the discovery that 13 didn't watch the patient take the pills so they ended up on the floor. Not only killing the patient but killing his guide dog in the process (The dog ate the pills). 13 (Olivia Wilde) did brilliantly in her disbelief and guilt at killing a patient and one could only feel for her. Shockingly she wasn't fired but the rest of her team were instead. Bring on the next episode!
  • A great story with lots of twists.

    Whew, there were sure a lot of things going on in this episode. A patient in a wheelchair with an assistance dog passes out in the middle of the street. He is brought to Princeton Plainsboro for treatment. House divides the remaining 10 doctors into 2 teams of 5 to come up with a diagnosis.

    A patient in a neck brace come to the clinic, sticks a knife into the wall socket and stops his heart. He had recently been in a car accident and was dead for 97 seconds. It was the highest high he'd ever felt and wanted to experience it again.

    Foreman is at a new hospital, tries to run his team and take risks like House.

    SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched this episode and want to be surprised, do not read beyond this point.

    House almost electrocutes himself to get the best 97 seconds of his life. The patient who told him that died. The patient that was being treated by the team did not take his medicine and died with his hand on his assistance dog's head. The dog had eaten the medicine for his owner and died too. Foreman acts like House at his new hospital and gets fired. Wow, this sure was a feel good episode!
  • Getting back to its best

    *SPOLERS* As the recruitment subplot dwindles so does the size of the team. This results in the show getting back to its roots - character conflict in a neat package. In this show you will be "shocked" - pun intended as House follows the first electricution with his own performance that will leave you dumbfounded, but laughing when it concludes.

    We also get a glimpse into Foremans world. Though brief if promises to perhaps weave more than House's strand of plot into the show. If they do thise with Cameron and Chase as well, I think this show will get stronger and stronger.

    There is less medicial drama in this episode which is good for me, but not for those who tune in to see it. Personally, I think the show needs to continue to develop its character relationships and adding a few new characters will be a v good thing if they can keep the old team around and involved.

    However, I get the feeling that this new team wont be more than a one season wonder. We shall see.

    A very good episode that demonstrates that the show is getting back to its roots.
  • One Of My Favourites

    i love this episode because it shows the effect that working with house can have on you. Foreman says that he doesn't agree with some of houses methods but when he gets to his new job away from house he starts to use those very same methods to save his own patients. it shows how they are becoming like each other.

    also when house tries to have a near death experience by electrocuting himself shows just how far he will go to find out the truth, a patient said he had a really good experience and house wanted to see if it was true so he tried it himself. CRAZY!!! but i love it. This episode is awesome
  • This is a summary, not a very helpful one, obviously.

    I, personally, loved this episode. First, it is a rare showing of fallibility (even if it isn't in House himself...its still there). Also, him shocking himself adds a whole new layer to the character because, on one hand, he disses religion, and afterlife vehemently, but he is also very curious about it, enough to commit "near-suicide." Now, he has had at least one (probably two, when he got shot) near-death experience, which does dilute it a little, but this was him doing it, on purpose, which makes it different. And, perhaps every time someone almost dies, they don't necessarily have to have those experiences. Either way, fantastic episode.
  • Review

    I dont think any of us would say worst of the season so far. This makrs the first episode out of the three that we have done that I missed House, Cameron, Chase, and Foreman. I looked at the episode as a whole and the ten people that are still left in the competition and I realized that I don't really care about any of them at all. Foreman getting fired at his new job could mean a return to the hospital, maybe working side by side again with House, but I dont see that happening. Obviously I think he will be back at Houses hospital, maybe with his own team like Cuddy had said he could have had the last time in Season 3. I think the lack of Cameron and Chase doing anything of importance this season is a bit dissapointing. I miss having the old team in the board room talking about what to do. The old Cameron loves Chase kind of storyline. I know the episode as a whole just wasnt that good, but episodes like this make you wonder if the first two epsiodes are the best they are going to get.
  • house splits his fellowship candidates into 2 teams competing to diagnose a wheelchair-bound boy who faints while crossing the road& then suddently begins choking. Though it's men vs. women, the teams' gender roles & expectations are far from predictable.

    good overall writing and interesting plot twists. I like how the process of creating a new team for House is allowing the audience to get to know each of the candidates' personality quirks. I really don't like the girl who they kind-of focused a lot of the time on...the one who wanted to be on the boys' team. But when she divulges her reason for it, I found myself actually starting to enjoy her surprisingly-witty & impressively-smart character. The parallel storyline involving FOreman was also a cool & creative idea by the show's writers. This was definitely an episode you shouldn't miss this season.
  • Didn't House die already?

    The medical case seemed only average to me. I'm loving learning about his fellowship canidates though, and it was great to finally see Foreman again. One thing that I found very confusing was why exactly House felt the need to electrocute himself. He tells Wilson that he wanted to know if there was an afterlife, but he's had a near-death experience already. At the end of Season One during Three Stories we learn that House had a near-death experience when his leg pain first presented. Wilson even asks him a question about the visions he saw during the time he was technically dead. Perhaps he thought the method of death was important. It's a small blip, but it did bring down the quailty of the episode for me. Of course, I'll take a mediocre House over the best episode of most shows so I can't really complain.
  • If you want a lesson in craziness ask Dr. Gregory House to give you a lesson. He satisfies his curiosity by sticking a knife into a power socket! Meanwhile, before House got shocked, the rest of the team is trying to solve a puzzling case.

    A man in a wheelchair is crossing the road with his dog. He suddenly slumps in his wheelchair and his guide dog is barking at him to wake up. A car is going very quickly towards the poor dog and his master. It stops and takes them to ....GREG HOUSE.

    House tells his remaining 10 students to split up into two groups and try and solve a puzzling case. Whichever team lost would be fired. The medical students split up (obviously boys vs girls) but Amber wants to be on the boys team because 'they are idiots'. Amber believes that she can diagnose the patient.

    Meanwhile, Dr House treats a patient that had been in a car accident. The patient told him that the doctors said that he was dead for 97 SECONDS. Then he pulls a knife out and rams it into a power socket. House talks to the patient after he recovered from the shock and asks him why he tried to kill himself. The patient says that he wanted to see the other side again.

    House is very intrigued about the 'other side' but he remains skeptical as he is an atheist. However, when he talks to the man in the wheelchair he also said that there is another side. House, who is burning with curiosity, pages Amber and sticks a knife into a power socket. House survives and Amber keeps on asking him why me. House tells her the usual (which is lame answers). He goes to the room where his students is still trying to diagnose the man. He asks Cole if she could bring his dog to him. He touches his dog and he dies. His dog ate the pills that his master was meant to take and the dog died as well.
  • Where do you draw a line between greatness and just crazy? Ask Gregory House... and while your at it, keep electrical apliances away from him..or theoretical questions with no visible answer... they don't help the patient

    This is a different episode, it goes more in tune with season 1...sometimes patients just die, but most of the time some new doctors makes a mistake... the medical drama was ok considering the patient had little to live for... but "13" was a consistent character and Carmen Argenziano (Henry)was awesome...I mean the guy is total drama school (As Hugh Laurie)the Amber Character had time to shine with good situations yet she didn't... she seems more in tune with getting the job than actually being a good doctor... the music was good; I'm not sure that House electrocuting himself was within reasonable character development...but hey is House.

    Too little Cuddy and Wilson...but I have to admit...I am getting used to the new guys...I just hope to see Foreman back in Princenton Plainsboro
  • *praying that the rest of the episodes in this season are a little more well done*

    This episode was okay, but needless to say, it wasn't my favorite episode. Probably my least favorite out of the season so far.

    I'm not crazy about the method that House is using to get a new team. It seems odd. I've talked with my friend who loves the show as much as I do about it, she thinks its unique, so I guess how you enjoyed this episode really depends on how you viewed House's method of hiring a new team.

    House seemed out of character in this episode. Electrifying himself seemed like something he would not have done in the past. My family and friends who watch House agreed that it was a dumb thing to add to this episode. Not to mention adding the guy who, as my friend said was 'addicted to almost dying' was not a great idea either.

    The medical mystery was a bit of a let down as well. I mean, they had the right diagnose, but the reason the man and his dog died was because the dog accidently ate the pills. It was sad at the same time too.

    Overall, not my favorite episode. I never thought that i'd give any episode on this show a rating so low. I really hope that next time, the writers can do a better job.
  • O que me deixa muito contente é que essa quarta está parecendo que irá conseguir superar a anterior.

    Falando no cão, estava falando sobre ele com um amigo e chegamos a conclusão de que ele conseguiu mostrar mais emoção na cena de despedida do dono, do que o Mohinder em toda a história de Heroes. E estou falando sério. E também a cena de abertura onde o seu dono perde os sentidos no meio da rua e ele desesperado cuidando dele e tentando chamar por ajuda. Na verdade ele é melhor que todo o elenco de Heroes.

    Brincadeiras a parte, tudo no episódio funcionou perfeitamente. Do conselho tribal encenado pelo doutor, até sua busca para saber se há algo pós-morte, eletrocutando-se. Ele chamando o nº18 de "Big Love" e após ter sido ressuscitado e estar no leito do hospital, virar para o Wilson e dizer "Eu te amo". O paciente da semana que foi posto como uma cobaia para o teste dos candidatos, o outro paciente que queria experimentar novamente a experiência única de morrer por alguns segundos (o tempo do título). E para completar o bolo, duas mortes em um único episódio. Alguém conseguiu não se emocionar em com alguma parte do episódio?

    Os candidatos foram divididos em dois grupos para tentarem descobriu o problema de um paciente que possui atrofia muscular espinhal e por isso usa uma cadeira de rodas. E também tem um cão que além de amigo é um verdadeiro ajudante para ele, um exemplar cão guia. Mulheres contra homens, com a nº24 transitando entre um grupo e outro conforme achava que seria beneficiada. O paciente ficou em segundo plano com cada grupo tentando vencer para não serem demitidos. No meio de tanta tensão e pessoas, a nº13 esquece de verificar se o doente tomou as pílulas e isso acaba fazendo ele morrer, além de todos buscarem uma cura baseados em informações erradas.

    House não a culpa nem a demite, ele até "gosta" de ver pessoas errando, ele sabe que após um erro como esse, ela nunca mais irá cometer novamente o mesmo. E como todos erraram, todos ficam. Semana que vem mais brigas entre os candidatos. Já saiu por ai uma suposta lista dos 3 que seriam os escolhidos e a minha querida **** n° 24 não estava nela. Eu considero ela a melhor candidata, adoro ela e como faz tudo para conseguir o que quer e iria gostar ver sua interação com o House. O fato do doutor ter bipado ela para ir o socorrer é um sinal positivo e minha maior curiosidade parar os próximos episódios é como ela não irá entrar para a equipe.

    Além disso tudo, ainda tivemos os antigos pupilos aparecendo mais um pouco. Chase e Cameron desfilando pelo hospital e com um ar meio superior (não no mal sentido), devido ao conhecimento adquirido pela experiência que tiveram trabalhando para o doutor. E Foreman ganha mais destaque ao o vermos comandando uma equipe de diagnóstico e lutando para não ser duro de mais com seu time e também para o tratamento de seu paciente. Porém, para salvá-la terá que arriscar e quebrar regras, no melhor estilo House. Perde o emprego por desobedecer as ordens, mas parece satisfeito por ter salvo o dia. O destino de que tanto fugiu, está parecendo mais bonito e também inevitável a sua frente.
  • Look who's getting voted off the island

    I am not a fan of reality shows, but I am a huge fan of mocking reality shows! For that reason alone, this episode alone made my day. And who would ever guess you would get to see green blood when you weren't watching a Star Trek episode. Too bad the patient didn't make it, maybe House is human after all. NOT. It was the patients own fault for not taking the pills and killing his dog to boot. Bad patient... bad!! I do wish he kept the old guy around though. He may not have been a liscensed doctor, but he had heart.
  • You can't watch this without feeling something one way or the other.

    You don't have to go to Detroit to know that it smells. You don't have to have a firm belief one way or the other to feel compelled by the inherent uncertainty of an afterlife.

    House continues to pick his team apart but this becomes a secondary plot line and a secondary concern to House as he contemplates bigger issues. Like most atheists, he is deeply concerned that he is missing out on something. His "experiment" satisfies his curiosity but does not provide him with answer to his question. The episode closes with "sorry to say I told you so." But the absence of a answer is not the same as a negative answer. House is smart enough to know this.
  • House divides his finalists into two teams making it a contest to see who can correctly diagnose the patient. House knows the answer, but lets his game get out of hand, and the patient dies from doctor error. House's effort to experience death is absurd.

    House has become tiresome and out of control. Now that his pain medication is no longer a storyline, he finds other ways to just annoy and harass others. He treats his friends with scorn and rudeness, and they put up with him because he is supposedly the best doctor they know. Excuse me, he is constantly starting to do life threatening procedures until one of his minions pulls him back from the edge. He wants to cut out the eye of the patient in this episode because he thinks he has cancer. He is wrong yet again. He tortures his patients and never apologizes or explains himself. He is the most narcissistic, arrogant doctor ever. He has no redeeming value, which begs the question ... why does he have friends?
  • Hmmmm, odd episode

    I was confused by ths episode of House, nothing felt connected in any way. From the random cut a way to foreman at his new job, to pointless adding chase and cameron in the episode for 5 minutes to making house try to understand the afterlife nothing seemed right. The whole part with house nearly killing himself didnt really make any sense, why would his beliefs ben challenged so much that he would try and figure out for himself. His beliefs have been challenged before but he never did anything this drastic. The firing of foreman at the end was mostly predictable, i hope he comes back to work with house. Hopefully the "cutthroat b***h" character doesnt seem very appealing, are the writers trying to make her a female house? if so the question is why?
    Not the best episode of house for me sadly, the next one though does look interesting.
  • Episode 3

    This was one of the best episodes since the show started off, maybe it was the best ever. Competition amongst the soon-to-be ducklings, House's obsession about what's there after death, hints concerning the old Team's lives and careers and, then, a wheel-chaired man who chooses it's time he gave up. Story lines mix and weave simply perfectly.

    And I like the fact that every story line was definitely deep and ironic at the same time. Eager to represent life without useless frills. Kudos to the writers for the excellent script and, of course, to the actors, as well.

    And, by the way, I just can't believe that Chase, after years of weakness did stand up to House. Priceless.
  • I'm finally getting something from this show.

    I'm finally getting something from this show and this episode proved it! I'm seeing my favorite team, not where I want them to be, but at least I still get to see them. There are also less strangers and the chemistry between these strangers are actually good! An the patient in this episode was just beyond intriguing and the case was very heartfelt! The dog was the main reason the case was so great, just looking at the dog already made this episode worth it!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Dr. James Wilson): Why can't you just let him have his fairytale, if it gives him comfort to a imagine beaches and loved ones and life outside a wheelchair.
  • One of the best episode ever !

    In this episode there were many moments that i will always remeber, starting with the most funny of them all, the Tribal Council moment hehehe House is often funny but that just cracked me up hehehe

    Another great moment was when he "tried to kill" himself just to know is there was a after life, like the guy in the hospital described to him earlier.

    There was the moment when that older girl that is competin went after Cameron and then Chase to know more about House and she was sucessful.

    And the unforgetable moment when House confronted Chase for helping the student and then for the first time ever, i think, Chase confronted House back and walked away.

    GREAT eppy.
  • This episode was out standing. If this season keeps up like this, this will be the best ever season of House.

    I have never been so moved by a House MD episode as I was with this one. I am not a cryer, but when the character in the wheelchair knew that he was dying and they put his dog on his bed so that he could say goodbye I balled my eyes out for the whole scene. I think that this was the best House episode to date. I am very glad that the pill popping has taken a back seat this season. I was getting tired of it being the focal point of every episode. I can wait for next week, because that episode looks like it might be even better than this one.
  • This Is Definitely One Of My All Time Top 10 Episodes of House!

    I rated this episode a 10...and I hardly ever do that. I also only usually write a review for an episode if I liked it that much, and with this episode, I DID.

    First off, I LOVE when House connects with his patients. They seem to always make the best, top rated episodes. Except for "One Day, One Room." But I still can't figure out what thats not rated very high. It was a very good episode. The House and Wilson part was very good. "You're an idiot." Figures. It so fits Wilson, especially saying that to House. He looked concerned which was a good side of Wilson to see...again. Of course, there scene when Wilson was like
    ♥ Wilson: Just looking at you hurts. I'm going to order you some more pain meds..." (Not exact words so don't quote me on that)
    ♥ House: "I Love You." I was...Ahhhh! I love them together!!! And for anyone that knows me, they know that I Love House/Wilson together! Great scene with Hugh and Robert! Well done and once again, great acting!

    So, the candidates that are still left....*Thinks* I LOVE the old guy and the girl that House paged to save him! She gets kind of annoying but she's better than the girl, brown hair, that screwed up and "killed" that guy. She bothers me. Must be a Cameron trait =X Oh and BTW, very cleaver to page her and pretty much wait for her to come "closer" and then "attempt" to kill yourself only to be brought back to life. I Loved that whole set up! Brillant! I keep wondering though...House, with his whole life that he's been through, he probably wouldn't have minded if he actually did die. *Shrugs shoulders* Definitely the saddest part in the episode...with the dog. And then, WTF? The dog dies. I can't believe it. A very "Teary eyed" scene.

    Best Scene, One of the Most Powerful Scenes of House:

    When House went into the guys room, the one that put the knife in the socket. House, just standing there, looking at the man until he wakes up. Just the look in both their eyes gives me chills. I've been watching this scene over in over again, last night as well as today. The way the guy in the bed smiled at House and nodded. As if giving him reassurance that it would be alright. Its like the guy knew that House was going to do it, to try it, to see what it would be like. Very powerful in my opinion. Amazing! No words were needed. One of my more favorite scenes of House, in ALL of House. It was short and sweet. If you're not sure what I mean, go back and watch it. Look at their eyes. Perfect! Bravo!

    All In All, I will definitely be watching this episode for years and years....

  • House's ongoing quest for the great beyond entangled in an interesting and thought provoking episode, full of twists and interesting moments.

    This episode had all the potential to go really bad and clichéd but luckily, this was not the case at all.

    The POTW's case was excellent and the actor (and his dog!) did a great job. I thought it was good that it was made clear House got his consent to be part of "the game" and it wasn't an arbitrary or a mindless act. Though the consequences were dire, still it felt he actually got what he wished for - to be free of being trapped in his body. It was still a failure but House's "lecture" to 13 was a very powerful scene.

    House's experiment with yet another near death experience was quite interesting. Sure it seems like a careless act but it was done after a lot of deliberations and it was so in character that it made perfect sense. I liked the fact that what he did or did not see was kept as a mystery until the end, when he "reveals" only to the dead guy he actually saw nothing, yet contradicts himself at the same time because he is talking to a dead guy after all...

    The Wilson part of it was quite well written and it was great to see that despite the "we're back to normal" on the outside, there were enough hints and lines that indicated just the opposite. I'm all for the ongoing conflict with House and Wilson -while they still try to maintain whatever is left from their friendship. It's quite a nice balance between the old and the new House and Wilson.

    And Cuddy is finally getting a steady normal role - though her wardrobe is still hopeless. Well at least House and Wilson seem to enjoy it so good for them.

    I think this was one of the first episodes, if not the very first, where House lets himself show some vulnerability in front of people with whom he might end up working on a daily basis soon. It's great in a way, still hopefully this direction is not going to be explored extensively - House needs to still be an enigma to the people he works with, be his own person who doesn't share too much. Let's not end up in a soapish like show, please!

    It's great to see that House is still having fun with his hiring process - and now that the group is narrowed down it's actually interesting to see his interactions with the new people. Hopefully there will be even less of them soon, so that it'll be less exhausting to follow the case and the many characters. Still, so far the process is just what the show needed - fresh characters instead of the ongoing Greek duckling choir at the background.

    So why oh why do we need to get a yet another ridiculous sub plot with Foreman?? That was the worst part in this otherwise near perfect episode. The parallel story between House and Foreman was so frustrating - why would anyone still push this "Foreman is just like House" ridiculous theme is beyond me. That was on the verge of disgusting. Where are the vomit bags when you need them?! Unless this is a devilish trick the writers do in order to show how totally boring House could have been if he was just an ordinary person like Foreman... in this case, I take my words back, but still would love it if we didn't see Foreman ever again.

    And why do we need the "new" Chase and Cameron around? What's the purpose in that other then just not being able to let go? Well at least with Chase we still see some character development, which only proves House was right when he fired him in the first place. With good old Cameron even that didn't happen, unless one counts her new hair color as a character development... get rid of her already, pleeeeaaassseee
  • A tragic, yet humourous episode that tries to answer the question is there life after death? This episode proves that the show is getting back to basics, focusing on the patient and philosophical issues rather than on the private lifes of the characters.

    The remaining applicants are split up into to teams to try and diagnose a young man with SMA who fainted while crossing the street. One of the teams correctly diagnoses the patient but fails to follow up on the treatment, leading to a series of false diagnostic assumptions. House become interested in finding out if there is life after death upon witnessing a clinic patient's electrocution.

    What I liked about this episode was the underlying theme of whether there is something more out there after death. Do the white light people actually see a heavenly vision or are their visions just chemical reactions from their brain shutting down? Wilson and House end up having on of their famous disagreements about personal beliefs on life after death. In his quest to prove to Wilson that he is wrong, House imitated the clinic patient and electrocutes himself. His belief doesn't change but we get to see that the friendship between House and Wilson seems to be getting stronger.

    We finally get to see a bit more of Chase and Cameron. Chase is finally standing up to House while Cameron seems to be developing quite a smug attitude that makes her less appealing. We finally get to see Foreman and his team. Unfortunately, Foreman's gut instinct to act like House costs him his job. As the applicant pool gets smaller, a few will do anything to keep from getting fired, which makes this survivor type game fun to watch. Now that the show is getting back on track, more episodes like this would be appreciated.
  • The competition continues amongst those aspiring to join House's team and he challenges them with a game...the game being a patient. We get to see how the old team is doing, and House is inspired by a patient to see if there really is an "Other Side"

    In my opinion, one of the best episodes this show has ever had. The show is consistently good from week to week, but this episode was something else. It could be very easy for a formulaic show such as this to get stale, but it doesn't. Each show involves the mystery illness, conflict among doctors, House berates everybody, the moment of clarity and then the patient is healed. Its powerful stories like the one in this episode that keep the show fresh and interesting.

    It was heart-wrenching watching the man who was paralyzed to accept his fate and lose his will to live. When contrasted with House's patient who jammed the knife in the wall to get a high off of almost dying-shows how diverse opinions on death can be. For some it's a relief from living a hard life, for others it's the ultimate thrill, to House it was a test to see if there is something after this life.

    To watch the doctors battle each other to save their opportunity first and their patient second was fascinating and disgusting all at the same time. That may have been a subtle theme in that Foreman's supervisor admonished him and subsequently fired him for saving a life as opposed to following policy. Statements like that make it seem that liability has put a price on human life.

    The interplay between all of the characters in this episode was brilliant. The episode was well written and well acted. It was serious, thought provoking, and yet still injected some of that dark humor that makes the show great.
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