Season 7 Episode 7

A Pox on Our House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on FOX

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  • Mousey

    Yes the new character is very shy, awkward, and uncomfortable with the old crew. I know she is written that way but its hard to see her character growing or developing. Lets summarize, Cameron was annoying being the goody two shoes trying to save the moral characters of those around her, then when she failed over and over she quit. 13 was the smart, sassy, bi-sexual girl. She can hold her own competing against the guys. Now we have Masters, shy little kitten trying to hang with the Lion's den. I don't think she is a good fit. but let's hope the writers can work with her character.
  • One of

    the best episodes of House in the history of the series. Loved it.
  • Unbelievable and, well, disappointing

    This episode was about two members of a newly-blended family contracting what was apparently smallpox from a jar from an old shipwreck. I am not a longtime House fan, having only started to watch it last year. However, I had to say something about this episode. It was nicely written on a superficial level, and fairly suspenseful, but I couldn't buy two of the underlying premises, and this made it unbelievable to me and detracted from my ability to take it seriously. The first unbelievable premise is that House would die of smallpox, if the illness were really smallpox. Smallpox vaccines stopped being given in 1980. I don't know exactly how old the character of House is supposed to be, but I'm certain he's over 30, and is probably around the age of the actor who plays him. Hugh Laurie was born in 1959. Everyone his age was routinely given live smallpox vaccine before starting school. So to me the suspense was all about saving the family, not House himself. The children in the stricken family were certainly not vaccinated, and the parents could easily have been young enough not to be vaccinated either. But House dying of smallpox? Not very likely. There should have been something said about the likelihood/unlikelihood of House's vaccination lasting into adulthood, or that he was the exception and had not been vaccinated for some reason. By the way, Cuddy, though younger than House, appears to be within the age of Smallpox vaccination as well, so she could have entered the isolation room with House. How old are the show's writers? The other premise I didn't buy was that it would take so long for anyone on this supposedly crack team of medical diagnosticians to suspect a similar pox that could easily be cured by an antibiotic. And that's what it turned out to be. The father died a senseless, preventable death. House's team was pretty stupid, but not as stupid as the CDC guy who was so certain it was smallpox that he wouldn't even let anyone diagnose the patients. He was obviously there to serve the plot (obstruct House's team, heighten suspense). I am not a medical expert, but when the seams show like this in the writing, and the writers don't seem to know medicine that well, it makes me lose respect for the writers, and the show in general. This would be one of the better episodes I've seen if it didn't have what seem like obvious mistakes. If the writers knew what they were doing, they would have had someone too young to have been vaccinated go into the isolation room, such as as House's newest hire, trying to prove herself or her theory or whatever. She was the only one on the team smart enough to consider another pox that looked similar to smallpox (also rather unbelievable that she would think of it before House, but I understand why the writers did that).
  • 707

    I have missed a few episodes of House this season, and this was my first time seeing Amber Tamblyn on House. I am not a fan of the former Emily Quartermaine, but she was actually not that bad tonight and is a solid placeholder until Olivia Wilde returns (and hopefully she does.)

    The episode was very well-done, I have to admit. The opening slave ship montage was incredible, as was the actually contracting of the disease. Couple in a Dylan Baker appearance, and House actually going to work to try and save a life and not just making snappy remarks and you have the makings of a strong ep.
  • pox.

    Well, first of all, that weren't Dutch spoken there. I am Dutch and I didn't catch a thing of what those allegedly Dutch people were saying. I read that the actor playing the captain is South African. To native english people that may sound like dutch, but South Africans are never able to learn good Dutch since South African is so much alike and still differs so much... And the web cam girl... seriously, I thought she was Russian. At least, she sounded like such. But, anyway, despite the bad Dutch actors, another great episode! Houses way of apologising... Not too great, but he'll learn. Doing nothing is not really their style, but Masters came back great. She is finally learning Houses way and I love it.
  • 707

    One of the most intense hours of House yet, this season. We've got some intense drama, a death, and a whole lot of character development. This season, it's been good, but nothing in this season has REALLY impressed me like this show used to... until now. We've got two on going arcs, and I couldn't help but be reminded of "Euphoria" while watching this episode.

    House in quarantine, Masters trying to prove herself, emotion, humor, development between two couples on this show. Wilson & Sam aren't the best couple on this show and they were downright dreadful last season but they had good development here even though it was slightly predictable the pregnancy would be the topic of discussion after helping the little girl.

    A lot of funny one liners, from Foreman stating the team doesn't all live together, to House getting his translation from a sex video chat, or the stuffed animal being thrown at Wilson's face, that's always amusing. Masters really shined here, and we got to see an epiphany from her rather than House.

    The Cuddy and House development was a great "owning up" to the last episode, in which House lied. Seeing Cuddy care for House while he was in quarantine was great. Did anyone else hate the CDC guy? At times, I thought he wanted the patients to die. The father's death was so sad, and it left the family in quite a situation, since they were a newly mixed family.

    Overall just classic House here, with some intense scenes, and a great balance with humor and emotion. House is definitely back!
  • Suspenseful, well-rounded, but...potentially out of character?

    A lot can be said for this episode, I found it suspenseful and intriguing, the plot was a brave endeavor for roughly 40 minutes of show time. Given that, I think did a damn good job of making everything run together.

    I felt the sort of antagonist from the CDC was very believable, I also enjoyed the emotion between the newly formed family as they tried to feel their way through this illness, and the death of the father.

    I am *slowly* warming up to Master's character, to be honest, I don't find her nearly as appealing as Carmeron or Thirteen, but her innocence and ethics do have their perks-its about time they put someone on the show who would routinely stand up to House. That being said, I found a large flaw in the writer's characterization of her this episode, for no one to have considered r-pox (such a similar but treatable disease) before a new member of the team, and not only that, a med student who has previously proven not to do as well as the others in high-stress situations. I don't know, I do love the episode, love the plot, it was as original as anything you could expect from David Shore, but that didn't sit well with me. Cuddy also seemed out of character to me. I mean she's a Dean of Medicine and a mother, for her not to understand how to separate her personal life from work...that's far-fetched, especially given her support of others in similar circumstances. (Think how rational and business-minded she was able to be when Chase repaired the carpenter's thumb a while back (...she didn't have to agree with what he did, and she knew that, she just had to do right by her hospital.) I don't know, maybe its just me but I think they're taking her grudge against this lie a little too far.
  • House Vs. Smallpox

    This week House takes on the case of a young girl assumed to have smallpox after having opened a canister found on a sunken vessel that she was exposed to. The CDC is called in and the hospital is put into lockdown until the crisis is resolved. As House insists that it isn't smallpox and just looks like it on the girl and fights to save her life he gets mixed in and tries to save his own once her father is infected too and the CDC doctors won't let him or his team anywhere near testing the patients. This was an excellent episode of House that showed dramatic dynamic as well as comedy as it is known for, from the small complication of Cuddy knowing that House lied to save his last patient to Wilson finding a plush lamb for a little girl to go through chemo and House having to diagnosis his way out of an isolation chamber with the infected father this episode rang true on all the levels that House has always been able to hit.
  • And the smallpox is back.

    Great episode. This season is just blowing me away, since I thought that after Cuddy and House got together that was going to be it for the show. But I can see the writers' effort not to make it happen and its coming off as brilliant work.
    On this one, House sees himself with a possible diagnosis of smallpox on his hands and with a very angry Cuddy that doesn't want to deal with his lying to her about a blood test. The new girl is very good. I almost like her as much as I liked Thirteen, she kind of gives the team a very different touch from the one that has been presented to us thus far. From Cameron to Thirteens to the new girl, I think the show progressed a lot in the group dynamic department.
    Thumbs up for the storyline with Wilson and Sam and the little girl with cancer. Very sweet and touching. I think it is good that the writers aren't putting all the spotlight on House and Cuddy's relationship and are giving the other character of the show some more space to develop into. Can't wait to see the next episode.