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  • Excellent season opener...

    House returns for the second season with the only major change that his ex Stacy is working at the hospital, the writers allowing for many possible scenarios to form out of this.

    I thought this was a classic episode, despite not being perfect. House was hilarious in this episode, and his one liners with Cuddy and Stacy (an excellent "special guest star") were fanatasic. I laugh out loud every time he "gets his drink on" with the patient in the episode!

    It was also interesting watching Foreman deal with his background, and the episode not only raises the debate of the death penalty, it also raises the debate of biology vs social upbrining.

    I didn't enjoy Cameron's story as much in this episode, and I found her character quite annoying in this episode- probably the first time I felt irritated at a cast member in the series! I also wished House and Wilson had a little more screen time together, as their dynamics make the show from being fantastic to perfect.

    Nevertheless, overall the episode was brilliant, and a good, solid start for the Season.
  • One of the best episodes of House ever!

    Wow, this was such an amazing episode & a great way to start season 2, finally Cameron seems to be her own woman now that she is "supposedly" over House. And now is working on her own case & of course House was right, she is going to die, I love how House goes through the 5 stages of death, finally acceptance. So sad when the girl with cancer said at the end "It was only a cough" and she had aspiring dreams & everything, so sad to see especially with the music going down. It was also sad to see the Death Row Guy go back to jail since it wasn't even his fault for killing, even though Foreman tries the case to save him, he still goes back to jail which is upsetting overall. It seemed like Stacy was sort of replacing Wilson since House only talks to her now but whatever, an amazing episode.
  • One of my favorite episodes, and a great start to the second season

    "Acceptance" is one of my favorite House episodes to date. It might be LL Cool J's surprisingly good acting, or the character development in the building interest of Cameron's past. Hugh Laurie plays a great role in this episode, in his classic facial expressions and emotions in dealing with a stubborn Cameron (who doesn't want to tell her newfound friend that she is terminal), and being around a convicted murderer. My personal highlight came when House finds out that LL Cool J's character drank a high concentration of methanol, and cures him with ethyl alcohol (in the form of Vodka). The trust issue between House and his ex-wife Stacy is a welcome side-story, also, and builds up more of the issues that will soon explode in the episodes to come.
  • Cameron the typical over-caring and House the insane guy trying to solve the puzzle sounds like the right way to start season 2

    This was a pretty normal episode. House messing with Cuddy to get the patient that he wanted was classic House. I loved how he manipulated Stacy too. It was great to watch House trying to hide from Stacy in his office and the team's reaction to the whole thing was semi amusing as well.

    House leaving the clinic duty to Cameron was so typical he wasn't going to leave it with Chase or Foreman because Cameron would do it without a serious fight which was boring. When Cameron got stuck in the clinic it was obvious that she was going to take interest in someone too. It was annoying to see her trying to push the case on House when she knew he would never take it. House and the five stages of dying though was interesting.

    I loved Clarence and House getting their drink on it was classic and amusing. Stacy calling House a lightweight was funny too.

    This was a pretty good episode of House but it had it's boring points.
  • Death Row guy

    I honestly didn't love this episode. It was more characteristic of Season 1 which is much weaker then the other 2. I did not find the plot line interesting or medical mystery that intriguing. I also didn't like the whole thing with Cmaeron adn the girl dying of cancer alone. Hosue is an ass, of course he wasn't goign to treat this woman jsut because she is dying alone, and I think this story line made Cameron seem really weak, when she could have been great. The only funny scene was with Stacy and House the day after he gets drunk and she is yelling on purpose. Not a great episode, especially for a season opener.
  • Review

    Not much has changed since the end of Season 1. The only big change that we should be seeing a lot more of is Houses ex wife now having to work closer with the man she used to love. I think this will open up a lot more jokes for House to work with, but we may have to see him more depressed then he was at the end of last season. The interactions between Cameron and House have gotten a lot meaner then they were in season 1. Hes beginning to treat her similar to the way he treated Chase near the middle parts of Season 1. I thought the case was a good one, pretty easy to understand. The episode was comical, which is all you can really ask for. Series Classic
  • Death Row Guy

    This one was not the best but it was pretty good.

    Cameron's clinic patient was not the best she was pretty boring. And Cameron was really quite annoying when trying to get House to treat her. I did like the five stages of dying though.

    House manipulating Stacy was good and helped in making the episode a little more interesting.

    I loved House and Death row guy getting their drink on that scene was quite humerous and Cameron walking in and out mumbling "unbelievable" under her breath as she left. I loved Clanance saying that House should be locked up for not getting with Cameron because man did he have a point.

    Interesting episode but not the best.
  • I really liked this one, but i wish they didn't use it as season 2 opener.

    Don't get me wrong, i like this episode. Its an interesting medical delemia, a man who's heart pumps so fast it begins to pump out air. Thats a neat idea! But its also sad how even if they did cure him, he would still be on deathrow. But i thought it was kind of interesting, how the thing he had led him to become a murdur. I wonder if Foreman ever did try to save Clarence (i think thats his name?). Overall, its a cool episode, but i wish that they would have chosen a different opener episode. It didn't feel like an opener, the first time i saw it on TV, i didn't even know it was the opener to season 2! Anyways, well acted, well written; the only thing that would make it better would be if they showed it later on in the season; but thats just my opinon.
  • Awesome season opener.

    This was definitely up there with best possible ways to start up a whole new season. This episode more than exceeded my expectations and im sure it did so with the other fans of the series too. I thought maybe they were going to start a little bit slow as this was the first episode in House MD's second season. This episode was especially well written as the new characters really made a difference in this one. I never knew LL Cool J could act what so ever, but we certainly pulled off his character the way i think the writers wanted, perhaps a little bit better than they expected. Its a good things episodes stayed at this type of high quality until the end.

    Medical Problem:Tumor that secretes bursts of adrenalin
    Rating: 9.6/10
  • First episode of the second season. House is back in full steam.

    I've been waiting for this episode for a few months, some people waited less time, some more but that's not the point, the point is that no matter where you're from this episode is a great start of a new season.

    Season 1 was so great that this show had a lot to live up to and guess what? They have done it again. This new season started with a blast (not literally).

    Before anything else I have to mention the performance of LL Cool J. He was just amazing. I never expected him to be such a good actor. I hardly even realized it was him, it took me a bout 10 minutes to do so.

    Great script and acting from all the actors.
  • Who would have thought that LL Cool J CAN actually ACT!!!!

    Who would have thought that LL Cool J CAN actually ACT!!!!

    I am amazed!
    In the very beginning when I saw his face I thought “oh no”! Then he opened his mouth . . . at that point I said “oh, ok it’s not him, but the resemblance is AMAZING” then the titles dropped in and I saw his name . . . So Mr LL Cool J CAN actually ACT!!!!!!!!! I have accidentally seen a couple of movies with him and every time I was thinking . . . come on dude don’t do this to yourself, you can do other things much better.
    But now after this episode . . . I don’t know what to say. He took acting classes, he just didn’t have the chance before to show what he can do . . . what ever the case . . . I enjoyed his presence and his acting!

    Oh, great episode by the way ;)
  • Moving, funny, but still very, very sad.

    Wow, Australia just saw this amazing episode last Wednesday night. I taped it, homework issues...nevermind that. While watching this, it made me think about how to deal with death, in these cases we had the man who was destined to die in the end, and the woman who Cameron should have just gone and told that she had terminal cancer!

    House had written up on his x-ray light the five stages people go through when they find out they're dying: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally, Acceptance, hence the title of this episode. I found it a tearjerker because we find out that the death row guy had to face the consequences of his testosterone tumor (hey, that sounds catchy!).

    Everyone seemed to be in their usual forms. Foreman being against House as possible, Chase just taking the piss, Cuddy on his tail as always and Cameron being her usual "will I, won't I" self. And what about House's ex-girlfriend? Well, she's new, I'm not going to make opinions.
  • Good stuff! House is back as we all love and hate him!

    Don 't know if I 'm the only one watching this show because of House 's biting sarcasm and irony, but I thought he was getting all nice and almost kind at the end of the first season. Good to have the old him back now, he 's mean and hilarious as ever! Saving a guys life who 's doomed to die in the name of the law anyway. House 's deep interest in puzzles is catchy, well-written and thought through. But don 't panic that you might have cancer because of a headache, it 's never that easy eventhough the series follow a pretty strict pattern of three to four failures and then usually the following succes they solve the puzzle and rescue the patient. Maybe some variation there could be helpful to make the series even better, otherwise: Love it! Love it! Love it!
  • Dying deathrow inmate gets sick. Doctor decides to take his case despite everyone else's belief to just let the inmate die.

    WOW! This is the first time I have seen the show, and let me say I am very impressed. I watched it at first solely for LL Cool J, but it wasn\'t very long into the episode that I found myself less caring about him and more caring about the stars of the show. What a great ensemble. They are all great actors that work well with each other. The pace was fast and fun. Not your typical hospital show, this one is different and exciting, not so technical you get lost, and just a real fun show too watch.
  • Welcome back Greg.

    The season opener was wonderful. The writers are still on top of their game. It's another wonderful episode from a show that definitely was worth coming out on DVD last summer. I hope every episode is written to at least this standard if not higher.

    It was surprising that even though LL Cool J was listed as the guest star in the episode he really didn't have many line in the show. It's nice that they didn't write meaningless chatter for him just because he was a big name guest.

    Sela Ward's character fits in perfectly with the rest of the cast. The chemistry between all the characters is still apparent.

    Let's just hope that Sunday Hugh gets that emmy!

    Keep your fingers crossed.
  • It's kind of sad when a season starts out with a filler episode. Overall, those who are obsessed with the show should see it as it's got a bit of character dynamics movement, but beyone that, it's a bit of a waste.

    This ep doesn't start off this season with a bang, but that's okay because I expect only good things from this show. That having been said, I could have done without this one. There was some potention with the destined-to-die inmate and the why-should-we-save-him-if-they're-going-to-kill-him-anyway debate, but it never really developed. All anyone said on it has been said somewhere before and probably said better. The laying down of the rules of the game between House and Waner was something to note, but could have easily taken place in another plot and wan't big enough of a deal as it should have been in my opinion. The ending was too happy-sweet. All of a sudden the jerk of the show wasn't really responsible. C'mon now. Isn't the whole drive of this show that bad things happen sometimes and not everyone and everything is nice and happy? All in all, not terrible out of character or anything grevious, but at the end of the hour you're left without that feeling of awe that usually accompanies this show.
  • Things seemed a little out of place

    I must admit there was something missing from this episode. It still had the humor that you would hope to expect but everyone seemed out of character. Let's review quicly.

    House: He was his own self except he kept digging into Cameron about this patient when he didn't need too. It just seemed like it wasn't him. I almost got the impresstion that he was trying to act as apose to trying to make it real.

    Foreman: His prejudice was really in this one. I can imagine him freaking out eventually because they keep bringing up his history. Who am I kidding, he will never freak out, but he should put a stop to it, it's starting to become a dry stop.

    Cameron: How emotional can she get. Answer. Way too emotional. She has been a doctor for how long and she still seems to feel emotionally attached. This was a weak episode for her. She withheld information from her patient because she felt bad. If she had told her sooner maybe she can have been happy a few extra days where she only had a cough as apose to running test after test.

    Cuddy: She was wearing the ugliest clothes I have every seen her in. In past episodes she seemed like a strong sex symbol of previous episodes with what she wore but not in this episode. Her style was trashed and I hope to see better things from her.

    It's a bad start, but I am sure the season will pick up. It can only go up based on this episode.
  • The season opener of House has him dealing with a death row man. Cameron on the other hand has a sweet woman who is all alone in the world to whom she must say that she is dying of cancer. The two are seemingly opposites, but maybe not.

    The season premier of House was great. House had me laughing out loud a few times with his quick wit. The death row inmate as his patient was thought provoking juxtaposed with Cameron's sweet patient dying of cancer who was not getting House's attention. Cameron was driven to the point of telling House that she hated him, but was House just dealing in Tough Love to help Cameron as a doctor? The ill prisoner was treated pretty badly by everyone but House, who knew just how to get him to talk. When it was found that he suffered from a brain tumor which may have caused his murderous behavior, attitudes quickly changed! Cuddy once again felt chagrined, and the african american resident was made to see his own racist attitude. Everyone grew in this one. House had a serious moment with his Ex when he admitted that he lied to her but it was to save a life, not to hurt her. He crosses the line, but it's always to save someone's life, not because he can. I like him more and more. This episode was exciting and the interplay of the characters was great as always.
  • Very glad to see that House still has his edge and is back in full swing.

    Great way to start the season off. Of course they had to make House look even more bitterly truthful and in your face to make people watch more and more, and it worked perfectly. I also loved the fact that they can keep incorporating cameos into almost starring roles. For instance, this episode had LL Cool J, and last season John Cho showed up as the weird kid that his ashamed parents despised because he was into being dominated. There's always a great twist to this show, and of course it gets you to keep watching. Glad to see this show back, it's been a long summer hasn't it? Thank goodness for fall and all the shows returning to the air.
  • A deat Row inmate has something go terribly wrong with his heart durong exercising. Dr. House Takes note of this and in his usual way ruffles the waters and has him addmitted under his care. House Must find out whats wrong before Cutty makes him ship him

    This is not only one of if not the best season premier I have ever seen but it is also the possibly the episode of the sophomore show so far. I absolutely loved this episode it is exactly why I watch the show. I have missed the sarcasm and dry wit of Hugh Laurie’s character of Doctor House. If you have not seen this episode keep an eye out for the repeat because the writing is great and the acting of the series regular cast but also LL Cool J was a great guest star. I strongly urge everyone to check this episode out.
  • House season 2 is underway, and it is great to see it has not lost its steam. Is it me or did House take an extra mean pill in this one?

    Alright, Stacey is a recurring character. I get it. They are going to have to give her something to do. However, from the looks of it, some of the others are going to be losing screen time to her. That is a shame. Cuddy is a great character and I would liked to have seen more time for her. Wilson is the best friend that anybody could ever have, but he is destined for the background. I don't expect his role to change. The friction between House and Cameron was evident here throughout. Despite her assertion she is over House, I predict the torch will rise again. Right now though, it looks like House is going to be pining for Miss Used To Be. Nothing against Sela Ward, but this was something that wasn't broke. Why fix it?
    LL Cool J played the death row inmate with the appropriate amount of street cred and reality. I did wonder just how many fans of the show had ever actually listened to one of his songs. His acting helped bring the story into focus. Here is a likable bad guy who is going to suffer for his crimes. Sounds like a pill popping doc I know.
    All in all, I will take all the House I can get.
  • I good, not great start to the season.

    Well written and not too preachy, the first episode of the second season tries a bit too hard to be socially relevant. Still gripping television, the episode lost a few points for the weak death penalty debate subplot and for using the cliched "Halleljua" by Jeff Buckley in the final montage. LL Cool J is a death row inmate who becomes too ill for the state to execute him. House wants a piece of the case, even though at the outset it doesn't seem that medically confusing. Which is why the ep bothered me a bit. House doesn't seem like he'd care too much about a killer on death row, yet he's more empathetic to him than any patient yet, or close to it. The witty dialogue is still there, and House is still House, it just seems like the writers overreached a bit for this one.
  • Love it, Love it, Love it!

    A superb start to the second season, I am giving this episode a perfect 10! I always love to see LL Cool J’s forays into acting, and as the death row convict, Clarence, he couldn’t have been better. Hugh Laurie, as House, was phenomenal in the first season, as the hero/antagonist/heart of gold but tough as nails doctor whom we all love to hate, and he is setting us up for even more this season. I want to see how many more slashes I can come up with for him. I won’t stand to miss a single second of this coming season!
  • A perfect start to Season Two...

    What a wonderful way to start Season Two. Glad to see House is just a cranky and smart as he has always been. I was afraid the writers might try to tinker with his character over the hiatus, but thankfully this was not the case.

    Cameron was especially irritating in this episode. Normally, I can stand her but this time she was just unbelievable. She actually admitted she didn't like him anymore and hated him so he would let her give her patient he said was dying an important test. Frankly, in this episode I found extremely obnoxious. I do hope she doesn't act this way in future episodes because I loved watching her last season. Although, I did enjoy the fact that she fought to find out what was wrong with her patient even though she kept feeling sorry for her which is something a doctor should not do.

    However, I did enjoy Sela Ward and although they didn't have a ton of interaction this episode, it's clear that something will happen between them this season, but what will it be? I especially loved the acting by L.L. Cool J, which trust me is not something I say everyday. He was perfect in the role and I actually believed he could have been a prisoner who killed four people. He and Hugh Laurie worked extremely well together.

    The writing on the episode was first rate and once again it was a diagnosis I had never heard of but looked up and it was real. Hopefully, the rest of the shows this season will live up to this show. However, I pray they don't use "Hallejulah" by Jeff Buckley at the end of the season because that song has been overused on so many shows the past few years.
  • House back and better than ever!!

    So great to have House back and it didn't fail me. Dr. House was brillant with his one liners and facial expressions. I laughed out loud more than once! The story line was controversial but touching at the same time. Having Dr. House back was like seeing a best friend return. Keep them coming!
  • the show of house is a positive comedy. a real shock to the brain ez

    i like it i love it they are great real good a mean guy who has a chip on his sholder well i am wahting it every tue yes a real explorer. sea son 2 start of with a bang u have no quiet study here i c ic yes
  • Great first episode of season 2

    Very brief review.
    This was a great episode.
    House was his typical acerbic
    self, I laughed out loud at some
    of his lines. Interesting life and
    death issues and character development.
    I hope having the character of Stacy won't
    decrease the on screen time of my fav Dr Cuddy.

    Overall a terrific ep.
    Primo writting and acting
  • The masses can rejoice, the doctor is back in the House!

    One of the best shows on televison made a triumphant return last night. House is off to a great start in their Sophomore season. Once again this show proved why it is one of the best shows out their. House had some great moments, most notably when he got LL Cool J (who did a good job, but not great) drunk, only to reveal it was the cure to the ink poisioning. I had expected mor fall out between House and Cuddy over this, but I'm sure there will be pleanty through out the season. The interactions between the supporting cast was great, and it was nice to learn about Cameron's husband, which does explain some things about her character and why she does what she does. All in all a great episode and I look forward to a season of greatness!
  • Season Two begins and Dr. House is back! Ethical questions aside, this was a powerful episode and should set a very nice tone for the rest of the season.

    The much anticipated season premiere of HOUSE finally arrived. And it was well worth waiting for. Powerful and thought-provoking, it will generate a great deal of discussion for its main case but there were two other things of note that occurred in this episode.

    First, House did not have his usual comic relief clinic patient. He traded clinic duty to Cameron so that he could attend to a death row inmate. Second, no one was misdiagnosed with vasculitis -- which is probably the first time that's happened since Maternity (s01e04).

    House's patient, Clarence, convicted of three cold-blooded murders and of yet another of a fellow inmate while incarcerated, is deathly ill. House goes to the prison and determines that he must bring him back to PPTH in order to treat him. He tricks Stacy into getting a court order for the transfer, believing that Cuddy had okayed it. Once at the hospital, she learns the truth and is angry with House. He initially treats what he believes to be wrong with Clarence but still feels there's something missing.

    Stacy then informs Cuddy that the patient is good to go, despite House's insistance that she hold off on that because he's not convinced Clarence is cured. Clarence gets worse, bleeding rectally and is quickly dying. House then figures out, thanks to Chase, that the man has tried to kill himself by ingesting copy toner fluid. House brings some booze to Clarence and they both get drunk. The ethanol in the booze neutralizes the methanol in the toner thereby saving his life. House wants to know why a death row inmate would want to kill himself.

    His questioning of the rage involved in the killings leads him to diagnosis a tumor that would have released too much adrenalin causing uncontrollable rage. Clarence was not morally responsible for the murders he committed. Foreman decides to testify at Clarence's appeal.

    This was an incredible episode. Very well written and neatly concluded.
  • A great opening to season 2.

    I felt this episode was very good, but that's no different of most other House episodes. House is as witty as ever, and we find out the rest of the group still has the same flaws they did at the end of season 1. That leaves room for plently of charachter development. The episode certainly was well written, with many of the usual plot twists and turns. I say keep it up, I'd be happy to see many other good episodes like this.
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