Season 7 Episode 22

After Hours

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 2011 on FOX
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Thirteen receives a visit from her former cellmate, and soon discovers that she is using drugs again. Unwilling to send her back to jail by taking her to the hospital and risking exposure, Thirteen asks Chase for help. Meanwhile, House and Taub both receive shocking news.

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  • Avarage episode

    This must be the most disgusting episode I've watch.

    And what I'm talking about is of course when House operates on him self... Normally I can handle stuff like that but this time, neeehhh.

    I really didn't think about that some of Houses fellows could have done it. That makes more sense in my opinion.
  • 3 Jump the Shark momements in one episode....a series low water mark.....

    Really 13 working on a convict (a before to unmentioned friend from prision on her couch who is A> Bleeding out form a knife wound B> Hep C postive....

    House operating on his own leg despite the fact that having at least 3 of his friends do it (Like 13 who knows he is on the drug and not adverse to home surgery)....WTH

    Taub preg. storyline...sigh

  • Wow. Intense, to say the least.

    Season 7 may have been the weakest season of House yet, if a large spread of mediocrity punctuated by decent but unconventional episodes like Bombshells, and the phenomenal The Dig.

    Like the past few episodes, After Hours is an episode about dealing with pain, weakness and the defense mechanisms people put up to deal with that. With 45 minutes for three large plot lines, the stories themselves are relatively simple and quickly resolved. But the emotional impact of each of them (even Taub's, whose issues keeping it in his pants have typically bored me this season) make it work.

    I've missed Thirteen's scenes with Chase from late season 6. Wilde and Spencer have surprisingly good chemistry, and that shone through during Thirteen's plot line with her sick friend. It's good to see Chase stepping up in a way that involves acting like a friend and an actual human being rather than his adventures with New Bar Girl of the Week. While I'm typically not the kind of person pushing for any kind of romantic entanglement on a TV show, but Chase and Thirteen work together in so many ways that Chase and Cameron or Thirteen and Foreman didn't. I'm going to forget this show's history of repeatedly destroying relationships stupidly. If those two ever happened, I completely wouldn't mind.

    Taub and Foreman's C-plot has deals with the ramifications of Taub's recent lifestyle and his 20-something girlfriend Ruby. (Yeah, how the hell does he get those?) I don't really know what to say about this, but it surprisingly wasn't bad. While the gratuitous stripper shots could have been removed to make room for the other two storylines (no, I'm not gay but there are priorities in a TV show), it's good to see Taub finally step up and be a man. Shame it took that long to get there, but I guess guns in your faces and impending death will do that to you.

    And then, there's House's A plot. When I saw the previews of it, with everybody saying that it was gruesome and sickening, I just kind of laughed them off. But they actually were right. Hugh Laurie's acting was spot on and I actually felt his pain as he cut into his own leg. And while I've never been a fan of House's relationship with Cuddy, it's still good to see House's closest friends at his side when he needs him most. Wilson, you're the best. And Rachel Cuddy was absolutely adorable.

    Oh, and while most people don't judge television episodes on artistic merit, the Director of Photography for "After Hours" seriously needs to win an award for this episode. The lighting, the camera angles, and the soundtrack were all spot on. I might not be one of those professional reviewers, but if I was, I'd give this episode an 8 just from the artistic value alone.moreless
  • A fairly average episode saved by a great last 3 minutes.

    Not sure where my views differ from the majority of reviews on this episode, but I really didnt think it was anything that special. 3 different storylines, 2 of a certain interest and one of complete absurdity (I am looking at house operating on himself)

    I think house is suffering from its own success, as most shows do eventually. It has set a bar so high for drama and interest that is struggling to jump high enough. It is lacking the simplicity that hooked me in the first place. And don't get me wrong, I am still enjoying watching house to a certain extent, but its my the TV highlight you would look forward to that it once was to me. But as stated in the summary, I thought the last 3 minutes of the show pulled it up a great deal. They really have a way of doing music packages on this show that is something quite special. overall, enjoyable in places. Dragged in others. and yet again more endless scenes of people questioning peoples motives and then being questioned on their own motives.moreless
  • Perfect

    Perfect. That should be enough to describe this episode but since reviews have to be longer I'll say some more.

    Where else than on House can you see a guy trying to operate himself? I have to say that Hugh Laurie did an amazing job in that scene. I always thought he was a great actor and this just proves it. It felt very real to me, that might have been the reason I found it a little disgusting yet had to keep watching.

    At the end House agreed with Wilson that something has to change, I don't think he will though. We've heard him say that before but House wouldn't be House if he didn't do reckless stuff like that. His character also has to be in pain for the sake of the show. A happy House that doesn't insult people as much would just kill the show. I think the writers realize this and they ended the relationship with Cuddy because of this.

    I also enjoyed the side stories. I love that 13 is back, I think she's very interesting. Perhaps because she's almost as tormented as House which makes her actions more interesting. Personally I also think that Chase and 13 will get closer. One more thing I would like to say is I never expected Taub to become a father, he really doesn't seem the type.

    But to conclude, a compelling episode, I enjoyed watching it and can't wait for the season finale!moreless
Kendra Andrews

Kendra Andrews


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Brian Huskey

Brian Huskey

Dr. Riggin

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Noelle Bellinghausen

Noelle Bellinghausen


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Rylie Colbert

Rylie Colbert

Rachel Cuddy

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • House: There are no cars coming. Just go.
      Rachel: The light is red, ye bloody scallywag.
      Dr. Cuddy: Stop with the pirate talk.
      House: If you don't want Brownbeard to end up with two wooden legs, better get your ma to move this ship, you mangy bilge rat.
      Dr. Cuddy: Of course... you showed her that filthy cartoon. What kind of idiot lets a three-year-old watch that?
      House: If you want to lecture me on my poor judgment, there seems to be more relevant examples.

    • Darrien: I told you I couldn't go back. I shouldn't have trusted you. I never liked you. I killed time with you 'cause I was locked in a cage. You were a distraction. Someone to talk to so I didn't have to think about... everything else.
      Thirteen: You're lashing out... I get it. But in a month, you'll thank me. Or maybe you won't, I don't know. But... I know I saved your life.

    • Dr. Wilson: You're an ass.
      House: What, for trying to walk on a freshly mangled leg? Performing surgery on myself? For thinking I could solve my emotional problems with rat medicine? If you're gonna nag, at least have the decency to be specific.

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    • Music: Victory Dance (My Morning Jacket), Flume (Bon Iver)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: May 16, 2011 on Global
      UK: May 19, 2011 on Sky1
      Germany: December 6, 2011 on RTL
      Poland: February 2, 2012 on TVP2
      Sweden: March 6, 2012 on TV4/TV4HD
      Czech Republic: March 12, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: August 23, 2012 on STV1
      Finland: July 15, 2013 on MTV3


    • House: Now, even if those implants were made of adamantium...
      Referencing the fictional metal first mentioned in Avengers #66 (1969). It is all but indestructible, the second-hardest substance in the Marvel Universe. There are several lesser forms of adamantium that are less expensive and easier to forge, but are less durable as well. Adamantium is best known as the substance merged with Wolverine's bones and claws.