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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2007 on FOX

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  • Grin-tastic!

    This is one of my favourite episodes, simply because I love House and Cuddy's snappy interactions. There are so many lines that can make you smile in this and also how House picks three people on the plane to be his team, how he switched Cuddy's ticket to Economy, how he quickly proves mass hysteria... the list could go on for hours. It's also great to break away from the usual formula, yet you also get the neat parallels with Wilson and the team's case back at the hospital. This is one of those episodes which you can watch time and time again, because it is simply perfection. Congratulations, House, you've made my day again.
  • Two seperate cases...

    This episode was the first one that House didn't interact with his team in. I thought the episode was very quick and dynamic- both patients were quite interesting.

    The patient the team and Wilson had to diagnose was interesting because of how she rebelled her mid life crisis, although I wish there was more explanation into why did some of the things she did. Wilson taking charge of the team was funny, as we rarely see him interact with people other than House and Cuddy. Foreman, meanwhile reacts skeptically to Cameron and Chase's "friends with benefits" relationship, although Cameron proves everyone as it seems Chase is the one to be heartbroken- I thought Cameron was pretty cruel at the end!

    The most entertaining aspect was when House was travelling back to New Jersey with Cuddy. The way he diagnosed mass hysteria was brilliant, and using the people on the plane with such wit and one liners was an ingenious piece of writing. It also allowed House and Cuddys relationship develop subtley, which is a nice touch by the writers. Overall, this was a near perfect episode- probably about 9.8 out of ten- as the review site doesn't allow me to rate that, I'll give it a ten, simply because of the clever writer and brilliant performance. Not as good as some of the brillaint episodes in Season 2, but worthy of a great score in its own merit.
  • Amazing!

    This episode was really amazing, House away from the hospital with Cuddy, amazing! I like how everyone thought that they were sick but they weren't sick. Really good, like when you realize Cuddy is sick, and House's new team on the plane, I could see them as as regulars on the show. They were really good, the only one who was really sick was the one in the beginning. Meanwhile Cameron, Chase, Foreman, and Wilson work on a case by themselves & it seems like Cameron is always horny, like which place haven't Chase & Cameron done it, they did it in front of a cat, they killed off the cat, that was the so sad, the stripper in the beginning was pretty disturbing. Best episode.
  • Not adventurous, but a good example of its qualities.

    Learn a lesson from this one, television writers everywhere. Put your characters in a limited setting and see the sparks fly. (Okay, it didn't work with snakes on a plane, but that was just a pun turned into a movie.)

    Putting Cuddy and House on a long flight is asking for (delicious) trouble. Confronting the sarcastic House with a group of patients/passengers that are even more stressed out than usual, brings it all up a notch. Add to this the recognition anyone who has ever suffered through a horrible flight, will feel, and you get a nearly perfect episode. Nearly, not completely. In the previous episode Cuddy disagreed with House and won. Now she can't understand that (-spoiler-) she is suffering from hysteria? The subplot of Cameron and Chase is quite tiresome. Luckily, Wilson gets to shine in those scenes, something that was long overdue.

    Also, give a raise to the researcher/writer who discovered in their medical journals that (-spoiler-)a person recovering from a diving accident would get into trouble on an airplane. Wonderfully ironic.
  • House and Cuddy, on a flight back from Singapore, treat a possibly contagious patient.

    House and Cuddy are on a flight back from Singapore when a man collapses and gets worse every minute. Other passengers, including Cuddy, develope similar symptoms and House has to find out if the man has a contagious disease. When it turns out that the rest of the passengers are jsut panicking, he still has to save the sick man.
    House's team and Wilson are meanwhile completely on their own and have to solve the case of an elder woman who passed out in her house after being on a trip where she consumed drugs and had an affair.

    I really liked the fact that this time House isn't the one who solves the case, well at least the one with the elder woman. Although those two cases seem to mirror each other, each team has to solve it on their own. I particularily liked the case House had to deal with because it was on the one hand kinda creepy (I mean, who isn't at least a little bit afraid on planes) and on the other hand a little bit amusing because of the solution that it was just mass panic. It was also interesting to see that even doctors like Cuddy can be infected with mass panic. Well, House was all calm, who would have guessed...

    This episode was again cleverly written with a completely unpredictable solution - House at its best.
  • Cuddy and House are in a plane coming back from Singapore when a possible meningitis infection breaks out on the plane. *Review May Contain Spoilers*

    One of my favourite house episodes one of the first I watched aswell I watched a few then deceided I had to go buy the seasons on DVD so I did and now I'm all caught up :D Filled with many great "House" lines such as:

    House: I believe in statistics. Two hundred passengers on the plane. Ten should be gay two should be with child, and one should be incredibly annoying with an extra ass chromosome.

    Cameron, Chase and Foreman are in the hospital having to deal with a sick elderly woman.
    The example of Mass Hysteria is great. This is an awesome episode and a must see for House fans if not seen already.
  • On the way back from singapore, House and Cuddy hunt to find a cure for a deathly illness.

    I loved loved loved this episode. Did I mention, love? lol This is basicly a House and Cuddy episode, which are my favorite. I loved everything about this episode. The whole case was interesting, especially since everyone was practically getting sick on the plane, even Cuddy. I loved how House examined her. I Thought it was cute yet funny. And at the end where they figured out that the illness that they had was caused by there own mind convincing them they were sick in the first place. Gets me worried. This is definately one of my favorite episodes of House.
  • Diferente,excelente e até mesmo divertido.Este episódio de House foi muito bom.

    Diferente,excelente e até mesmo divertido.Este episódio de House foi muito bom.
    Tivemos dois casos diferentes.No que foi apresentado na cena inicial, uma velhinha queria "aproveitar" a vida do melhor jeito possível, já que sabia que morreria em breve.Então viajou para vários lugares, fez muito sexo, e quando uma garota de programa chega a casa dela e vai começar o…trabalho, quando vai entregar o dinheiro a velhinha desmaia.
    House está voltando de uma conferência em Cingapura.Ou seja, está embarcando num avião com Cuddy.O episódio mal começou e já vemos que House está naqueles dias.Ele consegue passagem na 1ªclasse e deixa Cuddy propositalmente na classe economica.E então, um homem começa a passar mal na 1ªclasse.É a deixa para House voltar ao trabalho no avião.Divertidíssima a atitude dele indo buscar Cuddy quando a aeromoça pergunta se ali tem algum médico.

    No hospital, Chase e Cameron não param de se provocar, já que Chase está apaixonado por Cameron enquanto ela só procura por sexo sem compromisso.Tudo isso leva ao fim da relação definitivo no fim do episódio.No caso médico da velhinha, é Wilson que lidera a equipe e cuida de tudo.A prostituta que havia sido contratada resolve acompanhar tudo, preocupada.No entanto, Wilson descobre que a moça não tem parentesco algum com a paciente, então ela deixa o telefone com Wilson para este ligar pra ela quando a velhina melhorasse.
    Todo o andamento deste caso é interessante e me prendeu para tentar o que havia acontecido com a mulher.No final, Chase descobre que ela estava sendo intoxicada com um veneno que o vizinho da velhinha estava usando para dedetizar a casa dele.O veneno passava para a casa da mulher por um cano.E com essa prova, eles conseguem salvar a mulher.

    No avião, desespero.Depois do homem vomitar e ter sintomas sérios, uma outra mulher fica do mesmo jeito.House e Cuddy continuam deduzindo e descartando sintomas e então…Cuddy começa a passar mal.Uma epidemia geral poderá tomar conta do avião nos próximos minutos.E então, uma das coisas mais geniais e engraçadas que House já fez.Ele chama três pessoas.Uma criança, um estrangeiro e uma mulher chata.Usando o argumento de que não pode trabalhar sem conversar, diz que a criança é Chase e concorda com tudo que ele diz, o estrangeiro é Foreman e discorda de tudo e a mulher chata é Cameron e se ofende com tudo.O mais legal é que a descrição que House dá para os três funcionários funciona perfeitamente na discussão do caso.Sim, é algo totalmente improvavel de se acontecer na vida real, mas não deixa de ser tremendamente divertido.

    No final, depois de uma punção lombar no avião (mostrada ao mesmo tempo que a do hospital), House acaba descobrindo o que é.Ele vai avisar a todos.Diz que eles tem uma doença fatal e irão morrer.Desespero.E então diz que na verdade só vão morrer os que tem tremores na mão esquerda.Na hora, pouco a pouco toda a tripulação tem tremores na mão esquerda.E então House explica que isso é tudo psicológico.Ou seja, ao ver o homem doente, todos já pensaram que pegariam a doença também e entraram em pânico.Pronto, o avião inteiro havia sido salvo.Depois de investigar, House consegue salvar o homem que de fato estava doente.
    Excelente episódio que começa a abrir o arco final dos episódios de House.
  • House and Cuddy are flying back and find an epidemic on their plane while the team and Wilson have a case back home

    The beginning was slightly confusing because you really didn't know what was going on but that's usual for House.

    I liked that Wilson was in control of the teams case while House was out. I started to feel really bad for Forman as they were working on the case. Cameron and Chase were incredibly annoying as they agreed on everything. And Cameron was completely Out of Character as she convinced Chase to have sex with her at the patent's house.

    I loved House and Cuddy on the plane. It was so great to see House just finding three people on the plane to be his Cameron, Forman and Chase. It was great to see the young boy being Chase it was so funny. I loved how House told Cuddy to get a resume from him. I liked the woman that was Cameron she was pretty good and the guy that was Forman was pretty good too.

    I loved seeing Cuddy and House arguing about whether or not it was menengitus or not; they were so funny. It was nice that in the end everybody just had conversion disorder except for Peng. I loved how Cuddy got sick too. It was so cute to see House trying to listen to Cuddy after she got sick too.

    This was a really good episode. I was really glad that Cameron and Chase split up at the end too because they were getting painfully annoying. The case on the plan was better that the one in the hospital though!
  • Well written except some facts

    Hi, I loved this episode, I liked how sexy Cameron is, what a great body she has (Jennifer), I also liked that House started to feel something for Cuddy, but I had some fun when they talked to the patient about her trip to Caracas, I live in Caracas and the episode showed Caracas as a city without any kind of control regarding drugs, or even tattoos, but I think they made that mistake without researching the reality of Caracas; but, it wasn't that bad. At leats my city is considered! Hopefully Jennifer Morrison may come to one of Venezuela's beautifull beaches and get tan, hehe
    Well I think the relationship between Cameron and Chase should continue, and House should make a move with Cuddy
  • Awesome storyline with great House one-liners!

    This was actually a surprisingly good episode, considering the location and the lack of the full team. The idea of an epidemic while flying overseas has to be everyone's worst nightmare, and the writers and the directors did an excellent job portraying the shock and how people respond to these kinds of situations with a lack medications. It showed how people's minds can make the person think that they have an illness, because one person has suggested that a certain ailment is contagious. It was very well done.

    Its always fun seeing where Chase and Cameron decide to get a little naughty, its sad to see it over though, considering Jesse and Jennifer are engaged. They have great natural chemistry.

    Anyway, brilliant episode, one of the best plots.
  • Great episode!

    This was a great and unusual episode. We had two stories at the same time. House and Cuddy on a plane and Wilson and the team in Princeton.

    House and Cuddy on the 18-hour flight with a non-English speaking passenger with a mysterious illness. Everybody on the plane starts feeling the symptoms, even Cuddy! Then, House finds out that the passenger was having problems with the low pressure from the flight. The others were suffering from mass hysteria.

    Meanwhile, at the hospital, Wilson and the team deal with a middle-aged woman suffering from seizures.

    It was a great episode. House and Cuddy on the plane... There's something there between them... And Chase and Cameron. I didn't like they're not together anymore.
  • Different, Adventurous.... Great episode..

    House and Cuddy are trapped on an 18-hour flight when a mysterious illness breaks out and passengers start up-chucking their dinner and breaking out in curiously artistic rashes. Even Cuddy succumbs and if her worst fears are correct it's bacterial meningitis and they'll all be dead by the time the plane lands. Thank goodness there's a board certified infectious disease specialist on the plane who can save the day or at least declare that there's nothing really wrong.

    We learned that House really needs his ducklings. So much so that when stuck at cruising altitude with a medical mystery on his hands he had to assemble a makeshift Chase, Cameron and Foreman from the plane's passengers in order to focus. We also received further confirmation that Cuddy does not handle pressure well as evidenced by her susceptibility to the it's-all-in-your-mind disease on the plane. Back in Princeton, Foreman's constant comments on Cameron and Chase's all frills relationship seems to indicate that he cares a lot more for Cameron than he's been letting on. The normally make-no-waves Chase is bothered by his surface only relationship but when he says that he wants more Cameron leaves him on the spot. Maybe Chase should have waited for House's return to give Cameron some incentive to continue using him. Everybody is so worried about Cameron and the one i am worried about is Chase.. He is so in love and Cameron is using him...

    Then there's the lonely Wilson, who after a long day managing the ducklings makes one last call to Robin. Sure, he's just updating her on Fran's condition but let's say we'll probably be seeing more of this Good Samaritan.

    Sometimes a change of place is good for a show, but if it is not going to pay off in a great way then I say, we keep House in the house.
  • Great script and acting.

    When I first saw this episode, I got really excited because my name is Fran, and I thought I might hear it pass through Hugh Laurie's lips and then I could giggle or something. But I was even happier with the A and B story/case script. When House is in the hospital, he gets his team to do everything for him and it's almost like he's on a playground playing with all the fancy machines. When he's on the plane, we see why he's a legend (and has been since college?) when he is able to diagnose the patient without any of his usual tests. Also, the tension between House and Cuddy reached a pretty awesome new height.
  • Season 3 Episode 18

    Team 'Cuddy plus House' fly back from Singapore and, of course, their flight can't help but be full of surprises. I liked this storyline because, although the whole thing was kind of insane, the characters all made it realistic. In particular Cuddy, who was extremely believable as soon-to-be-dead patient. And it turns out House is brilliant even when he is at 8000 feet. Well, kudos to House.

    At the hospital our heroes seem a bit lost without House but in the end they managed to solve the case - which wasn't the most striking ever, by the way. Anyway the parallels between storylines were gripping and Wilson running the team was such a good part, as well. I do think he's one of the best character in this show.

    And... Surprise... Chase fell for Cameron, who gives him the cold shoulder. What a surprise. Well, I did this one coming. It was kind of obvious, actually.
  • Great episode but there have been better ones

    I am not sure what - maybe because I read from here that it is a great episode and that made my hopes higher or something else - the episode didn't have the effect on me I hoped. It was a great episode, different one and exciting but it was all. What I didn't liked (start with bad things and continue with good ones): The mixing of the storylines - they were rather desturbing. And I feel that the cases were not so striking (ok.. the plain one was), Cameron behavor (on this and the couble last episodes).

    What I liked: The way mass hysteria worked - how the girl and Cuddy got sick with no reason than they thought they are sick. Also the way Wilson tried to run the team ("I feel almost sorry for House")
  • Extra-ordinary

    I was waiting for another episode playing outside the hospital, those are the most promising ones. I really liked this episode!
    House and Cuddy on that flight were great! I loved the interaction between House and those passengers he used as his team :D
    I don't like the way things ended between Chase and Cameron. I never understood why she went for it in the first place. She just doesn't seem like the type of woman for this friends with benefits thing. I was naive enough to believe that they would make it a go and try being together for real. Sad, but they're not...
  • Airborne diagnostics on the way from Malaysia.

    Ok. That is one great episode. First of all, the girl... H O T. I wish that House could see her.

    Anyway... good start! The basic subject of the episode, is supposedly, mass hysteria, and how can the brain can effectively control the rest of the body. In this episode Wilson takes over the team, in the absence of House. What's going on in the hospital however, isn't as interesting as what's happening in the airplane. Who would have thought that a character like Cuddy's would become hysteric in the presence of a disease! House however... solid as a rock. The airborne LP though was a bit little too much.
  • Airborne was a classic.

    Airborne, without a doubt, was the most alternative and crazy thing I've seen before. The diagnosis on both of the patients was just out of whack and completely realistic at the same time. Back at the hospital in this episode, Wilson was running things. You always love to see Wilson get more screen time. Hes such an unappreciated character.

    Back on the plane, the storyline there was insane. It's funny, suspenseful, and weird at the same time. The diagnosis of Mass Hysteria was something nobody could have expected from that episode.

    This episode will be remembered as one of the best episodes of Season 6.
  • Perfectly plotted and medically interesting!

    Excellent episode, one of the best of this season for sure. Interesting scenario when your 30,000 feet in the air. Interesting medical mystery - conversion disorder! Ha... who knew. That's like you sick, but only because you're watching someone else be sick. And who knew that scuba diving could be so bad! Loved the ending... flight attendant: "i'll be in boston next weekend". This is why I watch this show.
  • House & Cuddy travel back from Singapore, encounter a non-English speaking passenger who is deathly ill, and have to count on others to become the "team" during the flight. Chase & Cameron try to diagnose a middle-aged woman who keeps having seizures.

    "A very special episode" because my son was in it! He played the 12 year old boy, and quite frankly, I think he was awesome (although I'm sure I'm not biased!). Anyway, the actors all did a great job with their sicknesses, and made it believable. Kudos to everyone!
  • One of the best episodes of the season!

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the season. I love the juxtaposition of the scenes and the way Foreman, Cameron, and Chase are asserting independence, being able to solve a case without House, while on the plane, House seems to life their symbolic presence. I do like the development between Cameron and Chase. Cuddy predicted that Cameron would be the one hurt from their "relationship," but it was the other way around and very typical. I think these two stars have incredible chemistry (they are engaged in real life), and it's definitely not the end of the story for them.
  • Good example of House work.

    Doble story plot one whole team working at the hospital and House alone in a airplane over flying the Artic.
    you see how the team cant work with out house and house cant work with out his team. they need each other.
    Love the parallels between the plane and the hospital. and the litlle Cudy/House moments. And finally happened something that i have been seing for the last episodes, Chase Fell for Cameron, but he is too whole for her, she needs damage, she cant deal with compromise.
  • am yeah... i dun like it. It's alright, but boring and unrealistic. please, don't judge me, i'm only sharing my opinion.

    well there were some loop-holes in the writing, especially the addition of various incorrect facts and figures. For example, House nor Cuddy thought of looking into Pang's bag. It would have been, normally, one of House's first instincts. The comment of flying over the north pole- completely wrong. The plane could have gone down to 8,000 feet not 5,000 feet.
    Singapore to NYC definately takes more than 18 hours. there is not even direct flights to Singapore or Malaysia to NYC.
    Why did it take so long, especially for Cuddy, to recognise that Pang had the Bends?

    I really wish that there was more going on between Cuddy and House, it's really one of the reasons I watch it. House is really an interesting, under-spoken character, despite his lack of respect for others and urge to tell the truth no matter how bitter it may be; there is always something more to him. Each episode, there is a hint of who House really is. The way this series has been written, it makes you eagar to know, what is going to happen next?

    Whilst watching this episode I felt I was watching a poorly-sensored episode of Grey's Anatomy. The Cameron and Chase 'relationship'didn't help.
  • nice episode :D

    You gotta love house's confidence. He handles pressure like its nothing. You'd think he's just blurting funny and sarcastic comments but really his mind is working full time. I didn't think he would be able to see whats wrong with the korean guy, but he did. that whole scene from the airplane was really good. the case with the old woman wasn't too good. The other guys seem so lost without house :P but in the end they solve the case anyway. on a side note, yeah sex can be really bad.. the old woman thought she got sick because of it and cameron and chase almost didnt solve the case because of it. :D even the girl on the plane was said to be pregnant :P haha
  • I tried to think of a "Snakes on a Plane" joke, but nothin' doin'. Sorry.

    Well...half of the episode was good, am I right?

    For the most part, the stuff with House and Cuddy on the plane was pretty much sheer genius. I especially loved House assigning random passengers to be his "Air Team" if you will.

    Although honestly - the whole "mind controls the body" thing was a little far-fetched, even for this show. Vomiting? Sure. Shaking? Makes sense. But a rash and all of the exact symptoms, just because you think he MIGHT be contagious? That's ridiculous. I mean, we didn't see a crazy uprising in AIDS victims before we knew it wasn't contagious, did we? And I found almost no interest in the B story (Wilson and the House Team) at all. More of the lame Chase/Cameron relationship, ending exactly as I predicted. Foreman got some stuff to do in this episode, which is USUALLY a good thing, but here, he's whinier than Cameron, which is never good. "I'm Foreman! I'm going to bring up the fact that two of my co-workers are having sex every chance I get!" Way to be professional, Foreman. Even if you're right, you could still show some tact.

    Seriously, man. The House/Cuddy stuff is pretty much gold, but everything else about this episode (re: the uninteresting and/or completely whack ancillary characters) brought it down quite a bit.
  • This is exactly why we watch House

    This episode is split in two. House is on a plane with Cuddy and has his own case and his team are back at the hospital with Wilson with a different case.

    This episode is not extremely complicated in terms of medicine but instead explores the team and House's character.

    House shows no interest in the case until he discovers Cuddy is ill and shows his caring side. We see what House actually uses his team for in a very well written comic moment.

    This episode also shows how his team can not function without him and shows how he is a much better doctor than Wilson.

    The writing is brilliant and shows parallels between the plane and the hospital and has to be one of my favourite episodes this season.
  • Unique but dissapointing from the team back home (Cameron, Chase, Wilson, & Foreman)'s end.

    Interesting how everyone on board the plane's symptoms were merely the result of mass hysteria induced by Cuddy's paranoia.
    And it was nerve-wrackingly tense when House performed the (LP) Lumbar Puncture using an ordinary needle.
    However the team back home - Dr's Chase, Foreman & Cameron - led by Dr Wilson dissapoint with an inconclusive case and the drama centering more around Chase & Cameron's relationship and secondarily the woman who was asked to keep the patient company being that she had no family. The woman's story was a bit melodramatic as well.

    What really throws the viewer in the end, however is how the man on the airplane was merely suffering from the bends (I had guessed altitude sickness at first when House noted the man's reaction to pressure on his joints).

    Also saddening is how Cameron abruptly ends her relationship with Chase when he lets her know that he wants more than casual sex.
  • Interesting

    its was really interesting to see house solve a case with out his trusty team..and the fact that he made one up just to create this air to help him find out whats wrong with this guy goes to show that he really cant work with out chase cam and omar, and i loved the fact that they werent on hospital grounds, being sick on a plane is much more interesting coz then you'll have to see how house will help his patient with very limited resources and yet again the great doctor succeeds with no help from cuddy..getting sick was all in her head that was really funny ..and the bit where he was sniffing her lol.. the only down side were cam and chase.. they're no more ..
  • This was quite an odd episode of House.

    If I didn't know I would of thought it was a different television show with different producers. I am a huge fan of house but I thought the whole thing with Cuddy and all the other passengers getting sick was odd. I know most House episodes are unrealistic but this one was way out there. I think it put Dr. Cuddy in a weird position because she was just like all the other passengers who's bodies were making them think they were sick. I thought it made her seem sort of weak. Then the ending had no climax at all and ended abruptly.
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