Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2007 on FOX

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  • House and Cuddy, on a flight back from Singapore, treat a possibly contagious patient.

    House and Cuddy are on a flight back from Singapore when a man collapses and gets worse every minute. Other passengers, including Cuddy, develope similar symptoms and House has to find out if the man has a contagious disease. When it turns out that the rest of the passengers are jsut panicking, he still has to save the sick man.
    House's team and Wilson are meanwhile completely on their own and have to solve the case of an elder woman who passed out in her house after being on a trip where she consumed drugs and had an affair.

    I really liked the fact that this time House isn't the one who solves the case, well at least the one with the elder woman. Although those two cases seem to mirror each other, each team has to solve it on their own. I particularily liked the case House had to deal with because it was on the one hand kinda creepy (I mean, who isn't at least a little bit afraid on planes) and on the other hand a little bit amusing because of the solution that it was just mass panic. It was also interesting to see that even doctors like Cuddy can be infected with mass panic. Well, House was all calm, who would have guessed...

    This episode was again cleverly written with a completely unpredictable solution - House at its best.
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