Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2007 on FOX

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  • Two seperate cases...

    This episode was the first one that House didn't interact with his team in. I thought the episode was very quick and dynamic- both patients were quite interesting.

    The patient the team and Wilson had to diagnose was interesting because of how she rebelled her mid life crisis, although I wish there was more explanation into why did some of the things she did. Wilson taking charge of the team was funny, as we rarely see him interact with people other than House and Cuddy. Foreman, meanwhile reacts skeptically to Cameron and Chase's "friends with benefits" relationship, although Cameron proves everyone as it seems Chase is the one to be heartbroken- I thought Cameron was pretty cruel at the end!

    The most entertaining aspect was when House was travelling back to New Jersey with Cuddy. The way he diagnosed mass hysteria was brilliant, and using the people on the plane with such wit and one liners was an ingenious piece of writing. It also allowed House and Cuddys relationship develop subtley, which is a nice touch by the writers. Overall, this was a near perfect episode- probably about 9.8 out of ten- as the review site doesn't allow me to rate that, I'll give it a ten, simply because of the clever writer and brilliant performance. Not as good as some of the brillaint episodes in Season 2, but worthy of a great score in its own merit.
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