Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When House goes to switch seats with Cuddy, there is a guy snoring and leaning on her. Once House switches seats and is in coach, the snoring person is never in the shot again. The seat next to House is empty the rest of the episode.

    • House tells the flight attendant that they have to dive until they can club baby seals out of the window. Flying that low is dangerous and unnecessary. Most modern airplanes can pressurize to at or near sea level (1 atm), but they would have to descend from 38,000 feet to an altitude where the pressure difference between the cabin and the outside air wasn't too high.

    • Trivia: The stewardess says "Nilalagnat ka ba?" which is in Filipino, translates to "Are you suffering from a fever?" as the Korean man vomits.

    • House writes "extensor pastoring" on the board, but the boy asks about "extension pastoring."

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Cuddy: We're flying out of Singapore. If he has a credit card and a condom, he can get anything he wants.

    • (House is examining the rash on Peng's leg)
      House: It's definitely ataxia, and it's definitely a rash.
      Dr. Cuddy: You wanna look at it for five more minutes before concluding that it's also definitely a leg.

    • Dr. Foreman: Anything else you two guys wanna agree on?
      Dr. Chase: Do you have a problem with us agreeing?
      Dr. Foreman: No, I have a problem with the other thing you do, which makes me question your motive for agreeing!

    • Dr. Chase: I want more!
      Dr. Cameron: I thought you were getting a little worn out by...
      Dr. Chase: That's not what I meant.
      Dr. Cameron: I know, I was just hoping that you take the hint and pretend that you never said that.
      Dr. Chase: I want this to be more than it is.
      Dr. Cameron: I thought we were clear!
      Dr. Chase: In the beginning, but you can't tell me...
      Dr. Cameron: Yes, I can, and I don't. (Chase looks puzzled) It was fun, that's it. And now it's over.

    • House: I believe in statistics. Two hundred passengers on the plane. Ten should be gay, two should be with child, and one should be incredibly annoying with an extra ass chromosome.

    • House: Good point. On the other hand, I'm a board-certified specialist in infectious disease. She assigns parking spaces.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Not funny!
      House: Wasn't supposed to be funny "ha ha."

    • House: (Hysteria) happens often in high-anxiety situation, especially to women. I know it sounds sexist, but science says you're weak and soft. What can I do?

    • House: Can you say "Crickey, Mate"?
      12 year-old Boy: Crickey, Mate.
      House: Perfect. Now no matter what I say, you'll agree with me, okay.
      12 year-old Boy: Okay.
      House: Nicely done. You, disagree with everything I say.
      Foreign Man: Sorry, not understand.
      House: Close enough. (to random woman) You get morally outraged by everything I say.
      Sour Faced Girl: (about House writing on the movie screen) That's permanent marker, you know.
      House: Wow, you guys are good.

    • Dr. Cuddy: And the room service thing was just spiteful.
      House: I was hungry
      Dr. Cuddy: $300 for a bottle of wine.
      House: I was thirsty.
      Dr. Cuddy: $120 for video services.
      House: I was lonely.

    • House: Look that way.
      Joy: Why?
      House: Because you're going to throw up, and I don't want it on me.

    • House: Nobody speak Korean on this flight?
      Dr. Cuddy: I assumed you did.
      House: I know how to ask him if his sister's over 18. I just don't think that's gonna help.

    • (to Cuddy)
      House: I'm trying to listen to you now, so shut up.

    • Dr. Cuddy: I don't owe you.
      House: You're mean.
      Dr. Cuddy: It's how I compensate for being weak...soft.

    • Keo: I just wanted to say thank you.
      House: You're extremely welcome.
      Keo: I'm in New York every Monday.
      House: Are you handicap-accessible?

    • 12-year-old Boy: What is extension pastoring?
      House: It's when you're molested by a priest's cousin.

    • (a female passenger throws up)
      Stewardess: I'll get some towels.
      House: Give her a banana. Monkey see, monkey barf. You smell vomit...

    • Crying Kid: I want my blankie! I want my blankie!
      House: Give her 20 milligrams of antihistamines. It could save her life. 'Cause if she doesn't shut up, I'll kill her.

    • House: Tell the pilot to dive until we can club baby seals out the window.

    • House: I need to get a better look at your rash.
      Dr. Cuddy: Use your imagination.
      House: Fine, shall I go with Lifeguard Cuddy or Mother Superior Cuddy?

    • Joy: I can't be pregnant!
      House: Are you a virgin?
      Joy: No.
      House: You're pregnant. Mazel tov.

  • Notes

    • Music: Hope for the Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: October 11, 2007 on SBS6 Greece: January 29, 2008 on Star Channel
      The Czech Republic: April 7, 2008 on TV Nova
      Germany: March 25th, 2008 on RTL
      Sweden: October 28, 2008 on TV4
      Belgium: November 2, 2008 on 2BE

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