Season 2 Episode 17

All In

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on FOX
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When a six-year-old boy is brought in with the same symptoms as another patient who died years ago under House's care, House believes the cases are identical and he can predict the course of the boy's illness. Meanwhile, the clinic hosts a poker night to benefit the oncology department.moreless

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  • Everyone is looking so spiffy.

    I love this episode because first of all it connects to Wilson & Cuddy's plot with the whole poker night theme, that was the dash of humor in to the episode, House beat Cuddy & he wasn't even there, and House thought Cameron was hot when he was astonished at seeing Cameron in that dress. I like how Cuddy was drunk through the whole thing, in this episode I actually thought House wasn't going to find the cure, but finally he did! I like how everyone was looking spiffy throughout the whole episode. A great episode especially the montage in the end, a great episode!moreless
  • Even House has killed a patient

    It was so different to see House stealing a case from Cuddy, because House always avoids cases. I mean House walked away from a game of poker to work on a case!

    This episode was funnier than usual too. I loved how House got Chase to come upstairs to work on the case and all of his mind games when he was on the phone with Wilson. Wilson and House were so funny in this episode and then Cuddy during their phone conversations just made it even better. Oh and House and Wilson at the end when they were playing poker was amusing as well. The case with Ian was very interesting. Everything they tried to do just made him worse. And how could you not love Chase in the beginning? He was great when he was trying to tell House that nothing was wrong with Ian and then when he and House saw that the kids Kidneys were shutting down Chase was ready to do anything. As House has said Chase is an a** kisser!

    I loved the end where Cuddy had been called up to take over and House and team were still trying to figure out what was wrong. Of Course House wouldn't listen to Cuddy when she told him to drop it. He wasn't ready to let the kid die because he screwed up.

    This episode was just so great; I loved the case and all the humor that went along with it.moreless
  • Outstanding...

    I'm getting tired of writing such great reviews!!! This episode was brilliant- credit to the writers for writing a formulaic drama and making it so fresh and dynamic.

    The difference in setting was brilliant, during the charity poker event. It was entertaining seeing House manipulate the game through phone calls.

    I thought the story was very interesting- House trying to save a boy who displayed the same syptoms of an elderly lady he couldn't save before. It was a roller coaster of a ride seeing House desperate to figure out the puzzle, and perhaps doubting himself as he did so. The scenes with the poker added the comic effect, but it also gave some more insight into House's relationships with Cuddy and Wilson- I love the Wilson/House pairing, and, as I say many times, they are my favourite partnership. The ending where they are laughing and playing poker together was brilliant. I love House and Cuddy's interactions too; they are so similiar yet so different from each other.

    Overall, I think, if you read my reviews, you must be getting tired of the same old writings, but this was another series classic. I think many series classics stem from this Season.moreless
  • A favourite

    This episode was out of the ordinary for more than one reason. One reason is the difference in setting, in lack for a better word, with the poker tournament taking place during the episode. Since it's a festive occasion everybody is dressed up, and it feels like it takes place during a shorter time span than most episodes (even though it probably doesn't). The poker tournament adds more than a sidestory, it adds a different atmosphere and a chance to see the characters more "at play". From House, Cuddy and Wilson at the poker table to Chase trying to score by telling a really bad shark story.

    This is also an episode which shows House from a more vulnerable perspective. He's really emotionally invested in the case. The question is though, is he emotionally invested because he really wants to "right a wrong" from his past, or just to save his own ego? It's up to the viewer to decide.

    We also get another glimpse at what went on before the show started. I think it's been mentioned before that Chase was the first "duckling" to be hired, and this episode implies that Foreman was the last. It might just be me, but it feels like this is part of what forms the way House treats each "duckling". Even though he clearly doesn't like Chase's tendency to suck up, Chase seems to be House's go-to guy. Like how at the poker tournament he went to Chase, and sent him to find the others. It might also have played a part in why House was so angry with Chase last season for being the one who ratted to Vogler. I got the feeling that he trusted Chase more since he'd been around longer, and was more annoyed by the betrayal than he let on. And when it comes to Foreman, him being hired last might be one of the reasons why House seemed to be picking more on him than on the other two last season.

    One character I really like is Cuddy. And this episodes were one of her better. I love the way she treats House, not being the least bit intimidated by him and never hesitant to snap back at his remarks. There's a different dynamic between her, House and Wilson than with the other characters, since they have worked together the longest and have higher ranks at the hospital. It was fun to see the trio playing poker together. Another aspect I like about Cuddy's character is that it doesn't feel like she's a "making a statement" type character, that they just wanted a female boss to be PC. I can't recall a single time where she's played the "I'm a woman" card, except for during banter with House, which doesn't count. But what I like the most about Cuddy is that she's genuingly out to do what's best for the patients, not to be right. We've seen it quite a few times before, how she's been in the middle of a heated debate with House and folds immediatly when it's turned out House is right. She doesn't keep pushing for her opinion just to avoid letting House be right. We see a bit of that in this episode, when she first forbids House to go near the patient, then when she finds him in the patient's room she asks him if he's figured anything out instead of throwing him out. She's the perfect boss to House, and a very likeable character.

    This episode also included some scenes between House and Wilson, and they are usually among my favorites. They have quite an interesting friendship, and it's always fun to see. Wilson clearly knows House better than anyone else, but he's still often clueless to why House does and says the things that he does. In this episode it was very entertaining to watch the phone conversations between the two. And I loved the end scene where they laughed together and seemed to be having quite a good time. We need scenes like that every once in a while.moreless
  • Out With The Old, In With The New!

    In 'All In' we got to see the doctors in the hospital from a whole different perspective. No labcoats, no needles, no "House! You can't do that!" (ok, maybe a LITTLE of the last one). In this episode we say the characters more like themselves, not just like doctors. Sure, every so often weget to see a glimpse of the life outside of the white coats, but there was serious character development in this entire episode. Chase's romantic side (or, him trying to be), House's ability to connect with other people (sort of), and Cuddy as fun human being (partially). Basically, 'All In' didn't go too far out of original character, but when out of original setting, and that's fun to see sometimes. If you are a fan of House, watch this episode!moreless
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • After Ian's cardiac arrest, when House is doing the heart biopsy, House asks for a vacutainer. Vacutainers are useless in biopsies.

    • In the scene where Ian goes into cardiac arrest, on the eighth and last defibrillation before his heartbeat is restored, he lifts and moves his hands.

    • When Ian goes into cardiac arrest, his hands positions switch from "at his side" to crossed in different shots.

    • Trivia: For this one episode, House has a new cane, called an "Alpaca Floral."

    • At the beginning of the episode when House pulls the chart out of the drawer, the patient's name is "Ester." Later when her name is put on the white board, House writes "Esther."

    • At the beginning when the other boy in Ian's class says he doesn't have to go to the bathroom, you can see the girl next to him mouthing his lines. You also see her kind of pushing the boy's arm up when he was supposed to raise his hand.

    • When House is using the paddles on the boy, his actor shuts his eyes tighter in one shot, and moves his arm in another shot.

    • Trivia: Dr. Chase has the most seniority among House's staff, given he knows about the trucker which Foreman didn't.

    • When the kid says he can't breathe, his head is on a pillow. When Dr Chase is at his bed, the pillow is gone. Then Dr Foreman takes the pillow away, but in the next moment it's there again. While they work on the kid, it's gone.

    • Trivia: There was a harmonica in the file cabinet drawer where he got Ester's file from.

    • The pictures shown of the boy's colonoscopy are of a clean colon. However, enough time was not allowed for a colon prep, which usually takes at least several hours.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • House: Test him for Erdheim-Chester's disease.
      Dr. Foreman: Erdheim-Chester, that's not even on the list!
      Dr. Chase: Because we already did it. He tested negative.
      Dr. Cameron: So did Esther.
      House: The disease lied.
      Dr. Cameron: Yeah, the tumor's got it in for you.

    • Dr. Cameron: I'll page Cuddy.
      House: No you won't.
      Dr. Cameron: She thinks the kid has a stomach ache!
      House: She'll come right up here and do one of two things. If she agrees with me I don't need her; if she disagrees with me I don't want her.

    • House: The parents are mad because their kid is dying, it's understandable, but if he doesn't die they won't be mad anymore.
      Dr. Cuddy: But if he's brain damaged they might still be a little ticked.

    • House: Can anyone think of a reason why Kawasaki's can't affect the elderly, other than it doesn't?

    • Dr. Chase: Meds seem to be working, liver's holding it's own.
      House: Good.
      Dr. Chase: But the platelets are dropping.
      House: Even better.
      Dr. Chase: Why? It means he's getting sicker.
      House: New is good... because the old ended in death.

    • Dr. Wilson: Obsession is dangerous.
      House: Only if you're on a wooden ship and your obsession is a whale. I think I'm in the clear.

    • Dr Wilson: You can't use another patient's lab to diagnose Kawasaki disease!
      House: Is that like a dare or something?

    • Dr. Chase: I'm going to do a biopsy.
      House: Forget it! That battle is over. His raising creatine is his kidneys' way of saying "go on without me."

    • Dr. Chase: What are you doing?
      House: What we came here to do.
      Dr. Chase: But he almost died.
      House: I know, I was here.

    • Dr. Chase: I vote for neurofibromitosis.
      House: Why?
      Dr. Chase: Because the other choices suck worse.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Call.
      House: You'll call anything.
      Dr. Cuddy: My stack's bigger than your stack. You in or out?
      House: Relative to their size, gorillas have smaller testicles than humans.
      Dr. Cuddy: Well, then you'd probably have an edge over a gorilla. But not over me.
      House: Reason is, primate testes size inversely corresponds to the fidelity of our females
      Dr. Wilson: You think there might be a better time to annoy me about my wife?
      House: I'm talking about poker.
      Dr. Wilson: Right.
      Dr. Cuddy: Women are evil, you're right to drive them away. Call, fold, or raise!

    • (getting Chase away from a girl)
      House: Hey, how's that anal fissure? Did it heal yet, or is it still draining? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize he came back for seconds. I figured that after that girl in the stairwell you'd be done for the night.
      Dr. Chase: He's joking.
      House: No Adam's apple, small hands. No surprises this time.
      Michelle: I'll...see you later. (leaves)
      House: I've got a case.
      Dr. Chase: Well, you could have just said that. You didn't need to screw with me.
      House: Yeah, if I didn't screw with you , you'd spend the whole night thinking you might get laid, which means you'd be useless. Better to extinguish all hope.

    • Dr. Wilson: If you're going to mess with me, wouldn't it be more fun to do it in person?
      House: (on the cellphone) Yes, it would.

    • House: (on the cellphone) Keep your answers short and discreet. Is Cuddy still playing?
      Dr. Wilson: The chicken is still in Picadilly Square.
      House: Brilliant. She'll never suspect that Normandy is her target.

    • House: When you were wearing your "Frankie says relax" t-shirts, I was treating a 73 year old woman who went through this progression of symptoms. The last of which was... (writes down "Death"). And in case any of you missed that class in med school, that one's untreatable.

    • Ian: I have a question, and I need to go to the bathroom.
      Teacher: What would you like to do first.
      Ian: Question.
      Teacher: Okay.
      Ian: Where's the bathroom?

    • Dr. Wilson: Are you going to call?
      House: You know, relative to its size, the barnacle has the largest penis of any animal.

    • House: These procedures would be so much easier if you could do them on healthy people.

    • Dr. Wilson: Have you read Moby Dick?
      House: It's a book?

    • House: (to Wilson) Jacks or higher, your voice sounds like Debbie from Accounting is sitting in your lap.

    • (playing cards)
      Dr. Cuddy:(puts down a 3 and a 5) Stone cold bluff. You might want to spend a little more time paying attention to your cards, and a little less time staring at my breasts. House: They don't match either. I'm going to take some air.
      (Cuddy checks)

    • House: I raise.
      Dr. Wilson: So are you going to tell me an annoying story every time I raise?
      House: God, that would be annoying.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: May 3, 2007 on SBS 6
      Bulgaria: June 6, 2007 on NOVA
      The Czech Republic: September 17, 2007 on TV Nova
      Belgium: October 11, 2007 on KanaalTwee

    • Music: The song playing during the benefit is "Deed I Do" by Diana Krall. The song House plays on the piano is "Hymn to Freedom", originally by Oscar Peterson.


    • "Frankie Say 'Relax' T-shirts"
      House talks about the staff wearing "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirts 12 years ago. That would be 1994, which appears off by a decade, since Frankie Goes to Hollywood released "Relax" in 1984. After reaching #1, it dropped, then re-climbed the charts until it occupied the #2 spot behind the FG2H hit "Two Tribes" at #1 on the UK pop charts. This was the first such simultaneous UK charting by a group since The Beatles in the 60s. However, the song was re-mixed and re-released in 1993, and achieved a measure of prominence in dance clubs, which fits the 1994 reference.

    • House: Mighty Casey's down to his last strike.
      This is an allusion to the poem Casey at the Bat written by Ernest Thayer in 1888. The poem is about a baseball team that is losing during the last inning of the game. Their fate lies in the hands of their star player Casey.

    • Dr. Wilson: Have you read Moby Dick?
      This refers to a novel by Herman Melville published opriginally in 1851. In the book Captain Ahab spends his life chasing the great white whale - Moby Dick - who took his leg (and pride) years ago. This quest for revange costs Ahab his ship and his life.

    • House: 42.
      The answer to life, the universe and everything in Douglas Adams' popular satirical science fiction novel series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's commonly referenced in pop culture, generally in science fiction, such as one of the infamous "numbers" on the Lost.