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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on FOX
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With his diagnostic team gone, House tries to diagnose a young woman who survived an office building collapse. With the condition getting worse, Cuddy puts pressure on House to hire a new team, but instead attempts a differential diagnosis with help from the janitor.

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  • House tries to Diagnose a patient alone, without a team. If that's not interesting enough, he even consults a janitor.

    This Has to be one of the funniest episodes ever. My family and I were laughing non-stop through the whole thing. There was some great House/Wilson friendship interaction, mixed with hilarious comedic timing. We gave it two thumbs up, and add it to our favorite episodes list. I hope this season has more episodes like this one. The storyline was cleverly plotted, well written, and well played. I loved all of the character interation, and how they decided to bring back the original Diagnostics team (Cameron, and Chase) so far. I look forward to watching this episode again in the future.moreless
  • Brilliant Season opener!

    I thought this episode was a fantastic way to start the Season! Season 4 is often critised as "jumping the shark" but I think this was a brilliant episode, where the presense of Chase,Cameron and Foreman wasn't too missed.

    The case itself was interesting, simply because of how House dealt with it. The beginning part of the episode where he played his guitar highlighted just how witty the writing is, and he and Cuddy's dynamics were brilliant throughout.

    I thought it was hilarious the way he used the Janitor to bounce ideas off of, especially using the famous "lupus" joke.

    Wilson and House (my favourite pairing) were brilliant in this episode- I just loved Wilson stealing his guitar!

    The ending of the case was brilliant- I never saw the twist coming, but, as Cuddy pointed out, House's team would have figured it out ages ago, highlighting not only to him but us as audience members just how important they are to the show.

    To top it all, the end of the episode where a whole bunch of canditates sit in the room for House's interview was an inspired idea!

    Overall, the best Season opening of House to date- witty, dynamic, dramatic, and, as always, brilliantly written and acted.moreless
  • House alone is kind of boring.

    The only thing that made the rating not so good in this episode is that house had no team, I thought he was going to continue all of Season 4 without a team. Without a team, it was pretty boring. Just House, Cuddy & the janitor. House is seeing illusions of his old team, well at least Wilson is making him they are illusions, turns out they work in a hospital. I like House and Cameron's talk at the end. My favorite part was the end, when it turned out they were caring for the wrong girl! That was just nuts, how could that even happen!? But seriously very slow paced. The end opens the new season, a competition, who will be House's team?moreless
  • Cant believe the number of 10s awarded to this episode! I must have some very, very, very high standards. Or maybe others have low standard!

    No team to fence with House. Thats what this episode missed out on. So if they wanted to get viewers realising what their missing out on with the removal of Chase, Cameron and Foreman - well done, it worked!

    The kidnapped guitar was a good ploy, but it was a distraction at best! As for the actual case. Well that was a good change from the normal episode method/device, but in the end, the show isnt about the medical solution its about House. Its about his issues. Its about his interactions and relationships. Maybe they should move the setting to something other than a hospital! Anyway, I thought it was a mildly better than average episode. Hopefully it will get back to its winning formula. Im sure it will.moreless
  • The best episode of House so far.

    When an office building collapses, House has to work fast to diagnose a young woman, Megan, who survived the disaster. Due to her injuries, Megan's only form of communication is blinking. House, without a team since Foreman and Cameron quit and he fired Chase, talks through his ideas with a janitor at the hospital. As House persists in diagnosing Megan by himself, he realizes that the case is not what it appears, and that solitude may not be the answer. I love this series more and more and I think thedirection this season is going is the right one, I loved the episode "Alone", it was a funny episode with the janitor and House loosing his guitar, I really, really cant wait to see more of this series. "Alone" gets an easy ten out of ten. Keep it up.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Trivia: In promo pictures for the show's fourth season, episode 1, it was revealed that Dr. Wilson received his undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal, QC. He also received a degree from Columbia University's School of Oncology.

    • Trivia: House is wearing a Omni Peace T-shirt. On the shirt there is the continent of Africa making the bottom half of a palm, and the rest of the fingers making the peace sign.

    • In the scene where House discovers his guitar has been taken hostage, the plug from the amp to the guitar moves mid scene. In the shot where House first walks in, the cord from the amp is plugged in closer to the middle. However, when they do a shot showing the amp to the kidnapper's note, the cord is coming from the very first plug on the left.

    • Trivia: House's guitar is a 1967 Gibson Flying V's first reissue.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Dr. Wilson: What does the diary say?
      House: It's basically a list of her sexual encounters. Boys, girls, vibrating appliances.
      Dr. Wilson: If it was, you'd be quoting, not summarizing.

    • House: Give it back.
      Dr. Wilson: What happened? Did someone... kidnap your guitar? Your twelve-thousand-dollar 1967 Flying V? Or something?
      House: Where'd you hide it?
      Dr. Wilson: I'm flattered you would consider me this bold and brilliant.
      House: Yeah, it takes a cri... (stops, seeing pieces missing from Dr. Wilson's newspaper) It takes a criminal mastermind to pull off a heist from an unlocked, unguarded room down the hall. What do you want?
      Dr. Wilson: Me? Nothing. But I'm sure the kidnapper wants what every kidnapper wants. To see you interview five to seven well-qualified fellowship candidates.
      House: I don't need a team.
      Dr. Wilson: You were bouncing ideas off a janitor.
      House: And solved the case!

    • Dr. Wilson: So all you have to do is convince this kid that his girlfriend had a secret doctor, and a secret stash, and a secret life. It's been a while since a patient took a swing at you. Can I watch?
      House: I only have to convince the mother. (thinks for a moment) Actually... I don't have to convince anyone.

    • Dr. Wilson: Where's the restaurant?
      House: What restaurant?
      Dr. Wilson: The one you said you're taking me to for lunch.
      House: Oh... ahh... (points on a house) this one's homier... dibs on a cold pizza?

    • Dr. Cuddy: You've spent the last two weeks doing absolutely nothing. Concert is over.
      House: In what twisted universe does mastering Eddie Van Halen's two-handed arpeggio technique count as absolutely nothing?
      Dr. Cuddy: Take the case or you will spend the next month helping the collapse team change bandages.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Cameron would never have accepted that this guy knew nothing about the love of his life. And as soon you claimed it was multiple conditions, Foreman would have done anything to prove you wrong. And then, Chase would have done anything to prove you right.

    • Dr. Wilson: You stole my patient.
      House: You kidnapped my guitar.
      Dr. Wilson: Give him back.
      House: Only when you give her back.
      Dr. Wilson: It's a she ?
      House: Well, it's certainly not a dude.
      Dr. Wilson: It's a guitar! You took a human being!
      House: Now who doesn't have a sense of humor?

    • Dr. Wilson: Do you know what terrorists do when you don't negotiate? They terrorize.
      House: Bring it on!

    • House: "I'm miserable around Ben." (everyone turns to face House) Not me, I like Ben. February 12th. (throws Ben Ms. Bradberry's diary) Either she's depressed or she just thinks you're a jerk. Neither suggest that you should be the one directing her medical treatment.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Twenty-six-year-old female, she was pulled out of the rubble after six hours. Two surgeries for multiple fractures and burns.
      House: I'm thinking the broken bones are a response to the building falling on her head.

    • House: Can't take the case. I don't have a team...
      Dr. Cuddy: So hire a team!
      House: What for? I don't have a case!

    • Dr. Cuddy: Have you even interviewed anybody?
      House: You test-drive a car before you buy it, you have sex before you get married... I can't hire a team based on a 10-minute interview... What if I don't like having sex with them?

    • Dr. Cuddy: Well, let's just say...your antidepressant theory does explain the fever. What about the heart? And don't say a building fell on her.
      House: Okay. (clears throat) A structure collapsed.
      Dr. Cuddy: Shut up!
      House: Come on, it fits.

    • Janitor: I should ask them for keys.
      House: No need. I'm sure we can find a large rock somewhere.
      Janitor: I'm not breaking into somebody's house. I got principles.
      House: I've got some loose change here that says you don't.
      Janitor: I'm not doing this (pause) For less than a 50.

    • Dr. Hourani: You want to look at vaginas, there are web sites for that.
      House: Do I look made of money?

    • Dr. Wilson: (over a piece of House's "kidnapped" guitar) Oh my god. This guy means business. Or guys, it could be multiple, multiple guys. Or a gal. Who knows. All I can say is, this reeks of boldness.
      House: I am not hiring a team.
      Dr. Wilson: You ever tighten a guitar string really, really slowly? Past the point it can handle the strain? It makes this weird sound. Almost like a scream. (squeaking)

    • Dr. Cuddy: You're wrong.
      House: Who are you going to believe, a classic toy, or a woman who if she had any confidence in her ideas wouldn't feel the need to distract you with a water bra?

    • Ben: You don't know?
      House: I know, just can't say. Because you'll hit me. Let's discuss this in front of witnesses.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Where did you come from?
      House: Apes, if you believe the Democrats.

    • House: Did you ever see Raid on Entebbe?
      Dr. Wilson: Yeah, in the end they released the hostages. How's that working for you?
      House: The Ugandans played fair. They didn't move the hostages on the Israelis.
      Dr. Wilson: Once again, I am in awe of the kidnapper's tactical brilliance.
      House: (switches on Dr. Wilson's TiVo) What is "El Fuego Del Amor" and why do you need ten of them?
      Dr. Wilson: It's a... it's a Telenovela. I'm learning Spanish.
      House: Well, say adios.
      Dr. Wilson: Are you erasing my Tivo? House! Not the season finale!
      House: I don't negotiate with terrorists. I smoke them out of their hidey-holes.

    • House: Sometimes I am wrong. I have a gift for observation, for reading people and situations. But sometimes I am wrong. This will be the longest job interview of your life. I will test you in ways that you will often consider unfair, demeaning, and illegal. And you will often be right. Look to your left. Now look to your right. By the end of six weeks, one of you will be gone. As will 28 more of you. Wear a cup.

    • Dr. Cuddy: How'd you know it was me?
      House: There's a scent given off by wounded, feral cats.

    • House: Your eyes are lopsided. And by eyes I mean breasts.

    • House: If you're broke I can loan you a tiny bit of the money I owe you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: October 3, 2007
      The Netherlands: February 7, 2008 on SBS6
      Italy: March 2, 2008 on Canale 5
      United Kingdom: March 20, 2008 9pm on five
      Denmark: April 5, 2008 on SBS Net
      Israel: April 6, 2008 on HOT 3/YES Stars 3
      Bulgaria: April 15, 2008 on NTV
      Slovakia: April 30, 2008 on STV 1
      The Czech Republic: September 1, 2008 on TV Nova
      Germany: August 26, 2008 on RTL
      Hungary: August 27, 2008 on TV2
      Greece: September 20, 2008 at 18.45 on Star
      Sweden: February 17, 2009 on TV4
      Poland: March 19, 2009 on TVP2

    • The janitor's comment, "Maybe it's lupus" refers to the running in-joke on the show about how lupus is always suggested but it's never lupus.

    • Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, and Jennifer Morrison are credited but don't appear.


    • House: Did you ever see Raid on Entebbe?
      Raid on Entebbe is a 1977 TV movie starring Peter Finch, Charles Bronson, Yaphet Kotto, James Woods & Robert Loggia. It is based on a real event called Operation Entebbe in which Israeli commandos went on a successful mission to release hostages kept captive in Entebbe, Uganda.

    • House: You could be practically living with Sylvia Plath.
      Referencing the depressed and suicidal poet Plath (1932-62) who documented her numerous suicide attempts, miscarriage, and drug overdoses in a diary.

    • House: Am I in a M. Night Shyamalan movie?
      Referencing the director responsible primarily for supernatural/supranatural movies such as The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, and Lady in the Water.

    • Plot
      This episode's case mirrors the real-life case of Whitney Cerak. Cerak was involved in a horrific crash and mistaken for another woman, Laura Van Ryn, who looked very similar to Cerak and was also involved in the crash. Cerak lived, but was admitted to the hospital under Van Ryn's name. Van Ryn died, and was buried under Cerak's name. When Cerak woke from her coma about a month later, the mix-up was discovered.