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  • House tries to Diagnose a patient alone, without a team. If that's not interesting enough, he even consults a janitor.

    This Has to be one of the funniest episodes ever. My family and I were laughing non-stop through the whole thing. There was some great House/Wilson friendship interaction, mixed with hilarious comedic timing. We gave it two thumbs up, and add it to our favorite episodes list. I hope this season has more episodes like this one. The storyline was cleverly plotted, well written, and well played. I loved all of the character interation, and how they decided to bring back the original Diagnostics team (Cameron, and Chase) so far. I look forward to watching this episode again in the future.
  • Brilliant Season opener!

    I thought this episode was a fantastic way to start the Season! Season 4 is often critised as "jumping the shark" but I think this was a brilliant episode, where the presense of Chase,Cameron and Foreman wasn't too missed.

    The case itself was interesting, simply because of how House dealt with it. The beginning part of the episode where he played his guitar highlighted just how witty the writing is, and he and Cuddy's dynamics were brilliant throughout.

    I thought it was hilarious the way he used the Janitor to bounce ideas off of, especially using the famous "lupus" joke.

    Wilson and House (my favourite pairing) were brilliant in this episode- I just loved Wilson stealing his guitar!

    The ending of the case was brilliant- I never saw the twist coming, but, as Cuddy pointed out, House's team would have figured it out ages ago, highlighting not only to him but us as audience members just how important they are to the show.

    To top it all, the end of the episode where a whole bunch of canditates sit in the room for House's interview was an inspired idea!

    Overall, the best Season opening of House to date- witty, dynamic, dramatic, and, as always, brilliantly written and acted.
  • House alone is kind of boring.

    The only thing that made the rating not so good in this episode is that house had no team, I thought he was going to continue all of Season 4 without a team. Without a team, it was pretty boring. Just House, Cuddy & the janitor. House is seeing illusions of his old team, well at least Wilson is making him they are illusions, turns out they work in a hospital. I like House and Cameron's talk at the end. My favorite part was the end, when it turned out they were caring for the wrong girl! That was just nuts, how could that even happen!? But seriously very slow paced. The end opens the new season, a competition, who will be House's team?
  • Cant believe the number of 10s awarded to this episode! I must have some very, very, very high standards. Or maybe others have low standard!

    No team to fence with House. Thats what this episode missed out on. So if they wanted to get viewers realising what their missing out on with the removal of Chase, Cameron and Foreman - well done, it worked!

    The kidnapped guitar was a good ploy, but it was a distraction at best! As for the actual case. Well that was a good change from the normal episode method/device, but in the end, the show isnt about the medical solution its about House. Its about his issues. Its about his interactions and relationships. Maybe they should move the setting to something other than a hospital! Anyway, I thought it was a mildly better than average episode. Hopefully it will get back to its winning formula. Im sure it will.
  • The best episode of House so far.

    When an office building collapses, House has to work fast to diagnose a young woman, Megan, who survived the disaster. Due to her injuries, Megan's only form of communication is blinking. House, without a team since Foreman and Cameron quit and he fired Chase, talks through his ideas with a janitor at the hospital. As House persists in diagnosing Megan by himself, he realizes that the case is not what it appears, and that solitude may not be the answer. I love this series more and more and I think thedirection this season is going is the right one, I loved the episode "Alone", it was a funny episode with the janitor and House loosing his guitar, I really, really cant wait to see more of this series. "Alone" gets an easy ten out of ten. Keep it up.
  • I miss the team!

    I liked this episode. For the most part. The case was really interesting. and it had a surprise twist at the end that I definitely didn't see coming. But it lacked something really important.
    Characters. There was House of course, and Cuddy and even Wilson, but a show can't get by on three main characters. I love the idea of bringing in new people but I really hate having to sacrifice Cameron and Chase and Foreman. I really hope we see just as much of them as usual, maybe a little less, but those three, especially Cameron and Chase need bigger roles. I really miss them and you can see that House does too. So please, for the love of Pete (whoever Pete is) bring back the old team. And maybe get rid of that guy with the large nose.
  • A great start to a new, but shorter, season

    OK, House is now where he is supposed to be because of his dreadful behavior: alone.

    Again, the writing was superb. Not that he would ever admit it, but House was lonely. He also loves bossing people around, having a team be subservient to him and having others do his dirty work.

    It is amazing that every episode, he is making all sorts of mistakes with his diagnoses and treating patients for something they do not have. In the end, he finds the right one and saves the day.

    As usual, the ending came out of left field. I never saw it coming. I was completely shocked. And pleased. It was great.

    The closing was with the room full of victims, I mean, new interviewees. The title of episode two should have been:
    Hell or My Version of It. Oh, how they have no idea what they are in for.
  • House is back with a brilliant episode and a chance for a excellent, interesting season. Spoliers inside...

    I missed the first two episodes when it started up again but luckily I found the DVD and I'm so happy I bought it. 'Alone' was just a brilliant opener with it's witty dialogue, interesting case and a huge twist at the end. I was disappointed at the absence of Cameron, Chase and Foreman but House was able to keep the episode going, there's no doubt in that.

    Wilson was also great throughout the episode with him 'kidnapping' Houses guitar and I've got to say I was impressed with him here as I'm usually not a fan. It was great to see House so annoyed about his missing instrument and it was hilarious when House fought back by stealing Wilson's patient.

    House using the janitor as part of his team was done really well and at times was extremely amusing. As always House and Cuddy's strange relationship made the episode even more enjoyable. The twist that the patient wasn't really who they thought she was unexpected and heartbreaking to watch.

    The end left me wanting more, he's got loads of applicants and its a contest to see who will be in his new team. Can I just say what a cool idea this was. If this is how season four will stay I'll be a happy viewer, I just hope his old team make a return!
  • House is alone.

    House is alone. He has a case, after a young woman who was injured after a office building collapses and started to have unexplained fever. House insists to diagnose the patient alone as he thinks he does not need a team. Is hiring a team very troublesome or he just like to be alone? Weird. But House is always weird, isn't he? I think this is the only episode in this series without House's team and he has to diagnose the patient ALONE. Wilson and House scene is perfect. Love to see them together (but not gay This episode, in my opinion, is one of the best episode in this series. Final diagnosis: Allergic reaction to cephalosporins in misidentified patient.
  • Nailed It!

    I really enjoy this episode. It's nice to have a break from the "Team". It was clean and fresh with only House, Cuddy & Wilson. I thought it was a lot funnier. The fact that House kind of breezed through the diagnoses without considering any of the possibilites reminded us that he does need a team to support him and challenge him in ways Cuddy and Wilson can't. I think Wilson was right when he said that he didn't want to hire a team because he didn't want to care about them. So interviewing 40ish people at once kind of fits that theory.
  • Let the Games Begin!

    When I knew Cameron, Foreman & Chase wouldnt be in this ep I was worried that House would not be the same but although I couldnt feel their presence, it was still a fantastic episode going in a different direction. The humour, the drama, the beginning which was grea! and the ending was surprising all made this episode worth watching. House then has to pick a team to replace his now absent one but out of a gazillion applicants.

    This should make some interesting viewing and of course House is going to do it House-style with all the funny bits included.
  • Finalmente voltou o seriado do médico mais querido e odiado da TV.

    Se lembram-se da season finale passada, sabem que House agora está sozinho (Hei, esse é o nome do episódio) e o que vemos neste primeiro capítulo é que ele quer continuar assim. Cuddy tenta o persuadir a procurar uma nova equipe, Wilson vai mais longe e seqüestra a guitarra do doutor, porém nada disso funciona. Teimoso como é, prefere usar o zelador do hospital para discutir o diagnóstico, do que dar o braço a torcer. Ele ganha um jaleco branco, fala com os parentes dos pacientes, mas no final falha ao não fazer o básico que se espera de um funcionário que trabalha para o House, invadir a casa do doente. Ele cobra por isso e o doutor nunca pagaria um extra para o médico fazer seu serviço.

    A abertura é extremamente bem feita, assim como a belíssima fotografia e além disso ficamos esperando para ver se tudo aquilo era real mesmo. Por tudo que já vimos dava para desconfiar, esperei que fosse tudo imaginação da garota, mas não foi, o prédio havia desabado por uma explosão. E a primeira vez em que House aparece? Se aquilo não foi maravilhoso, não sei mais o que essa palavra significa. Os Riffs de guitarra vão sendo tocados e ao mesmo tempo a Cuddy vai sendo provocada, até não agüentar mais e o fazer parar. Adorei muito esse começo.

    Sozinho, o doutor vai tentando descobrir o que há de errado com a paciente e o mais legal é que ele vai deduzindo que ela mentiu para o namorado, que escondia coisas dele e etc. Um comportamento totalmente padrão do doutor. Mas é ai que reside sua derrota, sem ninguém para contra-argumentar, suas conclusões se tornam verdades absolutas. Ele estava tratando uma garota pensando ser outra, com históricos médicos e parentes diferentes.

    Cuddy sabiamente diz que se os pupilos estivessem ali, que tudo se resolveria rapidamente, provavelmente no primeiro dia já. Sem ninguém para discutir, House foi se afogando em seu quebra-cabeça. E eu nem desconfiei de que se tratava de pacientes trocadas, pior do que o doutor que teve que admitir a necessidade de ter uma equipe, foi para o namorado e mãe da verdadeira garota, que havia morrido no dia anterior. Porém o marido que pensou ter perdido a esposa, acabou recebendo seu milagre.

    O episódio em si foi excelente, as disputas entre o Wilson e o House, o seqüestro da guitarra e a retaliação com o seqüestro do paciente com câncer entre muitas outras coisas. E ainda por cima ele me acaba com um cliffhanger, daqueles que te deixa babando até a chegada do próximo. Porque apesar de não usar muito, House com cliffhanger fica ainda melhor.
  • House tries to find out what is wrong with a women by himself.

    I thought that this was a great season premiere of House. Evan though i think that it is weird that House's team left him and he is working by himself. I thought that it was funny House got the janitor to help him figure out what was wrong with the patient. I thought that it was sad that at the end of the episode they figured out that the patient they were treating was not the person they thought that she was. It was funny that Wilson took House's guitar for ransom so he would hire a new team to help him.
  • House Alone

    House is by himself, without his abused and insulted team, all of which are credited in the beginning, but aren't in the episode. House is out of his element. Not so cocky, and bouncing ideas off Dr. Custodial Staff. But Hugh Laurie plays it brilliantly. Of course everyone wants to know if House is really feeling something. Of course he is, but the finding out is for us to watch, because we already know. The way the show is done, we know House alone. This isn't him. He's disturbed, but ever mischievous and determined find the answer to his latest puzzle despite the loss of Cameron, Foreman, and Chase.
  • Great start to the season. It wasn't one of House's best but it certainly wasn't bad at all!

    The season felt very new. The loss of half the characters (for now) plus the new sets and the filming techniques. I felt like I was watching 'The Office' at times with the camera angles. But it worked very well.

    I enjoyed the scenes with the Janitor and House, it was rather amusing and just so typically House.

    And there was fantastic interaction between House & Wilson here who still shine above any other BFF pairing on Televsion.

    Though was saddened that we got these fabulous House/Wilson scenes due to the lack of other characters and a rather uninteresting POTW case. The diagnosis really wasn't all that mindblowing and I really did not feel any sympathy and frankly were annoyed by the relatives. The boyfriend was 'meh' and the mother seemd botoxed and had too much plastic surgery to concentrate on the emotional side of things.

    Many have said that they didn't miss the ducklings one iota but I did (especially Chase). As House has said before - There is no I in Team and this is indeed the case with 'House'. Everyone has fantastic chemsitry with each other and plays their part very well - House, Wilson, Cuddy, Chase, Cameron and Foreman - each one brings it to the table. So I'm afriad how the balance will shift once they bring in the newbies. As it is we got very minor screen time for Cuddy, Wilson, Chase & Foreman in the past. Will they be relgated to background dressing now? Only time will tell but for now the season's has started well. I hope it continues and they keep the characters in check and balanced.
  • Is this what you call a Season premiere??? This episode was definitely at the bottom of the "House" barrel...because it sucked!

    What kind of season premiere was that? House bouncing ideas off a janitor? In what weird demented universe is that considered funny or entertaining? And oh please don't get me started on the janitor's poor imitation of Cameron! Oh please! It was obvious that the writers were trying to combine the beliefs of Cameron, Foreman and Chase in the janitor.......but boy oh boy did they fail, and fail miserabily at that!

    At this time, all i can hope for is that House gets back his old team and fast....or i shudder to think of what will become of him!

    Oh and one more thing, the foreplay between House and Wilson was sooooo lame! I mean come on.....Wilson kidnaps his he retaliates by kidnapping Wilson's patient?
    I can only say that i'm relieved that this is only TV, and that something so unethical and idiotic doesn't happen in real life in American Hospitals!
  • Really enjoyed it

    By far the best season opener of any show i've watched this Fall. Good writing , great characterisation, well paced and very funny with lots of great scenes between Wilson ,House and Cuddy.
    The humour in this show was excellent ,Doctor Duster was great,as was the guitar kidnapping. The sections of the show about the patient weren't as good as some, but the patient couldn't speak and House didn't have his team with him,having said this it still worked.
    The end of the show was good and i'm actually looking forward to seeing episode two( the right stuff) to see House interact with his room full of potential assistants,
  • Is there a doctor in the House?

    At the end of the last season, I was immensely annoyed by the parting of Chase, Cameron, and Foreman. I expected this to be a terrible episode. It wasn't. It was actually very good. I found myself asking "with the three ducklings gone, where will the humor be? no one for house to send sarcasm too!". Well, apparently Cuddy, Wilson, and House were enough. The scenes of humorous dispute between Wilson and House were as funny as ever. And even cuddy was able to take part in this battle ;) The case was as fun to watch as they were from season one, and the ending of the episode left me craving for more. I'm more excited about this show now than I was all last season. Congrats to House for another great installment!
  • With his team gone, House tries to diagnose a woman who survived a building collapse. With her condition getting worse, Dr. Cuddy puts pressure on House to hire a new team, but instead attempts to enlist the help of a janitor?

    House is all alone in this episode ... no one to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, and no one to be smart with. With Cuddy riding him to find a team, and Wilson "kidnapping" his guitar to make sure he follows through with it ... House accepts a patient that has been crushed in an office building collapse. Being unable to talk or move, House relies on the estranged mother, and the boyfriend for help in diagnosis ... as well as a Janitor from the hospital. After trying many treatments for many diagnosis ... House stumbles upon the conclusion that it's not the young woman that they think it is, but another crush victim. Upon discovery of this ... House changes the course of treatment, but has to tell the mother/boyfriend that they're daughter/girlfriend has already passed. This is a really touching episode, it shows that House can and does work alone, but not nearly as quickly or effectively as he does with a team. It foreshadows nicely into the up and coming episodes.
  • This is a fantastic episode and sets up the next few episodes perfectly SPOILERS

    This is a brilliant episode and shows a great beginning to season 4. The story is that a woman is badly injured in a gas main explosion in an office building. House minus his team tries to solve the case.

    Normally about 90% of the time is spent on the patient, this time about 70% is spent on House concentrating on his unusual guitarnapping case and him trying to do medicine without a team. The story is perfectly put together. The old team aren't even missed in this episode.

    I loved the case, it is one of the most interesting cases ever on House and it would be wrong to spoil it for anyone so I will not write the explanation. The other thing I liked was the introduction of a new character. A doctor in the ER was a better version of Cameron! The interactions with Dr Buffer were also brilliant and the last thing to comment on is the bizarre guitarnap. This I wasn't so happy about, it didn't seem in fitting with Wilson's character at all to break House's property.

    Also quite odd was the new editing and camera work they've adopted, I'm not sure if I'm used to it yet.

    Still, this is a great episode and is a perfect season opener.
  • Another great instalment for House. Although the new season begins, the creators behind House can still be counted on to keep everyone in character.

    Another great instalment for House. Although the new season begins, the creators behind House can still be counted on to keep everyone in character. The only thing that bugged me about this episode, was the use of unsteady cam. They'd never done it before, and it makes the show look like a one-cam show not to be taken seriously, much like Scrubs. I also love how everything was not instantly resolved, as is true for this show, and that House continues to deny his needs, and his emotions for anything, as he grows as a person. Thrilling to watch, though I do miss the original team. But if anyone's been paying attention to the promos, they'll be back.
  • Season 4 Episode 1

    As usual, this show never lets you down.
    It was actually kind of weird the ducklings weren't around, but, well, having House on his own was definitely worth it. Anyway, speaking about the team, I don't know what to think. I want the old team back because I think they were great but on the other hand I wouldn't mind a new brand team. Well, I guess we've only to wait and see what's about to happen.

    House interaction with Cuddy is just priceless, but House and Wilson's dialogues were better than ever. I mean, the whole guitar thing was so funny. And then, Wilson and his favorite soap. Yep, House knows where people can get hurt. LOL
    And what about the Janitor? Ok, Scrubs' Janitor will always be the best ever, but this one isn't that bad, actually.
    The medical case was interesting yet unpredictable. I didn't really see that solution coming and I think it was kind of heartbreaking.

    A good part was when House realizes he does need a team after all. And then there is a close-up of many soon-to-be ducklings. Kudos to the writers. Well done! :)
  • Great episode! Very funny!

    Great episode! A whole new beginning. House is now working alone. The ducklings are not there anymore. Very funny episode. The part about working alone wasn't a problem for him. He found someone to help him. A janitor! I loved the janitor's comment "Maybe, it's lupus". Well, I really missed Chase, Cameron and Foreman. It was hard not to see them around, but at same time it was curious.

    I also liked the whole guitar thing. Wilson "kidnapped" House's guitar. The dialogues House-Wilson are always great.

    The part about the patient was sad. The husband (and her mother too) thought he knew all about his wife, then he saw he was mistaken.
  • best season premiere of house so far

    This was a great all around episode. There were many hilarious aspects to it, including "Dr. Buffer", and Wilson stealing House's guitar. This was probably the greatest Wilson episode yet. He has changed from a sometimes annoying guy who complains about House all the time. That whole storyline was hilarious, especially House breaking into Wilson's house as well as stealing his patient. The medical case was well done as well. I didn't see the end coming, I was completely stunned by House's conclusion. That was the only slightly depressing part of the whole episode.This was a great return to House form, after last years disappointing season finale.
  • Fantastic!! Funny, great acting and heartbreaking.

    After the return of prison break, heroes its time for one of the best to return, and wow house didnt dissapoint. We find house not struggling without a team but actually doing nothing, just jamming on his guitar until a new paitent arrives. Its strange to think that i dont really miss the old team with house (yet their names are at the start) its freshing to see house on his own (more dr buffer please!! that had me roaring with laughter). Its great to see how house is so brilliant (by boucing ideas off of other peoples ideas) and its sad to see him struggling without any ideas. The ending to this episode with the paitent was heartbreaking, it kind of come out of nowhere and was quite unpredictable, this line between the sad moments and the funny ones make house a truely great show. The humour between house and wilson this episode was probably the best its ever been, the ransom of his guitar situation was brilliant, made me laugh every time those two where in a room together.
  • Off and Running Once Again!

    House is back, and just as much fun as ever. It's a difficult task to please viewers week in and out; this episode did that and so much more. The introduction to the season ahead sets us down an interesting path as House chooses an "abnormal" method of choosing his new team. For the sake of character development and story building, I hope they "drag out" the process of selecting his new team beyond one or two episodes. Personally, I found the story of the woman surviving the collapse to be original and fulfilling. That story only highlights the underlying plot of House and his need for a team. It's going to be another great season with House!
  • Better than how I wanted this season to start.

    After last season's dramatic exit, House is back for a whole new adventurous season, but alone. House ignores the fact that he needs a team and decides to get assistance from a janitor. Meanwhile, Cuddy and Wilson are constantly nagging House to go get a team. Wilson does go a bit overboard while trying to convince though.

    This episode's case revolves around a girl who had a building fall all over her. Her boyfriend and mother are constantly bickering over who knows her best and there is a whole lot of blame and secrets to go around for everyone. The case was overall interesting, one of the most shocking ever from the House series.

    I've grown to miss House's team, but I'm pretty sure they'll be coming back soon. I leave you with this quote from Dr. Cuddy who obviously agrees with my lust for a team.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Dr. Lisa Cuddy): Cameron would never have accepted that this guy knew nothing about the love of his life. And as soon you claimed it was multiple conditions, Foreman would have done anything to prove you wrong. And than, Chase would have done anything to prove you right.
  • Now that he has no team to work with, House is alone. When he needs to solve a case he enlists everyone's help, if they want it or not. A very special and good episode even without the normal setting.

    I think everyone remembers last years shocking season finale. The ducklings spreaded their wings and left the nest. This leaves House without a team, but that doesn't hold him back to have a little fun and annoying other people.

    After 2 weeks of doing nothing (except playing his guitar) House accepts a case from a girl (Megan) who was found under a collapsed building. He only does this to proof to Cuddy that he doesn't need a team. But solving cases alone is harder then it looks. Now that House is alone he needs to do everything by himself. But House wouldn't be House if he found a way to make his life easier. He asks everyone for help. He uses Cuddy and a nurse to replace his team, a janitor, who he names Dr. Buffer, to talk to the Megan's boyfriend and mother, Wilson to help him break into her house. At the end it turns out that the charts of 2 patients got mixed up and that Megan is actually dead.

    This episode had enough funny moments. House names the janitor Dr. Buffer and Megan's family believes this. The scenes between Wilson and House about the kidnapping of his guitar and the end scene with the 40 new candidates and the 24-like intro.

    I like this episode alott, even without Forman, Chase and Cameron. I hope they come back, but I also look forward to meet some new ducklings.
  • Such a funny episode!

    I was wondering how it would go on without House's team and I absolutely loved how they did it! Especially the way Wilson and House behaved towards each other in this episode was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing about that whole guitar kidnapping!
    Also, the case was unusual and hence perfect for this unusual episode. It was great to see Bevin again (loved her on One Tree Hill) and it was so funny how House was trying to make the janitor be his team.
    Will the doctors be back? Will House find his new team? I already love this season, it's gonna be the greatest ever if you ask me!
  • This was a great start to the fourth season

    I admit after the way season three ended I was a little worried that House would not be capable of getting through another season, but I may have been wrong. This was one of those episodes that everyone was talking about the day after which means it was obviously good. I was actually surprised that House really was bouncing ideas off of the janitor it just seemed like something House would do but also like something he wouldn't do at the same time.

    I loved the Flying V!!! That was just so awesome I still don't thing Wilson has it. I really think Wilson was covering for Cuddy because everything made it point directly to Wilson. I loved the ransom notes too they were so amusing. It was funny that House paged Wilson so they he could break into his room to get the guitar. I can't believe Wilson Tivoed a Spanish soap I loved that House threatened to delete it or whatever.

    The case House had was okay. I thought it was crazy that in the end the woman they thought they had been treating was already dead. Cuddy's memo to everyone at the hospital to not help House out was so something Cuddy would do I loved that House sent out a second memo to ignore the first one.

    This was a decent start to this season and definitely better than I thought it would be. I really can't wait to see what happens next week.
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