Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

A young chemotherapy patient, Andie, is preparing for her day, donning her wig and taking her medication, then begins to hallucinate the bathroom collapsing around her and goes into shock after breaking a mirror.

House is leaving the clinic with a cold when Wilson approaches and asks him to take on the girl's case – she's hallucinating but not from the cancer, which catches House's attention. He has his staff do a battery of cases and Chase runs the girl through the MRI. Meanwhile, House is dealing with a clinic patient who tried to do a circumcision on himself to please his girlfriend and managed to mutilate himself with a pair of box cutters. Meanwhile the test prove negative and House orders a new batch of pulmonary and lung tests. It becomes clear she's becoming infatuated with Chase and he grants her a kiss so she'll know what it feels like.

The next day they get back together and Foreman suggests they test for neural-syphilis. Chase believes she hasn't had sex and has to confess to the kiss – nobody's too thrilled by that. Cameron checks Andie for rape and she proves clean. House gets together with Wilson and tells him his suspicion that Andie has a tumor near the heart – an unrelated cancer. The only way to confirm is with surgery and Wilson isn't going for it. House uses an audio of Andie's heart valve to detect an abnormality in the mitral valve. They find the tumor in her lung along the heart wall during the surgery, and have to remove it and replace the tumorous parts with cow-heart patches. But during the surgery she starts bleeding out of one eye.

Afterward they conclude the tumor is benign and had nothing to do with the hallucination. House concludes the tumor gave off a clot which caused the eye-bleeding and the hallucinations. They go in looking for the clot but don't turn up anything and Wilson is forced to tell Andie and her mother the girl's going to die, while House looks on. Later he wonders about her lack of reaction and suspects her bravery in the face of death may be a symptom of the clot. However, they have no way to find it without an autopsy, so House suggests they shut down her heart and lower her body temperature so they can do the autopsy and locate the clot. Wilson convinces the mother to agree and then House decides to explain it to Andie, and it's clear she's aware of what is happening, and scared.

House and the staff practice on a corpse and have to get two liters of blood out without moving her enough to disrupt the procedure. They finally bolt her to the table and go ahead with the procedure. With time running out, Foreman spots the precise location of the clot, House accepts it, and they revive her. They're able to remove the clot and Andie has her year of life. Wilson notes to House that her bravery wasn't a symptom of the clot, and House "apologies." Wilson points out that she has more of a life then he does. Andie leaves the hospital as the rest of the staff line up to greet her, and even House is there and gets a hug. Later he decides to do something with his own life…and goes for a motorcycle ride.