Season 1 Episode 18

Babies & Bathwater

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a women that came in and she is pregnant and she is having serious problems and after doing some tests they think she may have to make a heartbreaking desion her baby or her life this was a really serious desion and after house bad speech on purpose volger wants to vote house out and wants people to agree with him so when he goes to vote wilson house long time friend sticks up for him so volger threats the board by taken his money out if they dont vote wilson out and so that is when cutty makes the desion to rise up against volger this was a good ep
  • The most heart moving episode i have every seen!!!! It was just so heart touching and beautiful.

    The most heart moving episode i have every seen!!!! It was just so heart touching and beautiful.
    Praying the whole time the mum and bub would be fine and when the mother dies it is just the sadest thing.
    I loved watching this episode and enjoyed it so much!! Everything about it just made it one of the best Houses i have seen!!!
    Also i loved the fact the Cuddy got rid of Vogler!!!! He is so cruel and FINALLY gone!!!!!
    Well, personally the best episode ever and i hope that they are all like this(just not as sad)
    Its great, keep up the great work!!
    luv Jayde
  • Vogler wants to get rid of House so he tries to get him fired at the board meeting

    thia was a sad and happy episode because one the mother died and two Vogler was finally gotten rid of . It was great when Dr Cuddy saved Dr House's ass and well it was just great to see Vogler go and well at least it would go back to normal.
  • One of the best episodes of the first season! I don't think you can make this one any better!

    This has to be one of the best episodes ever!

    The clinic story and the POTW were well-developed and interesting...And thank goodness the evil Voegler is no more! I couldn't stand that horrible man one second longer!

    The end sequence where "Happiness" plays, is absolutely PERFECT in every way!

    If every show on television were as good as this one, I'd never leave the house again...
  • Sad and Funny, but what isn't with this show.

    It was nice to see Vogler go, as much as he was something good to root against. The dream sequence was particularly hilarious. Like most of the later, and better, episodes, the everyplot took a backseat to the much more interesting character development. We truly got to see Wilson and Cutty's loyalties, especially Wilson. Just his utter turmoil at doing what he knows is right, even if it costs him everything he likes.. Well at least half of what he likes (his job).
  • It's just so FRUSTRATING.

    The writers could not have created a better antagonist than Vogler! His deliberate bullying of the board actually makes you belive that either Cuddy or Wilson could be permanatly gone (it could not be House, the show is named after him!).
    There were several things I enjoyed about this episode: the evilness of Vogler being one, the dream sequence with House and Vogler (I was sitting there wondering if the writers had lost their minds), and the way House delt with the husband of the pregnant wife -- he was still his gruff self but you could tell he cared. This cast's acting is always amazing!
  • Is House worth $100,000,000?

    This episode definitely isn\'t the best so far, but it gets the highest score because of two really big reasons.

    Reason #1, Vogler goes. And the way he goes, woohoo. Well, nobody seemed to give a damn about Dr. Wilson. Wilson opposes Vogler and his big plan to fire House, so Wilson gets fired. But oh no, the moment Cuddy refuses to raise her hand everybody suddenly says no to Vogler.

    Reason #2, HH. Human House. The moment House starts making Cuddy jokes, Wilson freaks out and tells House what a moron he is and how insensitive he can be, and that to House, their friendship didn\'t mean a thing.

    House tells him he did care.

    So sweet. :]
  • This was a sad but well written episode.

    Certainly one of the better, more unique episodes in season one. This seemed to be the first episode that signified that the end of the first season was drawing near. I dont quite know how it did it but i do have some guesses. Perhaps the fact that this episode was very emotional and that the team did not succeed in solving the medical mystery.

    The symptoms were not really not that interesting, except the muscle weakness, but they all seemed to be presented in a way that made them become more memorable than usual. This was a good episode to start counting down until the Final 2 episodes. It did its job well.

    Medical Problem: Unknown
    Rating: 9.4/10
  • The end of Vogler yay I hated that guy

    Okay the case was mildly interesting. The pregnant woman with Lung cancer who just wanted her baby to live and was willing to do anything for him made the story slightly entertaining.

    I liked the parents in the clinic though. The vegans were so cool. I loved how House called their daughter the incredible shrinking baby and how he defended them as idiots and not abusive like Cuddy thought.

    Vogler was an evil a** as usual and I wanted to wack him upside the head. He was really creul to want Wilson out just because he wanted House to stay when no one else did. Trying to sac Cuddy wasn't helping me like him anymore.

    It was cool how Cuddy saved the day but the episode was lacking without Cameron.
  • The end of Vogler, so maybe House IS worth €100000000.

    Cameron does not appear in this episode, and frankly, House doesn't feel the same without Cameron. We have to see those scenes with her and House, even if it is painful. I know House wants Cameron, I just think it's a shame he won't let her in... Clearly he misses Cameron. Hurray to Cuddy. She was kinda the one who sended Vogler away. Shame it didn't make House listen to ya. Maybe he's not worth it after all :P wuaha :D
  • Review

    Without a doubt one of the greatest episodes of House of all time. The intensity of the disscussion between House and Volgar really made this episode stand out I thought. House has long been recognized as a man trying to solve a bunch of puzzles, not so much caring for his patients. however, House really steps up in this episode, consulting the man trying to put him out of a job by attacking his patients. I thought that the scenes with Volgar and the board members were all pulse pounding and exciting to watch. The case in question might not have been the best, but with the way their story tied into what was going on at the hospital (Volgar pretty much killed that woman) I thought it was a great episode.
  • Good riddance!

    Finally the monster, Vogler is gone for good, but had to leave at the end, the aftermath of the last episode. A very sad episode but I would mark it conclusion cause last episode of Vogler, I love how Cuddy stood up for House, Wilson showing how much he appreciates House's friendship, Cameron gone now which makes everything solemn, Second dead patient of House, I am amazed that they could fit this plot in, Which was super sad when she dies for her baby, the husband now has to suffer being a single father, I can't believe a patient died which happens rarely. A great relieving episode.
  • House vs Vogler- The Final Round

    I am starting to give so many "10s" to House it is almost quite ridiculous! I forgot how much I enjoyed the first season until I watched it again ^^.

    The episode was full of dramatic moments. Vogler aiming to get rid of House through basically emotional blackmail of the board was thrilling to watch. It was rather fitting that even the normally comic aspect of the clinic patient was handled rather darkly because of Voglers influence. Foreman and Chase's interactions were superb, especially when they were sniping at each other before smiling as they visited the patient.

    The moments between House and Wilson were even more fantastic than usual, and we see the depth of their friendship, and how deeply House does actually care about his friend- he is just incapable of following the normal social contract.

    House and Cuddy also were good, Cuddy facing a dilemna of the "lesser of two evils". But the moment that made if for me was when Vogler and House came to a head on clash, and the interesting debates they raised about whether one patient was worth a thousand.

    You can also tell how deeply House cares about certain things in his life. His reaction to Wilsons dismissal showed the depth of his friendship to him, he showed care for his patient and her family when trying to convice the husband to save the baby, and his pained expression when Cuddy tells them they should be mourning, not celebrating, shows how much he wishes he could be less of a "pain in the arse"- although its the pain in the arse we love to watch.

    Overall, the episode was fantastic, and comes to the end of the Vogler saga. House shows the many layers of his character beneath the gruff, anti-social exterior, and the episode is quite breath taking. One of the all time greats, despite being quite darker than normal.