Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 10, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

House arrives later for a therapy session with Dr. Nolan. He explains that his leg has been hurting and Nolan wonders if it's due to stress. He asks House if he likes the painting in his waiting room, and he's feeling greater stress that is causing pain and absent-mindedness. House initially insists that it's been an ordinary week for him, but Nolan realizes there's something going on and probes for answers.

House arrives arrived at the Princeton ER and Cuddy told him that an amnesiac jogger showed up, and she continues suffering bouts of amnesia. House realizes the woman has money and that she's hungry because her metabolism is in high gear since she's a long-distance runner.

Nolan wonders why House was in the ER, and House admits that he was trying to avoid Wilson.

Wilson tells House that Sam is moving in, and he wants House to move out. House notes that Wilson is acting too quickly, and Wilson suggests that he help House find someplace to live other then his former apartment, where he abused drugs and hallucinated. House insists that he's fine.

House insists that he's fine, but Nolan points out that his best friend just threw him out. When House insists that he's fine, Nolan points out that he arrived late and took the case despite the fact it isn't his because the memory loss is probably psychological.

House reviews the case with the team and Chase suggests they search her house for indications that she got an infection from environmental factors. They have to find her home first, and House suggests they track the serial number on her heart monitor. He then decides to take Mrs. X there to stimulate her memory.

Nolan figures that House wanted to go with the patient so he could avoid going home. House tells him that he had already gone to his home after leaving Wilson's.

House goes to his old apartment and discovers that his former roommate, Alvie, has snuck in to avoid Immigration. He's taken over the place, organizing House's stuff, making dinner, and painting the walls. When House realizes that his furniture has disappeared, Alvie explains that he sold his furniture to pay for the paint. House orders him out.

Nolan wonders if House was taking his frustrations out on Alvie, but then stayed with Alvie. He figures that House used Alvie as a distraction, and wants to know what House was distracting himself from.

House and Alvie take Mrs. X to the town and try to trigger her memories. She worries that she may never regain her memories, while Alvie talks about how he's going to be deported because he can't prove his citizenship. He was ordered to a special hearing, but avoided it because he couldn't prove his Puerto Rican mother was his mother. Alvie spots a doughnut store and House gets an idea. He takes Mrs. X to the shop, figuring she stopped there when she was jogging. The cashier says that the woman's husband left a card, and they track the address to a man, Jay. He greets Mrs. X as Sidney and wonders where she's been.

Jay explains that the police wouldn't list Sidney as a missing person yet, and says that he was calling hospitals on his own. He had dismissed Princeton-Plainsboro because it was too far away, and Sidney asks what she does. Jay explains that she runs because of the stress of her job as a lawyer, but she insists that it doesn't sound like her.

House admits that it was odd that Sidney was more comfortable with him then Jay, and Nolan wonders if he liked the artificial intimacy.

Sidney can't believe that she's been married to Jay for four years, and is thrilled to see that she used to surf. Jay explains that she was working a case of methane contamination in substandard housing. As they get her outside, she collapses and complains of numbness of the feet and urinary problems. House concludes she's having complex partial seizures.

Nolan wonders if House is diagnosing based on his personal issues. House insists his past has nothing to do with it, and that he was trying to recover his past.

House and Alvie go to the pawnshop where Alvie pawned House's belongings. House realizes that one book, Approach to the Acute Abdomen, has been sold. He buys back the rest of his stuff from the shop owner at five times the value.

Nolan wonders why House was so desperate to get his stuff back. House slips and says he doesn't like Wilson moving his stuff, and then snaps out that it isn't about Wilson. Nolan just chuckles and continues.

House and Alvie are playing indoor football when Wilson shows up, and then they skip to afterward.

Nolan wonders why House isn't telling him what Wilson says, but House insists that Wilson just came by to check on him and it was very boring.

Alvie drops the cross that belonged to his mother. House tells Alvie that he set up an immigration hearing, but Alvie refused to participate.

Nolan notes that House cared enough to schedule a hearing, but House insists that he only cared for a few seconds and then got distracted.

Taub calls House and tells him that they've kept Sidney up for twelve hours but haven't introduced stress seizures. House suggests strobe lights. Meanwhile, Sidney is wondering why she and Jay never did anything relaxing.

House explains that Sidney became serious and went into law when her brother died in a car accident. Nolan suggests that once the thing that caused Sidney's change disappeared, the change itself disappeared. House figures that Sidney is at an earlier stage of her development, and is seeing her future self. Nolan suggests that Jay and Sidney aren't in sync, because Sidney resents Jay's attempts at intimacy.

Sidney has breathing problems and they run a MRI scan to check her brain.

Nolan wonders what House's diagnosis has to do with his condition. House insists that it's important, but Nolan figures he's avoiding his past and wants him to talk about himself, not the case. House insists the case means nothing, but Nolan doesn't believe it. He says there's no reason to listen to it and starts reading. As House gets up, Nolan notices a bruise on his arm. He asks if House remembers falling, and House admits that he was drunk. Nolan notes that it looks like a boot, and House admits that he said something that someone objected to, and someone kicked him when he was down. His psychiatrist notes that he got drunk enough to get into a bar fight, and wonders if House did it deliberately. He figures that House deliberately sought out someone to beat on him, and that his patient is punishing himself. Nolan asks what House screwed up. House has no idea, and admits he might have a problem. Nolan returns to the topic of Wilson.

House recruits Wilson to get the address of the book's buyer from the pawnshop owner. As they go, Wilson suggests that maybe he was hasty, and that he should keep House at the condo to be under observation. House blames him for being wishy-washy.

Nolan wonders why House was so hard on Wilson for being conciliatory, and House figures that Cuddy put his friend up to it. Nolan suggests that it might have been Sam who convinced him to let House stay, but House convinces him otherwise. Then he figures that Cuddy put Wilson up to it, and she kept checking on him because she supposedly wanted to keep Sidney, a high-priced lawyer, happy. House figures that Cuddy complained to Wilson about him kicking House out, and that neither one of them trusted him.

Nolan suggests an alternate theory, where Wilson thought he needed to protect House, and Cuddy figured he was being overprotective. House objects and invokes Taub coming in to interrupt Nolan's imaginary scenario. Nolan insists that his speculation is just as good as House's, and that Wilson had faith that House could survive being on his own. The psychiatrist then asks why House and Wilson are friends, and if House thinks Wilson is the best he can do. House rushes to Wilson's defense and Nolan points out the contradiction, and asks what he thinks of Wilson. House admits that he can say what he wants around Wilson and he won't leave, but Nolan notes that Wilson is leaving, at least temporarily. House figures that Wilson will eventually get divorced and invite him back to the condo. Nolan backs off and suggests that it's about something other than Wilson. He asks what else House would want to punish himself about, but House still doesn't know. Nolan asks if House has gotten anyone else angry with him.

Sidney agrees to House's surgery suggestion, but Jay refuses. House warns him that prion infection will destroy her brain if they don't operate, but Jay insists on speaking for the wife that he knew for four years. House checks the heart scan and realizes that the infection has spread to the brain stem, and surgery is no longer an option. House puts her on chemo therapy to give her a couple of weeks so she can hopefully recover her memories back before she dies.

Nolan notes that he was being harsh, and House admits that Jay was being an idiot. He feels that Jay wanted to let his wife die rather than lose her memories. Nolan asks who else he made mad.

House negotiates with the man who bought the book, a rare surgical text, but the man refuses to sell it. He's distracting the man so that Alvie can break in and steal the book when he's not looking. Back at the hospital, Taub explains that whatever Sidney has is attacking not just her brain but her whole body. Two Immigration agents arrive to deport Alvie, who realizes that House called them when he missed his hearing.

House goes to the hearing while the team keeps him updated via cell phone on Sidney's deteriorating condition. While he concludes that Sidney has TB and proscribes treatment of IV antibiotics and UV radiation exposure, Alvie swears that he hates House. The bailiff finally tells House to put the cell phone away, but he first warns the team that they may all be exposed to TB. Alvie's case begins and House introduces himself as Alvie's doctor. He provides DNA evidence taken from Alvie's cross proves his parentage, confirming who his mother was. As they leave, Alvie realizes that House lied.

As House returns to the hospital, the team takes Sidney to surgery as she crashes. House notices a tattoo on her ankle, a surfing name, revealed by the UV lighting. She tried to have it removed, but they only took off the top layer, leaving the ink imbedded. When she went running, it triggered an allergic reaction when her immune system changed. A full-skin graft removed the ink and cured her.

Nolan points out that Sidney's past caused her illness, just like House thought. However, she didn't recover her memory.

Jay ends up treating Sidney as if they just met, courting him for the first time.

Nolan wonders why Jay changed his approach, and realizes that House gave him the advice. Because of that, House is thinking about relationships and how he lost Wilson but gained Alvie. House says not quite.

House returns to his apartment and finds a note from Alvie. It says that Alvie was grateful but he's moving to Arizona to be with his cousin now that he doesn't have to worry about Immigration.

House admits he didn't think Alvie was going to stay forever, and Nolan asks what happened next.

House starts drinking and then leaves for the bar to get into a fight.

That's the last thing House remembers. Nolan figures he picked a fight because of something about relationships, and notes that Sam and Wilson have a relationship. House admits that everyone is happy, and everyone is moving in together, even Cuddy and Lucas. Nolan notes that House hasn't mentioned Cuddy and Lucas before, and realizes that the book House was buying belonged to Cuddy's great-grandfather. He wanted to get it for Cuddy and Lucas' housewarming, but Nolan figures it's significant that he didn't mention it. Jay was losing the woman he loved, just like House was. House insists they're not related and tells Nolan that he originally said he wanted to be happy. For the last year he's done everything Nolan has asked, and everyone is happy except for him. He accuses Nolan of taking advantage of people who want to believe, and says that whatever the answer is, the psychiatrist doesn't have it.
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