Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 10, 2010 on FOX

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  • As House himself said "It's crap!"

    In this episode of House, the following happens. This episode of House was a real disappointment and was completely different from most of the other episodes. I have watched House since it started, and I have to admit that after 10 minutes I wanted to turn this episode off, but I stuck with it.
    The episode mostly focuses on House in therapy. The only interesting part was when House asked the therapist when was he going to be happy. And apart from that, for me, this episode was a massive failure and a waste of time. Knowing that next week's finale episode is suppose to be EPIC, will keep be tuned in, at least for now.
  • Just didn't find it interesting

    This was a painful one to watch, not due to angst but due to it being so dull. It was clever how they interwove the doctor's room with the action, but the story was so plodding. Hope it improves for next week as my wife walked out this time and is ready to quit. Did it really take a PhD to work out who House loves? No, of course not. And the amnesia plot was pointless and pushed too far to the background for me to care. Hope the series ends up on a high, and can't wait for Season 7.
  • One of the best if not the best episode in a long time

    It was good to see Dr. Nolan again. I was wondering if House was still going to see him.

    Why was House entering the hospital through the ER?

    It makes sense that Wilson would want House to move out. I don't understand why House was still living with Wilson in the first place. Nolan wanted him to live with someone right after he got out so he didn't relapse. It has been awhile since then.

    How did Alvie know where House lived? He was pretty funny trying to help House with the case though.

    I'm not sure if I agree with Taub from last episode that House was trying to help his marriage. I feel like he was just trying to mess with Taub. However, this week House showed that he can help people. He helped the husband save his marriage by telling him to go back to courting his wife. Then he helped Alvie by setting up the trial and faking the test results.

    I find it hard to believe that Alvie would just leave a note for House without actually saying good bye. He really liked House.

    I had been waiting for a therapy session since Broken. They kind of glossed over everything during that episode and it was good to see Nolan delve into House's mind. I did disagree with Nolan about House using diagnoses based on his personal life that the past is bad. House uses the symptoms to come up with a diagnosis, not his personal life.

    I hated how Nolan came to the conclusion that Cuddy was the reason for House's recent problems. Lucas and Cuddy were thinking about moving in together way back when Cuddy was going to buy the loft but Wilson bought it out from under her. I am actually surprised they haven't moved in together since then because it has been months. I hardly see that causing all of House's problems. He had to know it was going to happen eventually considering it almost happened months earlier. I could understand House's problems being caused by the fact everyone was moving on and being happy- Lucas/Cuddy, Wilson/Sam, and even Alvie. However, to put it all on Cuddy is ridiculous. Huddy hadn't been mentioned much this whole season (which was great) but now the last two episodes it has been mentioned. The way it is looking, I wouldn't be surprised if Cuddy ends up dumping Lucas next episode to be with House and I am going to hate it.

    It will be interesting to see if House moves back in with Wilson or if he stays in his apartment.

    I guess the writers remembered how successful Three Stories was and tried to replicate it. It definitely was one of the best if not the best episode this season. I just wouldn't put it up there with Three Stories or some of the other best episodes. I think the reason it is rated so high is because we haven't had many good episodes and this episode comes and it is so much better than all the others and people forget how good some of the episodes in the first 3 seasons were.
  • Maybe one of my favorites from the entire series

    I really liked this episode. After not having seen about half of the season because I thought the episodes I had been seeing were kinda "meh", this was definitely a good episode I thought, and I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen throughout the whole time. I also really liked the way it ended with House getting mad at Nolan. I wonder if Nolan will return in the next episode or even during the next season. I also liked the return of Alfie, but I liked him better in Broken. Overall grade- A+
  • Very interesting buildup of episode

    Ok. This episode had quite interesting build up. I mean, the whole therapy thing. House sitting and talking his week and that doctor trying to figure out why he is telling those things and the way they build the scenes - using "chars" as "puppets" and flipping and re-winding story if needed. That was probably the best part of this episode. Artisticly I liked it.

    The story was another matter. I did not liked it. It did not had any deeper meaning and it did not lead us nowhere. We learned nothing new. That Puerto Rico guy was great but he left.. just episodic visit, so nothing really important there too.

    The case was just a backstory and the whole "week" thing felt like a backstory. So the question remains: what was the point? I did not get it.
  • Didn't like this

    The season premiere of this show which featured House in a mental institution trying to get his life together was loved by many (myself included) and panned by others. There was no middle ground.

    I am assuming that the same is true here with this episode as House returned to therapy and the same process that helped him help his life. He watched his life take place before his eyes and recounted on his mistakes and the mistakes of others.

    While I usually like special episodes like this, I do not think the timing was right. I was hoping for just a regular episode of House tonight, but they tried to do too much here. House is in a bit of a slump right now and to me the reason behind that is because they are having too many serious episodes. Loosen things up, let House joke around and the show will return to top form again.
  • "Baggage" - A prime example of why I love this show.

    This episode had it all: the medical mystery, the thought-provoking social interactions, and the bit of the show that makes it what it is, the insight into the troubled mind of Gregory House, M.D.

    Apart from the obvious reasons as to why one might enjoy this show, such as the aforementioned, tonight we got to see a nice bit of camera work and lighting. The production value of this show is absolutely top notch. The way it is presented is purely entertaining, and is always keeping the viewer thinking. From overlapping imaginary conversations to the dark, dreary room in the therapist's office, the set is what really set the mood for this episode of "House".

    We've seen House make some amazing progress as a person throughout this season. We've seen him transform from the totally selfish, drug-abusive jackass that he was into the not-so-totally selfish jackass that we saw in tonight's episode. The way he got Alvy off the hook with the immigration problem, to the way he helped the patient's husband repair his relationship, we see that House is becoming more of a caring human being, no matter how much he may not want to admit it.

    I can't wait to see how the season ends.
  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    Wow, I was blown away by this episode. This season has been a roller coaster ride, but I gotta say: This episode stood out from all the rest. Alvie returns from the first episode of the season, it seems like things have come to a full circle as the season begins to close. The format of this episode is House seeing his psychiatrist who he's seen for the past year. And the psychiatrist is basically trying to find out what's wrong with him. We find out that Wilson kicked House out so Sam & him can live together. You think that's the problem, but then it diverts back and forth from the patient, Alvie, and Wilson & Sam. In the end, the key is relationships. Which of course had to do with Cuddy. We get to see another side of House, a side that we rarely see. A side that cares. He helps Alvie get his citizenship back, by calling the hearing to prove he is from Puerto Rico. He is with the patient throughout the whole episode, helping her. He tries to get his stuff back that Alvie sold. One of the things that Alvie sold that House desperately needed was a book that Cuddy's great grandfather wrote, he wanted to give it to her as a present. Alvie leaves in the end of the episode to Arizona to move in with his cousin. I love House's epiphany at the end. Everyone's moving in together and he's still at square one, and he's still drinking alcohol to face his problems. So by the end, we get some part of the gist on what's bothering House, but he says that his psychiatrist isn't helping him. So he walks out and the episode ends. This episode was utter perfection: The editing, the lighting, the case, the relationships, the format. Everything made this episode fantastic. I am impressed by this episode, probably one of the best of the season, and maybe on of the best of the series right up there with "Three Stories" and "House's Head." Amazing episode that got me hyped for the finale. Wow. Good job House!
  • Wonderful, my favorite hour of House yet!

    This was one of the most beautiful episodes I have seen. It had everything. The suspenseful medical mystery, the ongoing dialogue and story, the beautifully shot scenes.. everything. The use of the flashbacks was incredibly well integrated, and seemed to work so perfectly to get the point across. And besides that, we learned a lot about House tonight. The question was finally asked, "Why is Wilson your friend?" This is a question most of us watchers have probably wondered at some time or another. Although House didn't give a straight answer (as he never does), I felt like a part of the character was made a little more complete. We've seen house come full circle through this season, but that may be over now, as the ending suggests he won't be visiting his therapist anymore. Who knows? I can't wait to see the next episode!
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