Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

At a Buddhist temple in China, a woman, Nicole, and her translator approach a couple trying to obtain some birth information about her. They say they have no daughter. With no other choice, Nicole makes a wish which involves lifting a Buddha, making a wish, then trying to lift it again. If the wisher can't lift it the second time, the wish will come true. Nicole can't lift the Buddha the second time… and collapses, vomiting blood.

House arrives for differential after Nicole is brought to the hospital, and is going over information on his co-workers when he's informed that his mother called, twice. House already knows she's calling about the fact his father died but says he's fine and starts on the case. Taub suggests that House call but House has deduced that he told his wife about his affair. House finally checks in with the patient, and her adopted parents come in. They've brought Nicole's medications and are concerned about the fact she's still drinking heavily. As House goes through the medications, he discovers licorice root and concludes that the Chinese doctors were treating her for SARS, which accounts for all of Nicole's symptoms.

Cuddy comes in to House's office to offer her condolences and administer IG shots for everyone who came in contact with Nicole. She already has a flight scheduled for House, and informs him his mother wants him to give a eulogy.

Nicole's birth parents have brought her adopted brother and sister there and Kutner treats her while treating her for SARS. She wonders if House is okay from being in contact with her… and in his office, he collapses. Meanwhile, Nicole crashes and Kutner realizes her liver's failing and it's not SARS.

House wakes up to discover he's in a car… with Wilson driving. House realizes that Wilson drugged him after House's mother called him, not Cuddy. Wilson claims he's not doing it because he cares, and keeps House down to one Vicodin, enough to keep him on a leash. House gets a call from the team and Wilson reluctantly lets him take it. Nicole had a clot in the hepatic vein and they sucked it out. Thirteen insists that Nicole is a smoker and drinker, which combined with a genetic defect would account for the clots.

Kutner goes to treat Nicole, only to find that she's gone. Meanwhile, House needs to pee and Wilson offers him a bottle. House calls his bluff and Wilson pulls over to a rest stop, but refuses to give him his cane. House starts to reminisce about the summer his father refused to talk to him, but refuses to lie to his mother by going to the funeral. House asks for his cane in return for the funeral and Wilson agrees. House promptly smacks his hand, knocking the keys into the sewer.

Kutner finds Nicole outside smoking. She asks for five minutes alone but he declines and starts taking blood. Nicole admits that she feels isolated by being adopted by a white family, and Kutner notes he was as well. As he starts taking blood, she starts bleeding uncontrollably and he gets her back inside.

Stuck at a rest stop, House talks more about his abrasive father while Wilson gets the keys out of the sewer. Wilson isn't interested in hearing about it or providing any support or enabling. Meanwhile, Cameron is picking out a bouquet to send on House's behalf, and Foreman suspects Nicole has a tumor. Chase doesn't believe that House is okay with his father's death.

On the road, Wilson also believes that House has feelings, until House claims he was adopted. He lays out all the deductions he made to conclude that his father isn't his birth father, but Wilson assumes he's deflecting again. When he spots a cop car up ahead, House jams his cane onto the accelerator and they get pulled over.

Taub and Kutner run a CT scan on Nicole and discuss Nicole's adoption. Taub figures that Kutner likes her, but they spot something unusual on the scan. Meanwhile, Wilson lied to the police about the fact House got him pulled over. The team calls House and reveals they've found a mass on the pancreas. The officer orders Wilson out of the car and handcuffs him, then orders House out as well, interrupting his attempts to differential by making a metaphor about steamrollers. They reveal there's a warrant in Louisiana for Wilson's arrest.

The team tries to decipher House's steamroller metaphor, and Taub tries to get back to House or Wilson. House and Wilson are at the station and the police refuse to let him take his call. Wilson accuses House of not taking care of the charges of assault and vandalism at a medical convention in New Orleans. When Wilson mentions House is trying to avoid the funeral, Sheriff Costello takes an interest.

Foreman meets with Cameron and Chase to try and decipher House's reaction to the information on the pancreas. They conclude she has gallstones… at the same time that the rest of the team figures out House's metaphor indicated gallstones.

Wilson explains how he got into a fight over a jukebox song and after Wilson broke a bottle, House bailed him out so he'd have someone to talk to. Costello releases them, much to House's dismay, and tells House to go pay his respects to his dead father.

Chase prepares to remove the gallstones but discovers that Nicole's urine is brown: her kidneys are failing and it's not gallstones.

Back on the road, House contacts his team and informs them he didn't mean gallstones. He explains it's a multiple cysts connected to all the related organs. Thirteen suggests injecting bubbles into the cyst to see where they go. Wilson finds the funeral home. Meanwhile, Nicole starts to go through the DTs.

Blythe House greets her son and asks him to do the eulogy for her: her husband's dead and there's nothing more for House to be angry at. Wilson is skeptical. Meanwhile, Kutner explains to Nicole's adopted parents that they'll need to paralyze Nicole, which will also get her through the DTs. Nicole's parents say they've supported her all along and Nicole admits she's given up on trying to get over her addictions, but Kutner says they need to worry about making her well first.

House still refuses to give the eulogy or acknowledge he has any issues. House spots the man that he believes is his birth father, and admits to Wilson that he informed his father about his deductions, which is why he didn't' speak to House for a summer. Blythe addresses the mourners and asks House to come up. After a few seconds, House finally gets up and says a moving eulogy… and takes a skin sample. Wilson has a whispered conversation to tell him to stop, but House refuses to give in. Wilson pulls him into the next room and House points out that Wilson enjoys it. He notes that Wilson isn't ready for the worse, which is why Amber's death hit him so hard and made him angry. He accuses Wilson of being afraid that he'll lose House, and Wilson finally gets mad enough to break a bottle… again.

Later, House and Wilson go to a diner and House explains that he saw Wilson carrying a package at the medical conference: a package containing his first wife's divorce paper. House calls the team, who has discovered that Nicole has an advanced dilated cardiomyopathy. There's a mass in the left atrium but they can't confirm because the image is grainy. House concludes that it's iron overload, and the iron is causing the grainy image. He tells them to do a MRI to confirm and then asks them for a phone number.

House calls Nicole's translator in China and gets a description of the birth parents. The translator says that he doesn't believe the couple was Nicole's birth parents because of their reaction: the mother was frightened. House goes over the issue with Wilson, who realizes Nicole was born in 1983 but China introduced the one-child policy in 1979. They wanted a son and had a daughter instead. The parents tried to kill her and the father took Nicole to an orphanage without telling his wife. They conclude she was given something toxic that was fat-voluble.

House gets back to the hospital where it turns out the team didn't go through with the MRI because Nicole started vomiting. He notes that her attempt to lift the Buddha brought on her illness. He orders them to stop the MRI and then uses an x-ray to determine there are pins in Nicole, from her birth father's attempt to kill her. The monks at the temple have the Buddha statue rigged with a magnet to keep people from lifting it a second time. The magnet moved the pins in her brain and triggered her symptoms. Once they remove the pins, Nicole will be fine. Kutner tells her adopted parents and they ask him not to tell Kutner that her biological parents wanted her dead. Kutner reveals that the pins have been pressing on her addiction symptoms, causing her smoking and drinking over the years.

Wilson goes to see House in his office and finds him drinking. He shows Wilson the genetic tests: John House wasn't his birth father. House admits he's depressed that it doesn't make any difference to him, and Wilson wonders if anybody gets to choose anyone, as their parents… or as their friends. Wilson says he's coming back because House is right: he likes being around House, and their trip was the most fun he's had since Amber died. They head out to grab something to eat… and House acknowledges that his dad's dead.