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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on FOX

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  • Funny!!!!!!!

    I thought that this ep was going to be Ok like some of the others but when I watched it I was laughing my ass off. My favorite part was when they were at the rest stop and and House pissed off Wilson by making him drop his car keys in the drain. Another was when they got pulled over and House was blaming it on Wilson and he got arrested but then the cop arrested House too and the part where they were at the station and you could hear Mmmbop (House's ringtone) in the background and he told the cop dude that it was the people at the hospital and that someone was going to die.
  • Friends will always be friends

    At the beginning of the episode we see a chinese lady in a chinese temple trying to convince her biological parents that she is their biological daughter, but her biological father goes berserk and relucts to admit that. Here's one thing: If she is in China they should be speaking Chinese, not Cantonese. Unless they are in Hong Kong, but I'm pretty sure she said she is in China.

    Another thing that bugs me: why is she being treated for SARS? Patients with SARS develop severe lung problems and high fever. She only has a cough and abdominal pain. I'm not a medical student so I don't know if this is a medical error.

    Besides that, everything is great. I like everything from the scene where Cuddy drugs House till the end of the episode. My favourite episode so far.

    Final diagnosis: Metal pins in brain displaced by magnet.
  • 504

    Well a lot of things were revealed concerning the House & Wilson friendship, we learn how they met, and other past occurrences. It sort of annoyed me how House was completely messed up to Wilson on the way to the funeral though. Both of them getting arrested was funny. The funeral was epic in my opinion. Sort of reenacts the time they met which brings them closer together again. And in the end House finally acknowledges that his father had died. Case was pretty interesting, was sort of focused on the other plot, but the pins in the brain was a good ending. Tied all loose ends as usual.
  • YAY, House & Wilson :)

    My favorite episode of Season 5, thus far. House and Wilson, such an interesting and intricate friendship. Honestly, these two make me laugh and they give the show some (if not alot) of its depth!

    So tearface :'( for House's pa's death. I have great respect for R. Lee Ermey and im glad he acted out his part till the end.

    Now back to House + Wilson, these two are awsome! You can see in Wilsons face that he isnt to happy-chappy about being around House again, but makes a sacrifice for House's mother. LOL the part where House knocks the keys outta Wilson's hand and dunks his flashlight into the drain, if that was me in real life, i woulda socked the hell outta House cos damit that is just SO annoying, even to have watched it :)

    But hey, overall it was good to see them become friends. It was a well acted and delicious episode :)
  • The House and Wilson story...

    I thought this episode continued a good start to Season 5- it was brilliant- not only did we finally get to delve into Kutners personal history but we see House and Wilson get back together, and also the story behind them.

    House's father dies, and Wilson drives them to the funeral, embarking on an interesting little road trip. I loved the antics they got up to, and House pushing Wilson until he finally admits hes scared of losing him. I think the writers decided to get back Wilson early because of the negative reaction to the P.I- which is a shame, cause I did like him!

    Meanwhile, the patient case was interesting and highlighting of the problem in China- it also showed Kutner bonding with a patient, and how much the new team have evolved- they got the same diagnosis as the old team in the same amount of time!

    Overall, the best episode so far of an already brilliant Season!
  • House's father dies and House and Wilson are reunited in this sweet episode.

    I have always loved episodes in which you learn more about the main characters and their pasts. So this episode was a special treat for me. Not only did I get to learn more about House and his relationship with his father I also learned how House and Wilson met. Despite the darker themes covered about the parent/child relationships, the episode came off as light and fun. House and Wilson together is always a fun combination to watch. It was also fun to watch the old team working together again. I loved the comparisons between Kutner and the POTW as well as the parallels between House and the POTW.

    The episode as a whole is very enjoyable and well written. The story flowed smoothly. Stories like this one is why I watch this show.
  • House goes to his fathers funeral

    In this episode of House, the following happens. A young woman collapses and has blood coming out of her mouth. She returns home to the United States after surgery, but is still unwell, and so House and the team take on the case. We soon learn from the parents that she has a problem with alcohol. Also in this episode we learn that House's father has died. Since House isn't answering his mothers phone calls she phones Cuddy instead, to tell her about the funeral, which is the following day. SARS is what the team believe that the young girl has. Soon House is also experiencing symptoms. But with House is turns out that he has been drugged and has woken up in a car with Wilson, who is taking him to his father's funeral. The team soon learn that the young girl, Nicole does not have SARS. On the way to the airport, House and Wilson get pulled over and we learn that there is a warrant out for Wilson's arrest. We learn in this episode that House and Wilson met when House bailed Wilson out of prison. Wilson and House get out of prison and make it to the funeral. Wilson and House soon believe that her biological parents tried to kill her when she was a baby, with a toxic, which may be the reason why she is getting ill now. But they son realise thanks to an x-ray that she has metal pins in her brain, which have been making her ill. House runs a DNA test on himself and his father and it proves what he has known since he was 12 years old, his father was not his biological father. At the end of the episode Wilson announces to House that he is coming back, to work at the hospital.
  • House juggles perfectly between Wilson's situation, Chinese girl differential and his father's death with effortlessness charm.

    This episode has a double drama plot…the first between the doctors and the differential with the Chinese girl in the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital that works from time to time and the second regarding House and Wilson's relationship that was pure gold; we get to understand a little bit of House through Wilson's eyes but more importantly Wilson's has to admit that House is by far the best thing that's going on in his life… the P.I. (Lucas) that was brought the first couple of episodes was ok and added new twist to and already convoluted storyline but once you put those two in the car together magic arises and you are back in episode 1 (pilot) were it all begins.

    Clever plot, nice editing and wonderfully crafted dialogues between complicated characters working out grown up issues like friendship and death.
  • What a way to draw in the audience. Funny, interesting, and much more.

    You want to have the audience on the edge of thier seats for the entire episode? Well have Wilson which is not House's friend anymore, go on a road trip to a funeral. At the end Wilson had some much fun on the trip, he decides to come back to work at the hospital and be houses friend again. Awsome! This episode is a classic and will probably go down as one of the favorites of all time. House is not House without Wilson and the director/writers played this card perfectly. I still like that other PI guy that house was hanging out with though. He was pretty cool too.
  • Very funny

    We learned that House and Wilson met at a bar. Wilson was drunk and chucked a bear bottle at a ten foot antique mirror and smashed it. Later on, House bailed Wilson out of jail and they have been friends ever since.

    After receiving word that his father has passed away, House is coerced into attending the funeral; the team tries to diagnose the illness of a woman who was in China searching for her birth mother. * When Wilson finds out he has not been replaced yet and he decides he is coming back to the hospital. * At the end of the episode, when House says, "Wilson, my dad's dead." And Wilson replies, "Yup."
  • While en route to his father's funeral, House must help the team with a differential diagnosis on a young Chinese girl who has collapsed under mysterious circumstances.

    This one definately ranks as one of my all time favorite episodes. Definately the best one this season.

    I loved the House-Wilson dynamics during the episode. House is at his rascally best and i'm glad Wilson finally got his act together.

    The scene in the Police station was especially revealing. (Not to mention the whole sequence was hilarious) It was great to find out how and when House and Wilson became friends. I was always under the impression that House and Wilson met at PPTH.

    House's eulogy for his father was a great scene. So very House. I thought for a moment that he'd say something nice to please his mother but I'm glad I was wrong. I was kinda stunned with the DNA test results. I thought House might be proved wrong at the end. This just opens a whole new can of worms doesn't it?

    The House-Wilson confrontation scene was brilliant. House said some very true things and i'm glad he pushed Wilson that far. The differential in the diner afterwards was the icing on the cake.

    I also was very amused by the Old Team and the New Team coming up with the same theory at about the same time. (Also that both parties were wrong)

    I wonder if this will make Cameron and Chase want to come back to work for House.

    Cuddy was so sneaky with the injection. I loved it. She and Wilson are amongst the few that can con House so well.

    Btw... what ever happened to the PI? He just disappeared this episode.
  • He gets me every time. We all know House isn't above faking emotions at his own fathers funeral to get DNA to prove he isn't his biological father but he fooled me, but beyond that great episode.

    Great episode. For starters Wilson and House mended their broken friendship a lot sooner then I expected them too (I love them so much). I realize of course that a lot of what happened between them was because of Wilson's grief and despite everything they are friends but I wasn't quite expecting it though perhaps I should have been given the premise of the episode.

    House's dad dies, House is fine. He's not really deflecting he's just fine, not that I expected any less. All through out the episode as he and Wilson make their way to the funeral, with a little help from Cuddy, Wilson and House engage in their patented banter. They have fun, they fight, House is a jerk and Wilson cares despite himself. They actually make it to the funeral, which I wouldn't have put money on especially considering they hit an important snag. One that House didn't actually cause, intentionally anyway. An old arrest warrant for Wilson, which wouldn't normally be relevant but it gives of the story of how House and Wilson met.

    After House makes a fake scene, which even fooled me, and snag some DNA from his dad he and Wilson finally hash it out and get to the core of what has been happening between them. Wilson smashes a window, they diagnose a patient and some how or another without even really trying get back to where they were last season. I must admit I was grinning during their last scene when they officially become friends. I especially liked that they worked in a lot of House and Wilson's past. One being that the story of how they met had a little more detail then we first heard, how much insight House really has when it comes to Wilson and his character, and the fact that House's dad isn't House's dad. Still it's good to know he still feels his death though, feels it in the way that he can and more importantly opens up to Wilson about it even if it's only for a moment. It's always good to know House does feel and Wilson needed to be reminded of that, which is why the scenario of House's dad dying was a perfect fit for reuniting their friendship. This episode perfectly captured them as best friends.
  • Great episode. 'Nuff said.

    First off, I'd just like to say: AWESOME EPISODE! Seriously. It was great. So many parts of it made it the way that it is:

    - Cuddy drugging House and then him waking up in Wilson's car made me laugh for about two minutes straight. (As did when it showed what House's ringtone on his cell phone was.) Although it made me wonder how they even got him in the car in the first place. Guess we'll never know... - I really loved how, back at the hospital, it showed the new ducklings (Taub, Kutner and Thirteen), meshing together with the old ones (Cameron, Chase and Foreman). It was good to know that the writers hadn't abandoned the old team completely. - The part with Wilson and House getting arrested seemed to be quite important to me, for it finally gave some sort of explanation as to how they met; to be honest, before then, I had never really thought much of their backstory. It also showed a different side to the Wilson that we all know and love. The wreckless side, that would remind someone more of House.

    - It also surprised me when House accused Wilson of being afraid of losing him. That wasn't at all what I expected. As soon as he said it, however, it all clicked for me: He'd seen him do REALLY bad things in the past; why would he pick then to snap? - House admitting that he knew at the age of 12 that his father was a fake was surprising to me. It showed that even as a child, he was observant. And the fact that the dead man WASN'T his father I never imagined that. A bit cliche`, but I think that they made it work. - His speech at the funeral was also very interesting to hear; I almost thought that he cried. - Wilson announcing that he was coming back to the hospital was GREAT! It showed that even though he and House might have their differences, they still have a strong friendship. As for the case...well, to be truthful, I found myself to be more interested in the House/Wilson side of the story; though, I must admit, it was interesting to find out what the actual diagnosis was. (And like I said, I loved seeing the past and present mesh!)

    Anyway, my point is, this episode was great; one of the best of the entire series.
  • This is more like it...

    This is the House episode that we have all been waiting for. What is better than a House and Wilson road trip? Nothing. As long as I have been watching House I've never really heard him talk about his parents so this really made for a good episode. Hugh Laurie continues to amaze me. every week he brings an even better performance than the previous week. I'm not sure House really cried when he delivered his fathers eulogy, it may have seemed like it but it is House, he doesn't cry. The insight into how House and Wilson met was very good. It would have been better if it was shown onscreen instead of just told as a story. That's another episode. In my opinion this was the best episode do far in the season and Wilson is back! I really can't wait until next week's episode.
  • Best episode of the season

    Definitely the best episode of the season. However, I wouldn't necessarily put it up with No Reason, 3 Stories, or Euphoria. I think it has just been so long since there has been a good episode, so everyone is rating it so high.
    It was good to see Chase and Cameron involved in a DDX. It was nice to see Foreman go to them when he got annoyed with the new team. Very in character for Cameron to send flowers. And good to see Chase talk about his own dad and say House had to be more affected than he was showing.
    Great House and Wilson parts. I was laughing when House pretended to cry to get the skin sample from his dad. Good to see at the end that Wilson is coming back although it is hard to believe that Cuddy has gone around a month without a head of oncology.
    The back-story on how House and Wilson met was interesting but causes some problems with the Tritter arc and infarction.
  • p>A sigh of relief - much, much better then what we were given in lately.

    A sigh of relief - much, much better then what we were given in lately. We've had so many bad episodes lately it makes this one seems almost perfect at first sight. Watching it for the second time shows it's not the perfect one - but maybe it can never be - not after Three stories. Maybe that's a real problem when a show sets such high standards so early on. The comparison will always be there - though in a way it's not fair to expect that level on an ongoing basis. But it's still a very good episode all the same and hopefully we're back on track - it's long time due.

    The great thing about this episode is that it finally showed House's side on the Wilson-House friendship. Up until now all we got was how "needy obnoxious House is sucking the life out of poor poor wonderful Wilson". I never bought into that because it made little sense, but now we have some real info to support the fact that Wilson is not the only giver on the equation.

    Nice story (though not that plausible...) about House bailing Wilson out after he had a tantrum at an annoying person at the bar. The whole story was so not like the Wilson we know, that it's quite refreshing to know he's capable of such reckless behavior all the same. In fact, the whole House-Wilson relationship finally got some new dynamics, which hopefully will continue from now on. For the first time Wilson tells House he's right about something without any reservations. That's a new one and hopefully a keeper.

    The road trip was fun - though Cuddy drugging House and conspiring with Wilson yet again was way too annoying. There were too many similarities between this and their evil conspiracy on "Cane and Able" to make it fully enjoyable.

    And what's with always drugging House anyway? How dangerous is it to leave him to fall in the office like this? The things the writers make him go through... It's a mystery he's still alive.

    I also couldn't stand the fact Wilson once again took his Vicodin and cane . So very very wrong! The end doesn't always justify the means you know.. And the whole concept of everyone around House trying to make him conform with dealing with the funeral - even someone like Foreman, whom we know didn't visit his sick mother it 8 years has to drill this too? And Chase's with his "House must be devastated because I was too" wasn't a lot better... It wouldn't hurt one bit if at least one of them showed a different take on that.
    Of course they did it all for the sake of House's mother - but as we've found out she's quite a hypocrite herself it makes it a bit harder to swallow. And also makes one wonder how come she didn't see what was going on between House and his father and if she's not just as guilty about his abuse.

    The hint that the problems between House and his father were caused because he wasn't his biological father was a complete nonsense. At least it gave House the ability to show what a bright kid he was, figuring it out when he was only 12 and on the other hand just emphasized more how much he must have hated his father to try and figure it out... quite sad on the whole. It's interesting that even now House didn't trust Wilson enough with the abuse story and once again left Wilson to think that he was just an annoying 12 year old whose dad was rightfully angry with him. But I guess it's part of House's personality and it does create good drama so be it.

    House's eulogy was perfect - he said what he wanted to say and yet somehow saved the day for his mother. The DNA harvest was hilarious and so much like House - excellent. The medical story was quite good for a change. Unlike most of them lately, at least this one made some sense, and the solution was surprising and interesting.
    What was annoying about it was the diagnosis process - Foreman, who's supposed to be in charge(?) of the new team, didn't show any leadership skills and rushed to seek the help of Cameron and Chase. And all while Cameron sending flowers on behalf of House, which just reminded how annoying her character can be. So pathetic. But the good thing about that was that it showed that the new team was just as capable to understand House and make a reasonable diagnosis all by themselves. So the question now is who needs the old team at all? Their presence in the show makes no sense anymore and they are even more boring then the new team... Time to let go - and bring back the clinic patients instead.
    The director did a very good job by interfering as little as possible with the plot and great actors. And they were at their best - HL outdid himself once again - which is quite hard to grasp given that he already showed amazing acting skills in all the seasons so far. I usually am not too impressed with RSL's acting, but he was very good this time around. Maybe it's because he was finally given some very good lines, other then the usual annoying-preaching ones he was given so very often.
    On the whole, a solid and good episode - which hopefully will mark the re-beginning of a wonderful friendship...
  • The House I knew and loved is back.

    As of late house has been a bit unremarkable. The episodes have been okay but left me thinking something was missing.

    Whatever it was, they have obviously have found it again because this episode was excellent. It was funny and insightful. The shot of House waking up in a car after Cuddy had tricked him into taking a shot made my cry with laughter. the story was developed as well with houses friendship back and the 'old crew' taking a bigger role in the episode. One disappointment is that the private detective wasn't involved and I do hope that he comes back because he introduced a new type of comedy that doesn't rely on Hugh Laurie

    A great episode
  • Dealing with House and Wilson and other House issues..

    Mostly it was about House and I think it was good that they managed to bring out a totally new corner of House - the way he figured out while being 12 that his father was not his biological father.. and the story we learned how House and Wilson met and the way they just managed to deja vu it on the funeral.

    I think the case, they had (oh yes, it had some time too) was really... oh.. scary and the end when they figured it out.. it was awful to learn it but I think House with shocking cases works well.

    Anyway, a good episode.
  • House is knocked out and driven against his will to his father's funeral by Wilson. Meanwhile back at the hospital and adopted woman is dying and the crew doesn't know why. A real return to form for this show.

    The last few weeks I must admit that I was worried that this show had run out of good eps and it was the beginning of the end. But it would seem an injection of Wilson has made this ep the best one of the season by a country mile.

    Wilson comes back in when Cutty knocks out House and Wilson is tasked with driving him to his father's funeral. House refuses to go as he hated his father and does not wish to honour his memory. Along the trip to the funeral Wilson tries to get House to admit his grief for his father regardless of whether they hated one another or not.

    Meanwhile, back at the hospital House's crews (new and old) try and solve the mystery of the dying woman who is both clotting dangerously but also bleeding out. Her illness ties in with the fact that she was adopted out of China to a white couple in the US. Her adopted family think that her addiction to alcohol may be the reason for her illness.

    Probably the best thing about this episode was the return of more screentime for the once dominant old House crew and Wilson. These characters bring some depth back into the show and make the new crew fade into the background (as it should be). But Without a doubt Wilson is the best thing about this episode, the way he and House play off one another make the show a far more entertaining piece of TV. To say that this was the best episode of the season is truely not giving it enough credit. All other episodes are pale in comparison, though this is not hard as the other episodes in this season have been boring and tedious to watch while this one was a pure joy. This is a perfect example of why I still love this show, I can only hope that the coming eps can continue in this trend.
  • The best "House" ep we've seen in months...

    At last the "House" ep ,which feels more like House we got used to for the first 21/2 seasons – despite of still too big main cast, couple of silly gay references (which HL played out really nice – if I wasn't aware of all the Hilson porn surfused on YT for the last year or so,I would never count them as ones..) and becoming more and more predictable (and hence boring ) medical story –this one is really worth to watch more then once.

    The most enjoyable part was seeing House in his best – sharp ,witty ,cleaver, metaphorical. ..and no matter how much people around him tried to make him "good son and normal citizen",he outsmarted them all and done it by his own agenda at the end. They collectively pushed him(Cuddy even dare to drug him –can you imagine how they were carrying him to Wilson's car? :roll:) to give another, this time around personal, Vogler speech - he turned it into a DNA testing to confirm he was RIGHT…I was really happy for him – even though he didn't enjoy his victory and Wilson gave him yet one more "you've got lucky" treatment…I guess,he's right and we don't chose our friends either.

    I say to reveal House's dad wasn't his real father was a bit of a cliché – like the biological parents not able to make their kids' live hell.:roll: but it worked for the story – and for House,so oh,well…Not to mention now we know House's real father looks like Shaun Connery..LOL

    On the whole House/Wilson scenes were written quite well and played (especially by HL –who ,I predict , will get long overdue Emmy for the ep next year) great. I was very glad to see how the writers resolve the silly Amber's death storyline – in just few hours, one short car ride, House was able (once again ) do more for Wilson then months of "group therapy" and all the conversations with Cameron about her dead husband and all others about god knows what – he made Wilson face the truth and admit reality for what it is. Something ,coward Wilson, apparently, tries to avoid by all means all his life…I know most people believe House is so lucky to have such a "perfect" friend ,but this ep revealed the opposite – in reality Wilson is the lucky one (I always suspected;) ).

    I have also admit that the writes did their best trying to incorporate old Ducklings into the diagnostic process,but there's just so much possible to do, when they have so many doctors and just one patient. It's really really time to make 2-3 characters less.It's funny that Cameron felt so in place (unlike in ER ) choosing flowers arrangement for House's dead dad – maybe Cuddy should make her House's secretary ,you know,like that practically invisible one Wilson's had for years.;)
  • Back to where they belong

    This was such a great episode on so many levels. House's father dies and he does not want to attend the funeral of the man who abused him. Cuddy drugs him and he wakes up in a moving car with Wilson driving.

    In the meantime, a woman who was adopted from China tried to speak to her birth parents. She ends up vomiting blood at a temple. An operation is done while there, then she ends up back in the US as a patient of House in NJ. The diagnosis is being made long distance as while he is en route to the funeral. The real reason for this woman's illness is out of this world.

    Did anyone notice that the old team was back together? Cameron was trying to order flowers online with Chase and Foreman.

    The best news for me was learning how Wilson and House first met, Wilson is back and all is right with the world.
  • House must go to the funeral of the father he never loved. Or did he?

    House (the show) has had many, many changes recently, many of them putting people off of watching it. Many said it had jumped the shark. I personally just kept watching it because I don't care how many cast changes they make, House is still House. And this episode demonstrates just that. When House's father dies, and he just accepts it as a fact he does not care much about, everyone around him wants him to phone his mother and attend the funeral. After a long, funny and nice journey over there, we find out things about his relationship with Wilson, like how they met, and how Wilson reacts under pressure, among other things. Now we all probably know House dispised his father for being so strict and arrogant, etc. Let's just say we learn more about that, too.
  • House is dragged to his father's funeral by Wilson where he is pressured by his mother to speak. En route, House and Wilson resolve their differences.

    Once again the writers dazzle us with a new and complex medical case while letting us glimpse into the complexities of House's mind and relationships. Wilson and House are perfect foils. They provide each other with insights into their respective lives that they are either unwilling to admit or fail to recognize.

    It is always fascinating to see House ultimately come up with the solution to the case. It's amusing to see his team so proud when they think they have the answer without help from House only to discover another symptom with which they must deal.

    Kudos to Hugh Laurie...he is an amazing actor and has created a curmudgeonly character you have to love. House does indeed have an edit button as seen at the funeral. He didn't exactly honor his father but he didn't spew the vitriol we expect from him in deference to his mother.

    It is the brilliant writing, superb acting and fascinating characters that keeps me watching "House" episodes over and over again.
  • This episode has a lot going for it. I mean talk about reveal after reveal.

    This episode has a lot going for it. I mean talk about reveal after reveal. We find out(FINALLY) how House and Wilson met and became friends. House's dad wasn't his real dad. House ringtone for his team is Mmbop by Hanson, which is awesome.

    I was a little bored by the case the team was working on while House was trying not to get to his dad funeral. It started out interestingly enough and ended with the show's patented twist ending, which surprised me more than any other episode. So props for that.

    I have to mention how good the writing was for when House gave the eulogy at his dad's funeral. Even though it was all an act by House, the writing combined with Hugh Laurie's acting made for a very moving scene. In fact House's dialogue through out the episode was perfectly written. I love how he was in the middle of a metaphor when the cop hung up the phone and it cut back to the team trying to decipher what he meant by steamroller. I thought it was hilarious.

    This episode will probably go down as one of the best in the series. It just had everything we've come to love in an episode.
  • "Reunited and it feels so good!"

    This episode was so good, it had me screeching "They did it! They brought the show back! Yes!"

    We learn a bit of the House and Wilson past. There are cavity searches, key retrieving coat hangers, and Cameron sends flower arrangements, without being asked (of course) in House's name to a deserving party. In House's absence, the team is at their usual loss, and weak links in the new team become more evident, as Foreman calls on some old colleagues to help him with his diagnosis. Just watch the show. If you missed this one tonight, it'll be online at the Fox Full Episodes site next week on Wednesday. If you love House, but have gotten discouraged from the slump, rejoice. The shock is back, and is just as delicious as before, if not more so!
  • Best. Episode. Ever!

    I loved this episode. I watched ... and then I watched it again - the whole family did. We laughed and there were even a few near-tears. Tears not for the loss of the father but for the happy renewal of a friendship unlike any other. Road trip! Wilson and House *history*! That crazy wonderful banter. The insightful cop who made me laugh out loud and cheer. The eulogy. The funeral. The tense, wonderful mirror smashing scene in the funeral home was brilliant as were the expressions on the faces of these two beautiful characters throughout the episode - unconditional friends to the end. Wilson's back!! I love this show.
  • Welcome back Wilson!

    House's father is dead, and he refuses to go to the funeral. So Cuddy drugs him, and Wilson kidnaps him. Meanwhile the team treats an addict, who has relationship (family) issues. Speaking of family issues, House and his father never got along well and he does everything in his power (getting rid of Wilson's keys, getting arrested) to miss the funeral, but it is a losing battle. On their travels they remember why they were friends and reach a new place in their friendship.
    It was an interesting story...more background on House and why he acts the way he does. It also explains the start of his friendship with Wilson and the nature of their relationship. The case was also interesting. I'm glad Wilson's back, and back at the hospital, but I hope the PI is still around occasionally. Good job!