Season 8 Episode 15

Blowing the Whistle

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

Brant Macklin's family gathers to greet him at the airport as he returns. His brother Hayes talks to his son Evan and can tell that he's upset that he's going to be going overseas. Hayes asks Evan to make sure that his mother Joni is safe. Brant and the rest of the men come in… and they realize that Brant is in handcuffs. Hayes asks what happened and Major Mathewson tells him that Brant has been charged with treason. As they take him down the concourse, Brant collapses and Hayes runs to his brother's side.

House's team gathers to watch footage of Brant's squad as they cleared out what they thought was an insurgent stronghold. Brant is the one who leaked the story to the AP because the mission resulted in the death of thirty-four civilians. Foreman warns them that MPs will be stationed on the floor to keep Brant from escaping. He tells the team that Brant had tonic-clonic seizures but the EEG was normal. House sends him on his way and the team goes to work. As they run differential, Park objects to them treating a soldier and realizes that she's the only one who has a problem with the fact that Brant is a coward because he anonymously uploaded the video footage. She figures that the EEG was normal because Brant faked the symptoms to avoid going to prison. House decides to treat Brant with Adams' birth control pills to see if he gets "better."

As the team leaves, Adams suggests to the others that something is going on with House and that he seems off. Park notices that Adams is wearing the same clothes as the day before, and Taub points out that she got nervous when House took her birth control pills. They figure that she's dating someone but Adams denies it and figures that House is having some kind of attention deficit problem. The others figure that House is playing with her and say that they don't need to check on him.

Adams examines Brant and gives him one of the birth control pills, while Hayes looks on. She tells him that he should feel numbness in the legs if he has blood clots like they suspect. While they wait, Park asks Brant why he did it, even though the footage is being used by the insurgents to recruit new men, and Brant says that it's the right thing. Hayes disagrees, reminding him that he took an oath, but Brant says that their father raised them to act honorably. He explains that their father was commanding a Special Forces team and ignored orders to abandon his men. According to the Army, their father died in a one-car accident, but Brant doesn't believe it. The soldier complains that his legs have gone number and Park tells him that they gave him a placebo to see if he'd fake a symptom. Hayes insists that his brother isn't faking because he's honorable, and Brant complains of stomach pains and Adams confirms that he has abdominal bruising.

Back in the conference room, Adams is convinced that Brant isn't faking symptoms. House figures that he's stupid for pleading guilty. He starts discussing honor, figuring that people define it to match their own desires. Taub figures that they'll do an ultrasound to look for an obstruction in Brant's stomach. As the others leave, Adams tells House that she needs his signature on a treatment for Brant. He tells her to forge it and Adams says that she needs the original so she knows how to forge it.

Wilson is meeting with a couple, Mel and Gloria, who were on their first date when Mel got an infection. He diagnoses Mel as being a compulsive nose-picker and Gloria quickly leaves. Adams comes in and shows him a comparison of House's handwriting which indicates that his hands are unsteady. Wilson says that Dominika has been trying out new recipes and House drinks a lot of coffee, but Adams says that his liver is in decline and it can be treated. However, he warns her that it happens with House's co-workers all the time and it doesn't mean anything.

Wilson goes to see House and finds him resting in a clinic room with the lights off, lying next to a sleeping patient. After seeing a bottle of pills, Wilson realizes that House drugged the man. He then tells House that he thinks House is sick and tosses him the pills, which House fumbles. However, he says that he was dozing, but Wilson tells him that he forgot that they were supposed to have lunch. He agrees with Adams that House has hepatic encephalopathy and wants to test for it. House refuses and goes back to sleep.

Chase and Park do the ultrasound for Brant, while Hayes says that the insurgents attacked a convoy and blamed the incident on the recording. Brant points out that the strike would have taken more than three days to plan, but Hayes figures the next one will be his fault. When Chase wonders why Brant joined the military, he says that he did so to get at the redacted pages on his father's report. He became friends with the locals and couldn't stand to see them killed. Brant starts bleeding from his orifices and they take him to the OR to relieve the pressure on his spleen. He starts clotting again but Chase confirms that the spleen is lumpy.

Later, Taub and House are playing a first-person shooter in the conference room as the others go over the case. House keeps interrupting Taub to have him differentiate. Taub finally says that Brant has sarcoidosis and Chase agrees, and then Taub wins the game. House gives in and agrees and tells them to treat with steroids, and then tells Taub to come back for another game. As the team leaves, Adams points out that House never loses, suggesting poor motor control. Park agrees with her but Taub doesn't see the point since it isn't impairing House's medical judgment. Chase figures that House is faking the whole thing.

Taub prepares to give Brant steroids, but he refuses until the man in charge, Major Mathewson, gives him a live interview so he can clear his name about the subsequent insurgent attack. Hayes disagrees but Brant says that their father would have done the same thing. Foreman talks to Mathewson, who refuses to grant the interview. Chase suggests that they convince a judge that Brant's has a mental illness based on his actions, and Taub says that they'll believe it if Hayes signs off on it. Faced with the choice of signing or letting Brant die, Hayes insists that his brother isn't crazy.

The team briefs House and Taub comes up from the restroom. He claims he had to go to the third-floor bathroom because the first-floor one is broken. House decides to fix it and walks to the bathroom with his team in tow, and says that they'll have to give Brant something more that he wants as an interview to get him to accept treatment. He then uses the toilet for number two so that the hospital will have to fix it.

Later, Chase presents Brant with Mathewson's signed order releasing the redacted pages from his father's service file. It will take two days and he has to accept treatment to live long enough to see the pages. Brant doesn't trust the military, but Hayes promises that he'll make sure the pages get there. Once they leave, Taub goes to the broken toilet to get a sample of House's stool. He examines it in the lab and tells the others that he set the whole thing up with a fake sign, and then tells the team that the bile deposits are irregular and House's liver is failing. The cognitive impairment will get progressively worse as a result. They get a page and go to check on Brant, whose foot is cyanotic, meaning it isn't sarcoidosis.

Back in differential, the team tells House what they've discovered about his liver, but he says that he's fine. Chase points out how unlikely that is given they ran the test three times, but House says that the food he ate was contaminated. He points out that he isn't suffering from the other symptoms such as bad breath, but Taub points out that House has been popping mints so they can't tell. House suggests that Brant has cholesterol embolization but Chase points out that the Army tests for it. Park suggests a vasospasm and Bernard Soulier Syndrome, and House tells them to treat with heparin. The team leaves but meets privately and votes on whether to go to Foreman. Adams thinks they should, but Chase doesn't think they have an argument. He figures that if they go to Foreman, he'll suspend House and endanger their patients.

At the clinic, House describes a teenager, Jason, who explains that he drank eight bears to build up tolerance for an upcoming beer pong tournament. He makes Jason sing and jump up and done on one foot as Wilson comes in and says that he isn't going anywhere. House tells Jason to avoid green beer and the dye that he doesn't have a tolerance for and then leaves. Wilson goes after him and says that he's scheduled a liver function test, and House ducks him by going in to see Brant, since Wilson isn't on the list. Inside, House asks Brant if it was worth it blowing the whistle, given he'll either spend his time in Leavenworth or the hospital. When Brant insists that 34 people will get justice, House asks how many people dead or maimed would be worth it. Brant insists that his job was to log the tape and watched it ten times, and realized there was no way they could have mistaken a shovel for a gun. His hair turned gray in three days and he shaved it, and Brant figures his body was trying to send him a message.

House meets the team in the cafeteria and points out that fast-graying hair indicates an autoimmune condition. He tells them to treat with antithyroids for thrombosis brought on by Graves' Disease, but the team disagrees and warns that the antithyroids could interfere with Brant's bleeding. House ignores them and leaves, and the team decides not to give Brant the antithyroids because House's judgment is compromised by his illness.

Chase and Adams go to see Brant and he complains that he's feeling cold. They determine that he has a fever and they realize their diagnosis of Bernard Soulier is wrong. Back in differential, House realizes that they didn't give the antithryoids, but Adams points out that they tested and confirmed that it isn't Graves. Foreman comes in and tells House that he's authorizing all medical treatments until House is tested clean. House prefers to focus on the team's betrayal than the patient. When he accuses Taub of telling Foreman about his condition, Adams and Chase immediately speak up and says they did it. House then turns to Park and says she must have done it because she's a coward. When she starts to protest, House tells them that Brant has malaria. When Adams points out that the Army gives regular anti-malaria shots, House figures that after years of injections, Brant has become immune. Foreman authorizes treatment and House notes that it was a stupid idea to try and keep him from diagnosing.

When Taub and Park try to give Brant the pills, he says that he doesn't want any medication because his father's files aren't there. Hayes says that there's been a delay but Brant figures that the Army is lying and refuses to keep his end of the bargain. As Taub and Park leave, Hayes asks to become Brant's conservator despite his earlier reluctance. Taub says that they'll get the paperwork drawn up right away. In the conference room, Adams is surprised to learn that Hayes went against his earlier decision even though nothing has changed.

Taub goes to see Hayes and tells him that they don't need him to sign because he's confirmed that Mathewson sent the file to Hayes a day ago, and they got another copy. When Hayes says that there's a reason he doesn't want Brant to read the file, Taub goes past him and says that he's going to treat his patient. Hayes comes in as well and tells Brant that he covered up the truth about the accident. Their father died because Hayes was drunk and killed a pedestrian as well. He had their father's buddies take care of the files, and admits it was the only time he broke the rules. Taub asks if he can begin treatment and Brant nods in agreement.

Brant's condition gets worse and the team goes back into differential to figure out why he has malaria symptoms when he doesn't have malaria. As they talk, Chase notices House stealing candy by putting it into a larger cup, when previously he had removed some candy to put the stolen candy in the cup. He realizes that House was faking the whole thing, and House admits that he took St. John's Word to fake the symptoms. He did the whole thing to see who he could trust, and admits that he already knows who ratted him out. However, House pauses and then says that they'll take it up later.

House goes to see Brant and tells him that he has vasculitis due to typhus because he sat on Afghani furniture that had rat lice. House then tells him that typhus is known to cause mental symptoms, and that Brant could change his mind and plead not guilty. Brant worries that it would undermine everything he was trying to do, and Hayes tells him that he did what he had to and going to jail proves nothing. After a moment, Brant says that going to jail proves that he has his honor. House tells him that he's doing it to please his father, a man who never really existed the way that Brant thought he did.

Later, House goes to see Wilson and points out that he's been avoiding him for two days. He figures that Wilson is the traitor, but believes Wilson's denial. House threatens to punish his entire team and Wilson agrees, and then House admits that his statement was a test and now he really will have to punish his entire team because Wilson didn't confess. As House points out the alternatives, he gets an idea and leaves.

Hayes is meeting in the lobby when the MPs take out their prisoner. He salutes his brother and watches them lead him away. Chase watches the exchange from the balcony and notices House's rat running by. House picks him up and says that he knows Chase was the one who betrayed him. He figures that Taub confessed to protect Brant, and Adams confessed to protect Taub, but there was no rational reason for Chase to pile on and confess as well. Chase tells his boss that he won't punish him because House wanted him to tell Foreman. He figures that House wants someone there to tell Foreman the truth when he finally does lose his edge. House responds by telling him that the rat's cousins are now scurrying through Chase's floorboards and walks away.