Season 8 Episode 15

Blowing the Whistle

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2012 on FOX

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  • Loved Little Chase

    (to answer your query: No, House never faked being sick before - in Half-Wit, he faked results to another hospital so he could get a pleasure chip implanted in his medial fore-brain cortex to relieve his pain, and you might be thinking of No More Mr. Nice Guy, where he starts acting nice so his team would think he has syphilis - but he never faked having symptoms to find out which of his team would blow the whistle on him.)

    ---My Review--

    I love House, and giving it an 8 was a little hard on me, because I'd often give all episodes a 9 at least. This was a basic House episode, and it was complicated on the first view which makes it a very good watch - also the concept of House being sick could have been a hint to future episodes, or just a way of the new writer to write lines for House that would not fit. It WAS a great episode - one problem I have is using DB Weiss as freelance writer - THIS IS FINAL SEASON! USE YOUR BEST WRITERS! Whatever happened to Lawrence Kaplow - he wrote "A Pox on our House" and "Black Hole," and the award winning "Autopsy"! All incredible episodes, and he hasn't written anything since Season 7!!!!

    Typhus was a very cool diagnosis, and it is hinted with the closeup on the patients bald head in the beginning - I love how they offered it in the DDX, rejected it, and then went back to it again to cure him. Not as moving as most House scripts, but great nonetheless.
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