Season 8 Episode 18

Body and Soul

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2012 on FOX

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  • I liked this episode a lot! SPOILERS

    Ok, granted. This season isn't the best one. I don't know what it is, but the team doesn't do it for me.

    However. The most compelling character this season to me is Dominika. I really liked the episodes she was in. She is a nice character and a good influence for House, and not only because she is hot. And she really likes him, or better said liked him.

    That move of the citizenship was stupid. He lost her, I'd like to think that if he gave it to her and talked to her about it, she would have stayed. But I know they had to do it to make the ending of the series better. Especially after the scene with Wilson. I know what they want to end with.

    HOUSE all ALONE!!!!

    And as much as I hate it for House, I think that is a good ending.

    There is only one thing that really irritated me. I mean, the sex dream stuff was nice. But after Dominika left, that scene between Chase and Park was not in the right place. Maybe even unnecessary entirely. But if there was a place then before Dominika leaving. Probably they wanted to lighten the mood, before the news of Wilson, but I think without it, it could have a bigger impact. Both the bad news scenes where powerfull.

    Now I'm exited about the ending. Before, not so much. I will miss Dominika
  • They've run out of character storylines.

    While the case this week was slightly more interesting than usual, the characters are really the ones that are suffering the past few weeks. That's my focus on this review:

    We had (HAD) an interesting thing going on. House, in love, perhaps? For once, House actually cared about someone, showed a level of interest we haven't seen before. It was better than Cuddy because it was actually unforced, uncomplicated. I was shocked when he said "i'm taking a break from that [hookers] for a while". There were lines completely unheard of coming from House this episode. Sure, Dominika isn't the greatest on screen presence, but it made House more interesting because together they were fun and different. Yet, no, the writers decide that this relationship has to end as well. Out she goes with the end of this episode. There's really no hope now for this to end with House in a relationship, he will forever be alone, which is just not how I would have ended it.

    Chase and Adams should have gotten together a long time ago. But they made Adams' character so against the notion initially that it doesn't even make sense anymore with only a few episodes left. Park is just odd. There's no placing her with any of the team members (relationship-wise) but I thought that guitar-playing child-faced kid was a good match for her.

    Most appalling is what they've done with Wilson this entire season: NOTHING. I will be shocked if you disagree. Nothing short of a single storyline with House (friendship issues), no relationship, fake kid for one episode - all very, very wrong in my opinion. Even their dialogue/banter sessions have been unusually subpar this entire season. And now, with the cancer thing. Oh yeah. Let's just throw that in there for what it's worth. Explains why he's acting so weird, right? No it doesn't. It didn't even make me flinch despite it being such an abrupt move.

    So how does this show end? From what I'm feeling, it's going to be a lot of loneliness and "everybody lies".
  • Good episode but a missed opportunity ( Spoilers)

    The measure of a good show is when characters grow and learn from their mistakes. They don't have to be perfect but it makes them seem more real when they can do this. House, of course, has traditionally had a hard time learning from his mistakes! In this episode I thought maybe we might be seeing a small shift in this theme with regards to his feelings towards Dominika. It was inevitable of course that this would get screwed up as usual but it would have been so nice if they had allowed this to develop into a meaningful relationship for a change- especially with the end of the show rapidly approaching. I was surprised when they turfed her out at the end as I thought they were giving us more background on her for a reason - she's obviously smarter and more experienced than she first appeared.

    With the announcement of Wilson's cancer ( poor choice of scenario in my view) and the loss of Dominika, I think that the end will be a miserable House all alone with his vicaden. I really hope they can make a non- predictable ending for us instead. The other things going on in this episode were somewhat bizarre this week but mildly entertaining....I guess I'm only interested in the main plot not the sidebars!
  • Body and Soul

    A really strong episode of House here tonight. Yes, there was a fart joke, and an odd continuing of the odd Chase and Park storyline, but it was an entertaining show tonight. They took the mystique of the "possessed" patient further than I thought they would, and even House and his illegal wife had a good scene or two. Quality episode tonight.
  • One of the better ones for this season

    In relation to the case, it was quite an interesting story. But since season 2, (perhaps excluding season 3) the cases are treated more like an after thought. Its a similar problem here. Also, realised how the case story would end a mile away.

    Could have done without the Chase / Park story and wish they just get Chase and Adams to hook up.

    The House thing with Dominika was zzzzz.

    The last relevation was surprising and I guess we now know who "Everyone Dies" episode title is refering to.

    BTW anyone else wondering about who House's biological dad is? No mention of it at all since we discovered House's step-dad isn't the biological dad
  • The Ending Was Good

    "Body and Soul," in my mind, is another example of how mediocre this season has been. The cast feels completely off; almost to the point where House doesn't feel like the same show anymore. This episode offered some good moments, but the medical mystery was another rehash of the House vs. God/Religion storyline.

    The episode also played with the House-Dominika drama storyline. If you made it through all that "drama" and stuck around to the ending of the episode, you we're definitely rewarded with quite a bombshell: Wilson revealed he has cancer.

    If I were to rate the episode based solely on the closing scenes, it'd definitely earn a 8.5-9. The episode as a whole, however, deserves a more down-to-earth rating. It wasn't terrible; I rarely give House anything less than a 6, but it wasn't a fantastic episode, either.

    The revelation sets up the series very, very nicely as we approach the finale. I'm hoping the House writers don't fall short or fumble this grand opportunity they've awarded the show's devoted fan base.

    We've stuck around this show for eight years now. I think we deserve a satisfying ending. "Body and Soul," wasn't great, but it sets up the rest of the series for a satisfying grand finale.
  • House had a chance at happiness

    Sometimes you can't see the woods because of the trees. Dominika was gorgeous, sassy, funny and smart. And House kept thinking about his puzzles, his angst against religion and always being right. Chase has a sex dream about Park, weird but funny how the shoe is on the other foot once the whole team finds out.

    Not a bad episode.