Season 8 Episode 18

Body and Soul

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2012 on FOX

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  • They've run out of character storylines.

    While the case this week was slightly more interesting than usual, the characters are really the ones that are suffering the past few weeks. That's my focus on this review:

    We had (HAD) an interesting thing going on. House, in love, perhaps? For once, House actually cared about someone, showed a level of interest we haven't seen before. It was better than Cuddy because it was actually unforced, uncomplicated. I was shocked when he said "i'm taking a break from that [hookers] for a while". There were lines completely unheard of coming from House this episode. Sure, Dominika isn't the greatest on screen presence, but it made House more interesting because together they were fun and different. Yet, no, the writers decide that this relationship has to end as well. Out she goes with the end of this episode. There's really no hope now for this to end with House in a relationship, he will forever be alone, which is just not how I would have ended it.

    Chase and Adams should have gotten together a long time ago. But they made Adams' character so against the notion initially that it doesn't even make sense anymore with only a few episodes left. Park is just odd. There's no placing her with any of the team members (relationship-wise) but I thought that guitar-playing child-faced kid was a good match for her.

    Most appalling is what they've done with Wilson this entire season: NOTHING. I will be shocked if you disagree. Nothing short of a single storyline with House (friendship issues), no relationship, fake kid for one episode - all very, very wrong in my opinion. Even their dialogue/banter sessions have been unusually subpar this entire season. And now, with the cancer thing. Oh yeah. Let's just throw that in there for what it's worth. Explains why he's acting so weird, right? No it doesn't. It didn't even make me flinch despite it being such an abrupt move.

    So how does this show end? From what I'm feeling, it's going to be a lot of loneliness and "everybody lies".