Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • About this episode

    It had great sound mixing.
  • Does she really want to break up? Please give us a break!

    I actually enjoyed the musical, the western and the horror movie etc, but these don't make a good episode.

    The episode centers on how immature House is, this is probably the very first time he has to face a serious problem where not only he isn't involved directly but he can't do anything to solve it.

    And what does he do? He avoid it once he knows how seious that is until he goes back to Vicodin in order to eventually face it.

    Ok, we now know that Cuddy realizes that he could not be reliable but, come on, she is a single 40yr old mum, in real life is she really going to dump him that quickly??

    When they first got togheter I thought that was the end of the show, I was very wrong because I found their relationship funny enough to live with the rest of the show. I don't really want to see a dark side of House again!
  • I just didn't enjoy the episode. I had several instances of this is just to silly and this could be a jump the shark moment.

    I think the writers and actors had fun doing this episode because it was so unusual. I know the writers like to shock the audience at least a couple times a season but this one was not received as well by me as other ones have been. It will probably go down as one of my least favorite episodes because they just reached to far and I was wondering and hoping it would end before they had more time to reach. I have little doubt they will be back on track for next week's episode. At least they did move the story line.
  • what a complex episode!

    There is enough material in this episode to make next five episodes! I sincerely hope they will make something good out of all this. But most of all, I would like that last few minutes were another (bad) dream.

    That scene with House on the floor of his bathroom, so familiar, only last time he managed NOT to take the pills. Cuddy was there last time to save him from doing the worst possible thing for him.

    And where is she now, when he needs her the most? Well, to be honest, she's got the point and in a way, she is right - he is a selfish child and always will be. But, what was she expecting - that she can change 50 something old man? Well, I am well aware that I cannot change my bf and he is 29 :).

    This ep was really, really, complex...with dream/dancing/singing sequences or intense feelings, or (sub)conscience - I am not even going to try and find meaning of all that. I will wait for next week episode and than have an opinion about ongoing events. If it turns out to be about House's renewed vicodine addiction, well, I will be disappointed. Oh, one more thing, in one of the previous seasons, when Amber dies, and House touched the bottom, I had some sick feeling in the stomach while watching those episodes and seeing House destroying himself and people around him over and over again. I had similar feeling last few minutes of this episode, hope that wasn't some negative premonition, regarding future episodes.

    P.S. Taub did the right thing!
    P.S.S. Haouse's weapon-cane was hilarious, seemed like Robert Rodriguez directed those zombie scenes :)
  • Nice start but an ending that was very poorly thought out.

    Okay, the show centers on the Cuddy House relationship and how it will survive a medical scare close to home. Nothing earth shattering about that type of show, we could have almost expected it to happen sooner or later... and along the way we see some dream sequences that range from cool send ups to movies and sitcoms to some really bad ideas (House singing broadway tunes is over the top).

    But where we really have a problem is the shows ending... A Cuddy break-up because House used drugs again? I'm sorry but that was simply lame and a poorly thought out gimmick to allow him to spiral on the next episode. Cuddy knew he was a junkie and would likely relapse in the future, it would be nearly unheard of for an addict to not slip up and yet him taking a pill because he was worried about her dying is the reason to break up ? Sorry but that just make me want to quit watching... I ignored the fact that Cuddy has a dream sequence when she is put under for a procedure (news flash, when you get put under for procedures you don't dream been there and had it done and you don't dream at all).
  • 715

    I have to admire the creativity shown by House here tonight. The dream sequences were well-done, and the Two and a Half Men-esque sitcom was a nice jab at the current state of that genre. I liked those scenes for the most part, outside of the bizarre singing one, but it is the ending revelation that I thought was a step in the wrong direction. I have been against the Cuddy and House relationship from the get-go, but I am not enjoying this because it is not the end clearly, it is just a temporary break. They set things up for a spectacular episode next week, but honestly, it is not like we haven't seen a House relapse on this show before.

    Overall, as I said, a creative and fresh episode of House. Hopefully this was just the preamble for a good episode next week though.
  • Reaching for Ways too many.

    Sorry. This was nearly a mess. Despite all
    the theatrics it was not emotionally
    involving. I thought the last five minutes
    (House and Vicodin) should have been discussed 10 episodes ago and it still leaves it open to drag the Cuddy-House relationship
    on for several more weeks, or months?

    Thirteen has now been gone almost a whole
    season leaving too much focus on Cuddy leaving any emotional involvement
    between House and a patient virutally non'
    existent. Jesus..just watch some
    great Season 3 and 4 episodes and see
    what is missing. One Day, one Room,
    GAMES, they hit on real human core feelings.
    What was tonight's emotional focus?
    Cuddy isn't the most interesting
    character on the show, I mean she's not
    seeking Enlightenment or even setting
    new standards of medical policy.
    She's an adminstrator. What House
    used to consider "the ememy".
    I still believe House was DUMBED DOWN
    compared to previous early
    seaons to broaden his appeal to an older
    and more generic demographic. I miss HOUSE as he used to be.
    Cuddy is too conformed for a mind
    like House. Or the mind he USED
    to have.
    Hugh Laurie's great acting skills
    SAVED this one.
  • An OK episode

    This episode was good overall. The team's case was interesting and I liked the suspense that they created with Cuddy. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. I've loved seeing House and Cuddy together this season. It's been interesting to see how House and Cuddy's relationship progresses now that they're a couple and seeing how he handles being a father figure to Rachel. I can't believe that she broke up with him because he took ONE Vicodin because he was worried about her. I can understand that she was worried about Rachel getting ahold of them, but I don't think that she should've ended the relationship over it. I really hope this isn't the end for these two and that they'll be back together soon. Can't wait for next week's episode.
  • Now House has jumped the shark a 3rd time.

    Well now it is official. I am done with this wreck of what was once an excellent show.

    From the start of the series we've watched this tension/relationship between House and Cuddy. And have been waiting for them to get together.

    Throughout our journey, the writers have decided to screw us over twice by making a "very special emotional episode" by using death as a cheap device. Killing off Amber and Kutner were completely unnecessary, and each death left me pissed off and put off on continuing to watch the show. But, I continued on.

    Now, we finally see House battle his addiction, get together with Cuddy, and their relationship evolve. The relationship between House and Cuddy has been a great relationship to watch evolve. And so what do the writers do?

    Kill off the best thing the show has going for it!

    Well, I for one am done with this wreck of a show. I am not interested in more of will they or won't they get back together, oh dear he's taking pills and needs help......this is all old, and we've already dealt with enough of House on pills and will they or won't they for a lifetime. It's time to watch House and Cuddy continue moving forward with their lives, together.

    Plus, Cuddy leaving House, when he has a problem that he needs her there by his side more than ever, is a total dick move! Way to go House writers, you suck! Congratulations on ruining an excellent series.
  • More Huddy MD...

    While this season has offered some stellar episodes (A Pox On Our House, Family Practice, Selfish), House's seventh season is far from the quality of earlier seasons. 'Bombshells' was definitely not a normal episode, and I admire the producers/writers/director's attempts at trying something new, but I found the dream sequences to be a bit over the top. In fact, I'm sure there will be many fans (& ex-fans) out there who will see this episode as yet another indicator of the show's jumping shark. The writers are trying to keep the show fresh, but they have seriously gone off the rails in doing so.

    House no longer seems interested in solving medical puzzles, granted his girlfriend's life was in question in tonight's episode, but the show seems to be merely a shell of its former self. Last week's 'Recession Proof' was a stronger episode compared to 'Bombshells.' I just found it all a bit odd. Also, I'm not completely sold on the idea that Cuddy (*spoiler) is finally done with House. I think this 'breakup' is only temporary, which saddens me, since it almost guarantees more Huddy drama for the remainder of the season.
  • nooo... Don't break up...

    This episode was rather interesting. The dreams were really a good idea, I liked it. I know Cuddy and House have been through a lot and I know that there has been friction in this wonderful relationship, but they handeled it, and the show was getting better and better seeing House not only sturggle with difficult to solve cases, but also with living, healthy people that you dont have to pay for to get layed. This episode was very well written in my opinion, but the thing I didn't like at all was house and Cuddy breaking up. It is his own fault, that's for sure, and I probably would have done the same, but still I didn't like it.
    Now House is back on Vicodin. Cuddy is back alone and Taub is -again- getting himself in trouble... Very interested though to see how this storyline continues.
  • 715

    I don't understand why everyone is criticizing the episode so harshly, have we gone down this path before in which House relapses? Sure, but that doesn't mean this was a bad episode.

    We got a great medical mystery, hysterical and entertaining dream sequences and an albeit emotional ending. This was a stand out episode to say the least. I really didn't think Cuddy was going to have cancer but the end was definitely unexpected. House & Cuddy break up which results in House taking vicodin, awesome ending, if I may say.

    I'm never fascinated by Taub but his interactions with Foreman & Masters were great tonight, and I loved the scene where he sent the tape to the police, I think I really enjoyed for the first time in a while. Overall, entertaining stand out episode from season 7, even though I do feel this show is alienating non-Huddy fans this season.
  • Did I just dream I watched House skiing over a shark?

    Why do successful show producers feel the need to indulge themselves with Broadway-style musical scenes (Glee excepted), or emulate/homage other shows (emulations/homages aren't as bad as cheesy dream musicals though)? This show's been great for many years - until this season. I couldn't even finish watching the classroom show a few episodes back, blech!

    I realize there's a few viewers that enjoy when dramas are turned into musicals, so I expect some thumb-downs ^_^

    The big breakup wasn't that believable to me. Cutty knew of House's weaknesses for years before getting involved with him, yet they still got together. Of course he'd snap facing her possible death. When the writers starting putting House and Cutty together, I didn't think I'd enjoy it, but I actually did, so of course now they have to ruin it.

    But Taub rocked this week, so I didn't rate this episode as low as I might have otherwise.
  • I really enjoyed the episode; but I think that there needs to be more of what made House great: his medical mystery solving thought process.

    I really enjoyed the episode; but I think that there needs to be more of what made House great: his medical mystery solving thought process. Lately all we see are his staff muddling through without much if any diagnostic discussions with House. Concerning Cuddy, how dare she break up with House after promising him she wouldn't even when he would disappointment her. How selfish. House did not want to commit because he did not want to get hurt and he knew he was a deeply flawed person. Cuddy promised that was all okay, she would not abandon him. Wow, what a let down.
  • Cuddy in Wonderland

    This week the team got the case of a sociopath depressed teen who blew up pipe bombs and wanted to kill a good portion of his high school. Cuddy discovers that she may have kidney cancer and House finds it extremely difficult to cope with. Taub connects with the young patient due to his own depression and detecting the struggles of the young man but once he finds out about the bombs he has to decide whether to tell the police or not. Cuddy faces dreams telling her of her struggle with House to keep their relationship afloat. This episode was decent enough, the dream sequences were off putting but novel and communicative of internal feelings of the House and Cuddy. The patient of the week was kind of dropped into the background of the episode as House sank into his old ways and the ending of his relationship with Cuddy.