Season 7 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • what a complex episode!

    There is enough material in this episode to make next five episodes! I sincerely hope they will make something good out of all this. But most of all, I would like that last few minutes were another (bad) dream.

    That scene with House on the floor of his bathroom, so familiar, only last time he managed NOT to take the pills. Cuddy was there last time to save him from doing the worst possible thing for him.

    And where is she now, when he needs her the most? Well, to be honest, she's got the point and in a way, she is right - he is a selfish child and always will be. But, what was she expecting - that she can change 50 something old man? Well, I am well aware that I cannot change my bf and he is 29 :).

    This ep was really, really, complex...with dream/dancing/singing sequences or intense feelings, or (sub)conscience - I am not even going to try and find meaning of all that. I will wait for next week episode and than have an opinion about ongoing events. If it turns out to be about House's renewed vicodine addiction, well, I will be disappointed. Oh, one more thing, in one of the previous seasons, when Amber dies, and House touched the bottom, I had some sick feeling in the stomach while watching those episodes and seeing House destroying himself and people around him over and over again. I had similar feeling last few minutes of this episode, hope that wasn't some negative premonition, regarding future episodes.

    P.S. Taub did the right thing!
    P.S.S. Haouse's weapon-cane was hilarious, seemed like Robert Rodriguez directed those zombie scenes :)
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