Season 3 Episode 2

Cane & Able

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • A missed opportunity for a season long sub-plot/arc.

    The writers/producers missed an outstanding opportunity for a season long sub-plot revolving around House's confidence.

    This episode winds up the story line started last season about House's confidence and leg pain. This aspect of House, while painful to watch, is interesting and allows the character and show to develop beyond the same cookie cutter storylines. Yet, we see the same House and possibility of the same storylines when House picks up his cane.

    A season long arc/plot would allow for some serious changes, multiple cliff hangers, and unique excitement during the season. The plot could be in three parts:

    1) During the first half of the season, Wilson and Cuddy allow House's confidence to fall. While getting dangerously low, they tell themselves it is for his best. They ignore and suppress the warnings of House's staff.

    Through out all these episodes one of his staff members keeps trying to raise his confidence.

    2) Half way through the season, a two part episode occurs where House decides to retire. These episodes give the show a chance to take a short break for (say) the winter holidays.

    At the end of the first part, House begins his retirement. We see him leave the hospital and see his first days of retirement are fun.

    In the second part, Wilson and Cuddy call on an old mentor of House to help them get House back to work. The mentor gives us additional House character development opportunities, now and in parts three of the arc. Appalled by Wilson and Cuddy's action, but keeping it to himself, he agrees to help. He turns to House for help in a case that has been stumping him for awhile and isn't made up just for House. Cuddy and Wilson aren’t sure because House might fail to find the cure. The mentor says House would see through that trick and he won’t trick House.

    House agrees to help as a favor and because he feels obligated. The mentor has the patient come to House's hospital and the saving of two lives begins.

    His mentor gets the old House to come back to life through an interesting case, his own codgity teaching, and getting House to hear the truth from Wilson and Cuddy.

    At the end of the second part, House comes back to medicine with a renewed vigor and confidence. He asks his mentor, though, for a job as he won't work at this place again. He leaves and only takes the staff member who was trying to tell him the truth.

    3) The remainder of the season is House working somewhere else. The mentor agrees to help Wilson and Cuddy to get House to come back as long as they agree to always support House. They must change their own character or he won’t help. Showing remorse and a willingness to change, they agree.

    The "old" gang and his mentor find ways to involve House and show him he wants to be “the big fish in the big pond.” Over time House realizes he needs to get out from under his mentor's wing again.

    At the end of the season House announces he is taking a job with the Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins as the chief of diagnostic medicine. Wilson, Cuddy, his old staff, and his mentor come up with a proposal so he’ll come back to the old gang. House realizes what they are up to and decides to extract his pound of flesh and quart of blood (interest) from Wilson and Cuddy. Not announcing his decision at the end of season, House leaves the viewers with another cliff hanger. There would be clues, though, that House will return to his home (for a price – see above). Vice-chairman of the board House has a good ring to it doesn’t it? He asks his mentor as they walk into House’s home. Fade to black and next season.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house cuddie and willson are tring to keep the lie to themselves about the case doctor house worked on last and they get a boy that thinks aliens have been in his system and installed a tracking device and they working on the case and they come a cross a metal in his neck and then come cross strange dna she finds out that they lied to house and she wants them to tell him and turns out about the case the kid had a second person inside him and they got rid of it this was a good ep
  • House and co. take on the case of Clancy, a young boy who is certain that he is being watched by aliens. Although the team are certain that these sightings are just hallucinations, they can find no explanation for them.

    This episode was, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic. The writers dared to stray away from what was expected in terms of plot line, and it really paid off. In this episode, we see House and his team take on the case of a young boy who believes he is being watched by aliens and apparently 'sees' them constantly. Whilst House is determined to find some rational explanation for what the boy is seeing, Chase can't help but think there may be some truth to the story. When we finally discover what is causing the hallucinations, it is a shocking and wonderful diagnosis. A few scenes really stuck out for me, for example: where Chase finds Clancy in the bathroom gouging a hole in his neck. Even though you knew that there were no aliens, when they found that chip... *shudders*. I was very impressed with Cameron's performance, because I like seeing her stick up for what she believes in and this was no different. Although it is true that sometimes her emotions and believes can hinder her ability as a doctor, she used this to her advantage in the episode and it made her, for me, thoroughly likeable.

    I really have to applaud both the writers and the actors for handling the sci-fi aspect so well. I was worried that it was just going to look cheesy and compeltely unrealistic, but although it was a more fantastical storyline, it still kept the foundations that make House such an amazing medical drama. Some brilliant lines from both Chase and House, with particular mention going to Chase's pathetic attempt at back talk: "Hey Foreman, yo mamma's so fat, when her beeper goes off people think she's backin off." Truly terrible but it still made me burst out laughing. Also, House's line: "I could smell what the Rock was cooking." ended me. It was so random, and yet it just fitted so well! Kudos Hugh Laurie. All in all, an episode that stands out on it's own because it dares to be different. It was good to see the medical drama do something which could be risky, and still pull it off. Well done.
  • Classic House.

    This episode was brilliant. The case, although a little weird, was interesting enough with the theories of false DNA and the twin living inside of him. I guess it was pretty obvious he WASN'T being abducted, but the twists and turns of the case made it more believable.

    I thought Chase's reactions to the whole episode were hilarious, especially with House's quip "You are believer, aren't you?". I think Chase has begun really growing into his own character now, and he always seems to get on with the younger parents.

    The case was balanced out with good drama as House's leg pain begins to worsen. When Cameron discovers he actually cured his last patient, we see her show her affection for House by confronting Wilson and Cuddy. Cameron's character can be annoying at times, but in this episode she was quite noble. I loved House and Wilson's discussion at the end, and to get more explanation into why Wilson did what he did- he was trying to protect his friend. It was so sad seeing House pick up his cain again after a brief glimpse of life without it.

    Overall, a very decent episode, much better than the occasionally slow Season premiere- brilliant.
  • "You're a believer, aren't you?"....

    Plot: A young boy named Clancy hallucinates and is convinced that he has alien implants and that they are permanently out to get him.

    Why you need to see this episode: The writing team really did a number on "Cane & Able" - the episode has one of the most interesting cases of season three and the entire House M.D. series. Aliens are not usually a cause of someone's disease in the show but, because of the nature of the unexplainable illness and Chase's own belief in UFOs, even the audience begins to wonder if aliens are behind what is killing Clancy.

    Also making this episode great and interesting is the story arcs continued from the previous episode "Meaning" that deal with the state of House's leg and the secret that Cuddy and Wilson are hiding from House - and the struggles House goes through because of both of those things.
  • hilarious!

    in my opinion, the funniest House episode ever written

    from house making fun of chase believing the kid's claims about the aliens
    house "the lab results came back. the lab cannot identify the metal. said it might not even be terrestrial." chase "seriously"
    house "no you idiot, it's titanium"

    to, once again making fun of chase (it was really funny)

    chase "clancy's missing"
    house "oh no. well you check alpha centuri, Cameron can check tatouine, and foreman can set up an intergalactic check point. let's hope he hasn't gone into hyperdrive; we'll never catch him then"


    the episode also ended with a hearwrenching scene in which House has to go get his cane again
    this scene was beautifully complemented by the song "Gravity"
  • Does anybody get the yo momma is so fat joke? Seriously... Oke, Im stupid I know. But I really really really really wanna know! Thanks!

    Does anybody get the yo momma is so fat joke? Seriously... Oke, Im stupid I know. But I really really really really wanna know. I watched that clip a million times, but I just don't get it. I've searched the internet and all... but nobody has an explanation.. apperantly it's soooo obvious. I'm dutch.. i should tell you that, cause else you all think I am mentally challenged. Please help me out folks! Thanks! ! ! ! ! ! ! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Interesting episode.

    A boy thinks that aliens are going to abduct him, and he thinks he has a chip into his body. At least the writers came up with something interesting and confusing. A boy with two DNA!! If I wasn't mistaken, I think there was one episode in CSI that shows the killer have the same disease. House is still feeling guilty, so is Cuddy. Cameron finally learns the secret, and threatens Wilson and Cuddy to tell House or she will. LOVE this episode. No idea what to say. Just keep coming up good ideas and interesting plot and this series will survive.

    Final Diagnosis: Chimerism
  • 2 in 1!

    Aliens are attacking! Oh no! This episode really made you believe there was life on other planets, that kid was creepy. Chase was so tight in this episode, also I like how Cameron figures out that Cuddy lied, she was tight in this episode too, Then House has an epiphany while he is playing around with Cuddy. Then I also liked how House figured out in the end, the aliens dream sequence was pretty creepy. It was so sad how House still had trouble with his leg. A very strange episode for House but still a great episode and very entertaining.
  • House and his team are baffled by the mysteries surrounding a boy who claims to being abducted by aliens.

    Once more, the writers deliver a clever episode filled with interesting plots and some insight into the interaction of the characters with House. And yet again, the patient and his illness serve merely as a tool to depict these interactions.

    House is back with his pain, or is he? There is no evidence that assures this is actually a physical problem, and his refusal to perform clear tests only add to the suspicion that his post-surgery pain is mentally induced - either a neurological problem or a symptom of Vicodin-addiction. He also seems to be insecure towards the reappearance of the pain; however, he is not inclined to find the answer. He simply accepts the fact that he failed to make his life less miserable than it used to be before his near-death. The return of the cane symbolizes this: he cannot change who he is because he doesn't want to.

    Meanwhile, Cameron and Foreman are getting closer to "becoming House"; nonetheless, the former still has a soft heart to tell apart right from wrong, and to teach her that the ends don't justify the means; the ladder, on the other hand, is learning from House how to be strictly rational, even to the point of developping a sharp deductive mind based on the behavior of those surrounding him. And we've seen in the past that Foreman, differently from Cameron, has very little regard - if any - to his mates' feelings. Just like House.
    Chase is the opposite of both of them. While the most loyal member of House's team, he doesn't show any inclination to adopt his boss's maneirisms. He can be childish and even foolish sometimes, without this affecting his medical skills and the confidence House deposits upon him (already mentioned in the season two finale).

    Finally, Cuddy and Wilson fail to keep the truth about last week's patient from House. Their "conspiracy" ends abruptly as she realizes that standing House's ego is a fair price to pay in exchange for saving their patients' lives. Wilson is more concerned about finding a way to show House that he is not infallible, and that was the only opportunity he ever had to prove that. And yet he failed. But in his mind, he cannot accept an idea that House already has for sure deep inside his soul: that as far as medicine is concerned, Gregory House is, and always will be, right.
  • This episode was just off.

    There was something very... weird about this episode. It just didn't feel right. None of it did, really.

    For starters the opening scene was too much "X-Files", and even though they made references to that show throughout the episode it still felt too weird. The whole patient storyline was faulty because we all knew from the start that there would be a logical explination that didn't involve aliens. This only made all the "X-Files"-esque stuff seem stupid and out of place. And I wonder why they never gave us an actual explination to that "chip" found in the kid's neck. They sort of just lost interest in it.

    To match the odd storyline, the characters were acting weird in this one. All of them were.

    House's sudden lack of confidence in himself was just odd. I seriously don't buy that he would get that discouraged from getting one single diagnosis wrong. Come on, the guy gets like three diagnosis (diagnosises?) wrong per episode! Why would he care about that one case all of a sudden? We know he's sent other people home without finding the answer, or had people die on him. Like Ester, if I remember the name correctly.

    Cuddy acted far too guilty for it to be reasonable. Given that she KNOWS House gets it wrong more often than he gets it right she shouldn't be concerned that he's suddenly losing his edge just because he thinks there was one patient he got it wrong with. I mean, come on... Cuddy should have just moved on for crying out loud, she's acting way out of character in this episode.

    Wilson is another person acting out of character. Last episode he made a lot of sense when he explained to Cuddy why she shouldn't tell House about the case. This episode he doesn't make as much sense anymore. Still Robert Sean Leonard gives the best performance of the episode, but there's a lot of weirdness about Wilson going on here. Like refusing to give House Vicodin last week and now he's totally fine with it? I prefer a little continuity.

    Cameron has always been annoying, but she's getting way too annoying now. It's not consistent with her character to boss Cuddy and Wilson around like that, and I have to agree with Cuddy, she's not nearly as endearing as she thinks she is. Her reaction to what she found out is also way over the top. Why would she care whether or not House learns he was right the week before? Why should she care that Cuddy gets "credit" for helping that guy? For crying out loud she's a doctor, not a junior high student who caught someone cheating off another person's test. Grow up already!

    Foreman can also be added to the list of out-of-character characters in this episode. Why is he taunting Chase so much all of a sudden? Where did that come from?

    Chase takes the cake however. In this episode he's barely watchable. He's just plain embarassing, which he has never been before. I mean, it's one thing if they want to give him the "believing in aliens" bit, but they don't have to make him into a complete idiot just because of it. Like that "yo mama" thing... I seriously had to put the TV on mute. I want the real Chase back! Apparently he has been abducted by aliens and replaced with this embarassing weirdo.

    All in all the best way to describe this episode is "disappointing". However there were a few highlights.

    Nurse Brenda is back. I love her. She's hysterical.

    Jennifer Morisson's performance when the guy from last week tells her he wants to have sex with his wife was just golden.

    House talking to Cuddy's tummy and insisting that she looks pregnant was a fun bit. Their banter felt like the one bit which was consistent with how the characters usually act.

    House teasing Chase with the "you check Alpha Centurion" bit was hilarious.

    Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next week they'll be back to their normal style, and that this episode was just a temporary drop. Even good shows have bad episodes every now and then.
  • Review

    This episode wasn't all that funny as the show usually is - just the random little quips by House and then the rest was pretty much the drama aspect of the show. The story from the pilot is still being felt in this episode as Cuddy and Wilson struggle on if to tell House about the patient that he did cure, but opt to not tell him and his leg may have gotten to worse for them to be able to do anything about it at this point.

    I thought the case in the episode was cool - with the child seeing images of Aliens in his head.I thought the explanation of it all in the end was very well done. It was layed out by House in a way that I could understand it, which made the episode a littlemore enjoyable for me.

    I liked the ending to the episode and some of the drama aspects - just felt it lacked a little bit of humor.
  • So much better than last week's the writers have redeemed themselves slightly anyway!

    I loved this one. It was so sad to see House being all depressed about not being right after the last case and Cameron learning that Cuddy and Wilson were lying to House added to it.

    House saying to Cuddy that he thought she was pregnant was so funny, I enjoyed every moment of their interactions.

    Cameron seemed to just step up a lot more and acting more like House and it was definitely a nice change.

    The case was totally awesome Alien DNA! I loved how House told them that the metal they found was unknown I thought that was so totally funny.

    House kind of accepting his disability at the end was sad and sweet. Can't wait to see next week's episode!
  • This was such an awesome episode, too bad that it was able to be solved scientifically.

    Well what can I say, House strikes again with another great episode. What interested me most about this episode was the science fiction twist that the storyline was headed. I still feel that they didn't answer one the mysteries fully. How did the boy get the titanium chip in his neck. They tried to give a suggestion that it might've broken off and flown through the blood stream. But one said, "But to his neck from his arm?" And that's all they really spoke of the episode. I was kinda let down by that. But at the beginning scene when the boy ends up on the front lawn with the blood coming out of his rectum area, was totally graphic in a science fiction sense of the myth of the anal prob. But over all the conclusion at the end was pretty good, and makes the show worth watching.
  • I liked the episode but . . .

    I liked the episode but unfortunately I knew the answer from the very first seconds. Well first of all the title gave away the entire plot and second . . . well there was a similar story on a CSI episode not so long ago!
    It is so sad when you figure it all out from the beginning cause then they all look rather silly trying to find out what’s happening when for you is so OBVIOUS!!!!
    I’m so disappointed. Not with the episode …. The episode was good . . . I’m just disappointed I figured it all out from the beginning so there was no suspense or excitement …. If it wasn’t for Laurie’s funny evil misanthropic lines and excellent performance I would have turn it off because once you know the ending then there is no point watching. Nevertheless . . . I give it 9 because it was worth it anyway ;)
  • This episode shows that ET's doing eperiments on us can have other explainations. House out did himself with researching on this installment. House wants to believe but can't quite rule out a medical condition. House does the surgery knowing he's right.

    Dr. House does find out he was right about the man whom he cured, finally, from Cuddy. Did his, so called, friend Wilson have to be so jealous of House's expert skills and knowledge that he betrays his friend and allows Cuddy to take the fall? When we see and hear about abductions, naturally everyone assumes the person or people are crazy. House always does what a Great Doctor is supposed to do. Simptoms, knock out the ones that don't fit, research, find the cause of the malady, pinch-hit, diognose and then go into action! His co-workers still give him grief and disbelief until, like in this episode, he is proven once again, correct.
  • Best ive seen so far.

    I really liked this episode it was soo mysterious, I mean I had to convince myself several times that it wasn’t aliens because their not real, but they did so well in keeping you in suspense, it was great! I felt sorry for the kid though at first his parents were so mean, I think that since he was so scared leave his door open or something just to make him feel better! And they were so against him if that’s the word youd use, I mean at times they acted like they hated him, House was really funny in this one though.
  • This was merely a transitional episode from the new, back to what it used to be. I, for one, am glad they got right to it, rather than drag it out for a few more episodes.

    Dare I say I told you so?

    The episode "Meaning" threw us all though a loop, as the beloved character of House had changed drastically. He was happier and concerned about patients, and basically everything that House hadn't been up until the shooting. As soon as they rolled end credits for "Cane and Able", if you listened hard enough, a collective sigh could be heard throughout the country. House has come down from that awkward caring pedestal and returned to the man we all know and love. The only real character change that stuck came from Cameron. She has more of a presence now, and I haven't quite nailed down what it is that's doing it for her, but I eagerly await more appearances.

    I don't know if Cuddy's character change is a permanent thing or just a result of all of the guilt. It was quite like her to tell House no when he wanted to inject his last patient with cortisol. It was also in her character to second guess and do it herself. I'll have to wait another episode or two to give a verdict on that one.

    More and more Wilson is making me want to punch him in the face. I'm not so sure he has House's best interests in mind, or his. There always seems to be some sort of ulterior motive. Remember the good old days when Wilson offered advice here and there but didn't ever really substantially get in the way? Let's get back to that. He's becoming more like a villian and, quite frankly, I'd hate to see that happen.

    One comment on the brain surgery that everyone seems to think is so far fetched; Who cares? They're all still doctors, and they still took their 200 years of medical school. House's presence was essential in the operating room to show that his character was returing to normal. Even if it's illogical, I still approve.

    The episode, itself, was great. The plot had that unthinkable twist that keeps us all at the edge of our seats until the bitter end. It captured and held my attention every second it was on the screen, and I may even watch it a few more times. Even if all of the other stuff sucked, the medical aspect would have been enough to save the entire episode.

    Everyone please remain calm. The cane has returned.
  • Flowers for House

    I have to say that I'm a little disappointed that House's pain came back so quickly. While Laurie handles the cane like its an extension of his body, I was hoping that the deterioration of his leg would return more gradually and that the cane would stay in the closet for at least half the season. But by the end of this episode, House is hobbling once more. Still, credit must be paid to both Laurie and the writers for the small touches they hide along some of the heavy-handed antics. What's heavy-handed? Well, when House clutches his leg, that's heavy-handed. When he's constantly sitting down when speaking to people, that's subtle and smarter. When House is secretly popping Vicodin, that's heavy-handed. When he refuses to tell anyone that the Ketamine treatment is wearing off, it's a subtle way of showing that House's true addiction, more than puzzles, more than drugs, is misery. As for this week's medical mystery, it wasn't bad. I was kind of bummed to see House scaring the kid into hallucinating when he did the same thing only three episodes early with the Katrina victim. Still, the conclusion to the mystery was pretty neat and we got to have fun with Chase (I loved when he tried to insult Foreman with a yo-mamma joke). While nothing major happened with Chase this week, it at least shows that the writers are paying attention and know that they haven't developed the character like they have with Foreman and Cameron. Finally, I was expecting a bigger showdown between Wilson and House, although such a showdown would probably worked better after more than two episodes anyway. I just don't see how House could be so cool about Wilson being so underhanded. House may act like a child at times but he's a grown ass man and he doesn't need his buddy treating him like a child. While Wilson proclaims that it's for the safety of the patients, we've never seen House kill a patient out of recklessness. Furthermore, to use the cortisol injection, something that was completely harmless, as the basis for trying to teach House some humility, is just ridiculous. This season has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but I think once David Morse enters the show, we're going to be in for a good time.
  • This was a very well written episode. Review my contain spoilers.

    This was a very good episode, considering I hardly watch the series, I really wanted to watch this episode. The episode starts off with a little boy by the name of Clancy (Skyler Gisondo) thinking that something is coming to get him. Later on, his parents are looking for him in the morning. He is found outside bleeding from the behind lying on the ground. House and his team have to figure out what is wrong with this boy, as the boy believes that he was abducted by aliens. House's team thinks that there is a problem with Clancy's blood not clotting, as they keep running test. House's team then discovers out that the boy has a twin that was living inside of him, toward the end of the episode. House performs a surgery so Clancy will forget the hallucinations and to remove his twins DNA.
  • This episode has really placed everyone in different characters.

    I dont like how Wilson & Cuttie are playing house, and I didnt like the way it made House act in this episode. I like it when he\'s strong and 2 steps ahead of everyone, not second guessing himself. I hope that knowing the truth gets him out of his slump. The story itself was somewhat interesting and was definatley different. The Aliens were cool.
  • Another out of character episode. Looks like a trend...

    House performing brain surgery? This wouldn't have happened in a previous episode. He might not even have watched from the gallery while the operation was performed. He's a diagnostician remember? They used to have this stuff wired. Various characters continue down their stupid plotlines--Wilson isn't House's friend anymore, Cuddy is spineless, etc etc. Here's hoping that with House's leg acting up again things will get back to normal. And they could pick up the funny a little too.
  • Still not quite there yet, but much better then the last episode. Characters develop in an interesting way.

    Still no mention of who and how shot House which makes no sense at all. At least some sort of reasonable explanation as to how come House can run again was given. Another thing that makes no sense is House and his team performs a brain surgery???? Even with all their expertise in many fields this is ridiculous. Still, it's a great improvement to the last episode, so there's hope it'll get better and hopefully to the high levels of the first 2 seasons. The case was o.k. - we've seen more original and exciting ones, but at least they didn't take the entire alien thing too far. The Chimera was quite obvious once the kid had 2 sets of DNA so it's strange House wasn't on it earlier, but at least it can be explained by his increasing pain and the fact that he still thought he failed last time, which all his "friends" so eagerly remind him of...

    Character development with Wilson, who turns up to be a real sneaky and manipulative person. So Self righteous it's disgusting. He's so afraid House will think of himself as God, yet acts like one himself when he tells Cuddy not to tell House about his success. I think he's just jealous of House, for his ability to be on his own, deal with his problems without leaning on others and for his brilliance and vast knowledge.

    House's character also changes and develops in a deep and good way: he shows he does try to deal with his pain; he does try to work out despite the pain and shows real stamina. He also seems to understand now that his friends are not necessarily the best thing for him. He got his wit and sarcastic humor back, which is great. Another character that develops nicely is Cameron. I'm not a big fan of her but on this episode she was the only one who was positive and assertive as to how to help House. Also she's the one who's most sensitive to his pain and struggle.
  • I loved this epsiode because you do not know what is wrong with the kid and the illusions he is having look realistic but then it goes to what is really happening.

    HOuse is the best shown on tv ever and this episode just adds more to me loving tthis show. I like how it always starts with the people with problems and the you always try to figure out what is going to happen. I loved when House when to a bigger screen ever time to see what was wrong with the patient. I was also very happy that Cuddy finally told House that he was right about the last patient. I love House with the cane its more of his personality. House wouldn't be House without his cane. It was freaky that there was two people in one kid and that he was having illusions of aliens. I just can't wait for the next episode.
  • House is even more amazing than ever. Now he is warmer, more human, and his team is getting really brilliant.

    House is under a lot of stress for most of this episode. That is because in the previous one, he was told he was wrong about a catatonic patient's diagnosis.

    In reality, he was not wrong - and some of the hospital management just kept the truth from him to keep him in his place, to put him down.

    I think that was wrong. It means he would doubt his judgement and deny him feedback he needs in order to learn. No matter how good he is, he continues to learn - or else he is just coasting.

    The judged him and assumed he was purely going by intuition and wild guesses. They really had no evidence of that. They claimed House had no medical basis for his opinion.

    However, there is no way they could know everything he knows. There would be no way for him to tell them everything he knows. Intuition does not really mean wild guesses.

    What makes this episode a lot, aside from the fact the previous one did not repeat itself, is that House's team solves a very arcane medical mystery. They use a lot of very good problem solving techniques.

    They are very analytical and they really work closely together at one point to unravel the mystery. When they are working together, it is really cool. Everything clicks.
  • Very funny and well-written show!

    Cameron is outraged when Cuddly and Wilson are lying to
    House about his last case. If House finds out, boy
    Cameron is just a cakewalk compared to what House would do
    To the both of them. But meanwhile, they must help a boy
    Who has a device on him as the little boy thinks that
    He has or been abducted by ailens. Very crafty episode IMO. But also funny and well-written!
  • awesome episode, made up for last week

    this episode was so much greater than last week. After we realized it was not and alien i was very happy. there were many luagh out loud episode which set it apart form last week, in addition it also was not as hyped as last week amking it that much better. House, in the last five minutes, gets his cane back which makes me very, very happy. he was sarcastic which i love and every one was "in charcter" which was awesome. Cuddy finally told the truth which made me like her again, of course i hate wilson for lying, but this episode is one of the reason's i watch the show

    the Harshest Critic
    - Showpolish
  • What a great episode.Story line was excellent!

    What a great episode.I was really worried that this season it would not be the same House that we all know and love.But this looks like this is going to be a great season.Was that not a great response to Wilson when he was talking to House and told House he was trying to keep him from thinking that he was God.And House responds Gos doesn't limp!Way to go Cameron for sticking up for House kind of watching his back.And I wonder if Cutty is pregnant?Wouldn't that be great if House knew before she did.So far this is one of my favorite story lines.The case was great too with that little boy.It made it very interesting!
  • Better than last week's, but, still not upto season 2 standards.

    this episode showed how great House mysteries can be. the medical mystery of this episode was much more interesting and nerve wracking than the last one. i loved the alien-visions, too.

    character development was great too. now we got our good ole House back, however, I think this was a very early, maybe too early step to take. now that it's reveleaed House didnt screw up with his last case, it's fine, but... i excepted more. i secretly wanted House punch Wilson, he was such a prick.

    Oh, i loved the scene with the guy from last ep(the one with Addison disease). I think this is the first time that a patient comes back.
  • "They're coming to get you, through the wall and you will never ever see your parents again!" The perfect thing for House to say to a little kid.

    When I saw the previews for this ep, I was a little confused. Aliens on House? But of course things are never what they seem. The case was pretty interesting and certainly different then anything else they've ever done. After it is revealed that the kid had two different DNAs, I figured he out what disease he had (thanks to CSI), however I wasn't sure how it related to the aliens/seizures.
    After the bazaar behaviour of House last week, he is more himself this week. My favourite part was when Cameron set the record straight about the blood clotting and House agreed with her. She just sat there with her mouth hanging open and a 'what the hell just happened' look on her face. And of course Chase's 'Your Mama' joke. It was probably on of the funniest episodes so far. And the cane has returned by the end of the episode. It's sad, but you knew it was coming.
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