Season 7 Episode 10

Carrot or Stick

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2011 on FOX

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    This storyline was already done. The episode with the African-American teenage girl and the record producer from new Orleans. House figured out he was the girls real father. This theme was also visted in another episode. House should have deducted the father-son relationship sooner. Repeating storylines is not very interesting.

    House is still clean as a whistle with no explanation of his pain. Why does he no longer take Vicodin, why is nhe no longer in pain? Why is there no discussion of his pain. His limp is even FAR LESS apparent than previosu seasons. Drugging Cutty's mom and Wilson last week didn't seem to bother Cutty who has spent 6 years trying to get House to play by the rules. A lot of logic defying moments lately.
  • It is almost painful to look at House when another human being (or animal - remember Wilson's dog)physically displays their affection for him.

    It made the ending of this episode all the more poignant. If they had done away with the silly side issues (namely Chase's problems with women he'd slept with), the episode would have been close to perfect. The medical case the team worked on had some interesting twists. It dealt not only with how best to discipline young people, but the larger issue of youth "slipping through the cracks"; where teenagers in this country are increasingly doomed because of their environment and the failure of parents and our institutions to effect change in their lives. And then there was House vs. the Toddler; which raised questions of his suitability to ever become a loving parent. The scene at the end when Rachel crawls into his lap is priceless - it was a portent of things to come, I'm sure.
  • 710

    Great episode of House tonight. What I loved most about it is that Chase got more than 2 lines. He actually got air time, and I just can't believe there was a time in this show's run when he was hardly in this show. He was just great here, and I was genuinely intrigued to find out who was pranking him, not to mention, all of his scenes were hilarious. The ending was heartwarming for me in a sense, I really liked it.

    Another thing that was heartwarming was seeing Rachel crawl in to House's lap. I just thought that was definitely worth mentioning. The patients were memorable, we even got a scene with Masters getting choked, the end when the patient admits he's the kid's father. I was just interested in the patient tonight, which doesn't happen very often.

    This was a great episode but this was far from the best episode of the season. The best for me would definitely have to be "A Pox on Our House" for many reasons, but this was still a great enjoyable hour of television.
  • House: The School Episode

    The team takes the case of a military disciplinarian who collapses on an obstacle course. Chase finds out that someone has hacked his social networking site profile and is using it to wreak havoc on him with a rather large suspect pool. Masters takes a personal issue in the military school and the patient in general after he attacks her. House tries to get Cuddy's daughter Rachel into her preferred preschool by doing some recon work under the pretense of being on a medicinal visit to the building. Great dynamic episode of House that treads on new territory medically and character wise and now that we're into the spring season with 12 episodes left to go this season hopefully there's more like this and better to look forward to.
  • 1/24

    The last episode of House was a huge disappointment, but this episode more than made up for it. I did not like Tyler James Williams of Everybody Hates Chris fame in this role, but at least he is still getting work. This was a powerful storyline, and the twist with the drill sergeant being his father was a good surprise. Nice little plot in tonight's episode.

    You also had some amusing comedy with the leaked and edited pictures of Chase and him trying to figure out who it was. Comedy like this has been missing as of late, but it led to one of the best House episodes in a long time.
  • Best episode of new season by far.

    This episode was far better than any other this season. I felt that all aspects of the plot were well thought out and humourous. The main case was interesting, the subplot involving Chase was funny, but the best parts involved House breaking into the daycare to get toys for Rachel. I liked how he trained her as if she were a dog and it was hilarious when he started to give her treats. I felt that all aspects of this episode were well done: the plot, the acting, the directing. Even thinking about certain parts of it makes me start to laugh.
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