Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Cyrus Harry arrives with flowers at the home of a woman. He asks for Jennifer Williams and introduces himself, and then says that he's trying to find the brown-eyed Jennifer Williams he met 23 years ago on the Jersey shore. The woman closes the door on him, and Cyrus marks her name off of his list. He then walks to a limo where his driver, his older cousin Phil, watches in disgust. He tells Cyrus that he's wasting his money pursuing a faded memory and packs up the flowers that Cyrus brought. However, when he turns he realizes that Cyrus has collapsed because his leg is paralyzed.

House brings the case to his team, and they realize that Cyrus, a refrigerator repairman, won $42 million in the lottery. As they debate whether winning the lottery causes happiness and what caused the paralysis, Cuddy comes in and informs House that her mother Arlene is suing the hospital and claiming that they slowed her recovery. House spends the team to test Cyrus and check his workshop for contamination, and then goes to his office with Cuddy. She explains that she insisted that Arlene move in with her because her hip is slowing her down, and points out that House's name is on the treatment papers. Arlene refuses to talk to Cuddy alone, and insists on having a lawyer present. Cuddy wants House to come to the meeting and be nice, but he refuses.

Taub talks to Cyrus, who insists that he hasn't done anything different with his lifestyle. However, when Phil comments on his eating habits, Cyrus admits that he eats out of a can and Taub suggests that could be the source of the illness.

Foreman and Chase check out Cyrus' work environment and Chase notes that Foreman is repressed. Chase explains that he's stopped playing the field with women, and dares Foreman to do one differential without anyone getting beneath his skin. They find solvent from China that could cause the illness, and report to House with the others. House orders forced diuresis and dialysis and disagrees with Foreman and Thirteen when they suggest chelation, because if he recovers temporarily they won't know which disease he had. Foreman gives in and House suspects something is up.

Thirteen decides to go with chelation anyway and lie to House, figuring that they can flip a coin and tell House the treatment he ordered. However, they discover that Cuddy has shut down all treatment until House goes to the meeting. He responds by discharging Cyrus, who doesn't understand why they're kicking her out. Thirteen tries to explain that Cuddy will cave, but they are interrupted when the real Jennifer Williams arrives. She explains that she read about him in the papers and decided to come by and say hi. Phil is skeptical, but Jennifer reminds Cyrus of his pet name for her, "Baby Bear." Cyrus embraces Jennifer... and then he vomits as he has a focal seizure.

Taub reports to House, who doesn't appear interested. Cuddy comes in and tells House that she'll let him treat his patient if he meets him halfway. She agrees to reduce his clinic hours, but when House negotiates for more, she tells him to do whatever she wants and leaves.

House goes to the conference room and discovers that Chase is hooking up Foreman to a blood pressure machine. They explain that they have a wager to see if Chase can swear off sex while Foreman can avoid showing stress. House can't resists trying to provoke him by disagreeing with his differential of lyme disease and then mocking his personal life. They discuss whether Cyrus will be happy or not because he has found Jennifer, and Thirteen suggests that Cyrus has had sex in the meantime and herpes encephalitis would account for the symptoms. House agrees, and confirms that Foreman doesn't seem to have reacted, and then explains that he secretly unplugged the BP machine. As Thirteen leaves, House suggests that she's down on love because of her own failed relationships.

Thirteen goes to see Cyrus, who is talking with Jennifer. He offers to put her up for the night, but Jennifer doesn't want to take his money. Cyrus suggests that she might not want to stay, and Jennifer agrees to keep her own hotel room for another night or two.

House goes to see Wilson and asks for his opinion on a mass he's found on his patient's pancreas. Wilson suggests that it might be cancer and House says he's already figured that out, and then asks Wilson why he isn't bothering him about the Cuddy situation. Wilson says that House is actually doing the right thing by staying out of it. However, House figures that Cuddy is using reverse psychology to keep him from going to the meeting so she can resolve her issues with her mother alone, and he refuses to let her win.

Arlene and her lawyer arrive for the meeting and Cuddy says that she wants to talk to her mother alone. She convinces the lawyer to leave, but Arlene insists that it's not about their fight. She asks for $30,000, but Cuddy warns that if the board hears about her threats, she and House could both lose her licenses. Before Arlene can return, House comes in and offers to put her old hip joint in, and Arlene leaves, saying that she'll find judges that will take the case seriously.

As Foreman and Taub run the MRI on Cyrus, Taub says that he agrees with Chase about Foreman, and that he's rooting for Chase to remain celibate. They confirm the mass on Cyrus' pancreas... and two other masses as well in different parts of his body.

Later, Wilson points out that House screwed up, and figures that he reacted because Cuddy tricked her. He suggests that House has more anger toward her than he claims, but House says that he's happy with his unhappiness. In response, Wilson warns that he's going to force House and Cuddy to meet and work things out. House arrives for the differential as Chase hooks Foreman up to a new BP machine. House suggests that they pump Cyrus full of growth factor and make the cancers grow bigger so they can figure out what they have in common. Foreman's blood pressure starts to go up, and he wonders if House is serious or not. Disgusted, he finally takes off the monitors and says that it makes no difference as long as he can control it. House tells them to give consent and then confronts Thirteen as she leaves. He reveals that he brought her high school boyfriend to the hospital, to have him make up dumping her. Thirteen explains that she dumped him to date the man's sister, and House realizes that his plan has a flaw.

Thirteen and Taub go to get consent from Cyrus, and he turns to Jennifer and asks her to marry him so he can have happiness now. Jennifer says that neither one of them can know they're ready for marriage, and says that she's sure she'll have time. As Thirteen and Taub leave, Thirteen notes that Jennifer is wearing different clothes even though she only came for one night, but Taub doesn't believe it.

House returns to his office and finds Foreman practicing yoga without success. He wonders why House isn't riding Chase, and House explains that it's easier to get a rise out of Foreman.

House takes refuge in Coma Guy's room to watch TV, but Wilson tracks him down thanks to the radio transmitter he put in House's portable TV. House and Cuddy argue, and Wilson finally says that Cuddy will pay Arlene the $30,000, and House will say he's sorry and shut up otherwise, or he'll stop signing off on his Vicodin prescription. House and Cuddy reluctantly give in.

Thirteen treats Cyrus, who accuses Thirteen of harboring suspicions toward Jennifer. Thirteen insists that random numbers don't change human nature, and that he's hoping for another long-shot dream coming true. Cyrus accuses her of refusing to see anyone else happy.

Cuddy, House, and Wilson go to see Arlene and pay her the $30,000 and say she can stay in her home. House manages to get out an apology, but Arlene wants more money for the probate lawyer because she's going to change the will so Cuddy doesn't get her house when she dies. Cuddy snaps at her and House chips in, and Arlene tears up the check and goes inside.

Foreman meets with Taub and explains that he's paid a nurse $100 to have sex with Chase. They watch as Chase and the nurse talk, but she walks over to Foreman, slaps him, and gives his money back. Chase looks over at them and waves.

As Taub runs an ultrasound on Cyrus, Jennifer tells him to consider what things and people matter year in and year out. As they talk, Taub discovers that Cyrus has no new cancer, and the tumors he had shrunk. Back in differential, Chase hooks Foreman up again and they try to figure out what's going on. Thirteen suggests the tumors might be protein deposits based on the low-normal EKG, but Foreman points out that it's not enough to conclude. He starts snapping and the BP machine registers it, but Foreman insists that he's used beta blockers. Chase admits that he rigged the machine to give a false reading. As Thirteen goes, she tells House that she just doesn't like lotteries.

In the clinic, House calls for a patient, Janet, and says that she has hemorrhoids. Janet is not amused. Wilson arrives to note that House had his clinic hours quadrupled, and warns that Arlene is having another meeting. He suggests that House doesn't want to let go of Cuddy, so he's holding onto the negative interactions between them. House doesn't believe it, but Wilson warns that he's blowing up any chance of having any kind of relationship with Cuddy again.

Phil and Jennifer come to see Cyrus, who gives Phil a check for $10 million. He tells his cousin that he's the best friend he's ever had and he's worth far more than what he's been paying him as a limo driver. Phil takes the check and holds his cousin's hand. As Jennifer breaks into tears, Thirteen notices that she's wearing contacts beneath her eyeglasses, and they realize the contacts are tinted even though Cyrus remembered his Jennifer having brown eyes. He asks her where her nickname "Baby Bear" and Jennifer doesn't know. Cyrus realizes that it's the one thing he never told Phil, which is why "Jennifer" doesn't know it. He orders both of them out and admits to Thirteen that his life sucks and he's just a lottery fool. As they watch, Cyrus' entire system shuts down.

Thirteen and Taub report to the others, and Taub suggests that Thirteen provoked Cyrus into dying. An alarm goes off when there's signs of contamination on the administrative floor. Arlene is out there and explains she set off the alarm to get House and Cuddy together. She tells them that she's filing the suit, and Cuddy notes that she would have been dead if not for their "mistreatment." House tells Arlene that she and Cuddy aren't getting together again, and everything she's done has been to bring them together. Cuddy starts to deny it, until she looks at Arlene and realizes everything House has said is true. Arlene points out they're the only two people who would put up with each other. Cuddy apologizes to her mother but says that them getting together will take more than a common enemy. When they turn back, they discover that House has left.

House goes to see Cyrus and says that there must be a common enemy that accounted for all the symptoms. He has a teratoma, filled with primitive cells that leaked into his bloodstream. Cyrus' body created antibodies, but they not only targeted the teratoma cells, but the actual organs. The cancers collapsed under their own weight. Once they cut out the teratoma, Cyrus will be fine. Cyrus says that he fell for a fraud, but House points out that his feelings were the same and if he chooses to be miserable, it's his own fault.

Chase ends up in bed with the nurse.

Foreman checks his blood pressure.

The real Jennifer finds Cyrus and comes to see him. Thirteen and House watch as Cyrus rents her an apartment. House says that it will end horribly, but Thirteen says that no matter what, Cyrus will always be hopeful and he'll always be happy. House points out that fatalism is her survival mechanism, and she asks what his mechanism is for surviving being dumped by everyone he ever loved and having constant leg pains. She says they are who they are, and still insists that lotteries are stupid.
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