Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • 5/2

    "Changes" was a very enjoyable episode of House. I am loving this new relationship with Thirteen as House's female equivalent. This is something that a lot of shows have tried to do, to have that character that matches up with the star and happens to be of the opposite gender, but few can match what Olivia Wilde and Hugh Laurie are doing right now.

    The whole lawsuit thing is a little stupid though. But the guest appearance by Donal Logue, one of the more underappreciated actors on TV of the last 10 years, was very good. Nice for the show to nab a big name for this role and a good storyline it was.

    Strong episode here.
  • Trying To Put the "M.D." back into House M.D.

    Well, the first 15 or so episodes of this season dealt with the House-Cuddy relationship, and the first couple of episodes following the breakup in "Bombshells" were about House's attempts at moving on. Season 7 has been a mixed-bag in terms of quality, as episodes like "Selfish," "A Pox On Our House," "Family Practice" suggest the writing staff is still perfectly capable of churning out quality episodes, while other episodes like "Now What?," "Bombshells," and "Out Of The Chute" seem to suggest that the writers are running on fumes. "Changes," falls right in the middle, or at least for me it does. House found success with its intriguing medical mysteries, but once the show found an audience, it started tinkering with its formula a bit. I still haven't taken a liking to Taub or 13, but that's a whole different argument. The fact of the matter is, that House has lost a bit of its intrigue. No longer, or at least not on a consistent basis, are there interesting medical cases fueling the show. House seems disinterested in solving medical mysteries now, and the writers seem more interested in delving deeper into the personal relationships of the characters now. "Changes" was a pretty solid hour of entertainment, and the guest star, Donal Logue, made for an interesting patient-of-the-week: something House hasn't had for awhile. There was some medicine involved this week, but the writers couldn't help themselves from exploring bits and pieces of "Huddy" again here as Arlene (Cuddy's mom) tries to get House and Cuddy back together. I could've done without those scenes, but what can you do? At least this episode tried to balance medical mystery & personal drama. The interactions between Foreman and Chase we're also pretty funny. House had a couple of funny scenes as well, with one coming in the clinic, and the other in a patient's room. Overall, "Changes" was a solid episode of a show that used to be the "uncommon cure for the common medical drama."
  • Hard to describe...

    this is the very first time I give a 9 to an episode of one of my favorite shows. It's really hard to write a review for this week's episode, because House wasn't really there. I mean that he was there but...

    The medical mystery was okay. A guy who won the lottery with 42 million $ is looking for an ex-girlfriend, thinking that she is the one, with his brother on the side who turned out to be a mooch. We found out that he has a rare condition (well, that's about it about the medical mystery).

    The funny stuff wasn't there, except for the 2 cases, where we see House in the clinic, and in a coma patient's room, lying down on the coma patient's bed, while the coma patient is lying down on the floor.

    Plus, there was more to Huddy. Cuddy's mom was trying to get them together by threatening to sue the hospital for malpractice & mistreatment.

    One good thing (at least for me) was to see the interaction between Foreman and Chase. It was kind of funny.

    All in all, an enjoyable episode.
  • Superb writing..House in Charge seems mroe natural

    Well written, interesting, thought out well in terms of interaction and story progression, and very funny. Several HOUSE lines of dialogue were hysterical (what he said to Foreman in the exercise room is classic House) Very REAL writing, House back in reality mode. ALL characters were revealed. Chase is who he is, Foreman and Taub the lesser men, and 13 seems more House--like everyday in her opinions and attitudes.
    Harsh, real and seeking TRUTH. Well done all around. My first 9.5 in a long time.

    The settlement Cuddy's mother wanted was about in line for an out of court settlement where no actual physical damage ocurred 20-30K. I thought this was a tight episode with almost nothing out of character or place. The patients ailment was in intersting one as well. only two episodes Left and then WILSON departs. He was vital to this episode but he has not been so vital in a lot this season so I can understand why he is leaving (although I have not rwead any articles giving a full explanation..has anyone?).
  • Green on the Other Side

    A lottery winner collapses after being turned down trying to find his lost true love. House and Cuddy face a possible lawsuit at the hands of Arlene for mistreatment and damages for her hip replacement after an argument with Cuddy but House refuses to play by her rules. Wilson tries desperately to play peacemaker and his "keep cool" attitude as mediator between the three is humorous and boasts how much Wilson actually avoids conflict with a grin. The patient develops three types of cancer at once and the team boosts it to give him more so that they can treat. Things are not as they seem when the patient's long lost love arrives but doesn't know certain details about their get together and his friend may have betrayed him. Chase and Foreman try to prove the other is full of crap with Chase claiming to be celibate and Foreman claiming to not be repressed in a rather chuckle inducing scene involving a rigged blood pressure machine in the middle of a differential. Not the best episode of House but certainly an improvement over the past few offerings and hopefully this will be a sign of good things to come. One thing's for sure, House's writers need to change the game in order to keep things interesting because after 7 seasons you can't keep pulling the same stuff.
  • Solid episode.

    This was an all-around good episode and for that reason I am considering changing my score from 9.0 to 8.5 for the simple reason that I did not quite enjoy the case. The character plot outside of the case was really good though. House is - at least for the most part - back to his usual old self as are the other for that matter. Foreman continues to develop (or unfold if you prefer) while Chase keeps improving his own apathetic persona. Taub is still Taub.

    13, on the other hand, has managed to really grab my attention. I admit that when she first started I was not her biggest fan by any means; however, since her return this season I really began to appreciate her pessimistic disposition on life and such. I loved House's comments: "It's like there's two of me." That was classic. Surprisingly, I find myself completely unmoved by the notion that House might not reconcile with Cuddy. In fact, it would be interesting to see House and 13 become close, platonic or not. (Controversial opinion, I know)

    The case? I've seen better. Much better. But it was decent I suppose.
  • 720

    Solid episode of House this week. I wasn't a big fan of the "House and Cuddy" show returning, but we did get some good scenes here. None of which were between House & Cuddy's mom, but the scenes within the patient and the connections to Thirteen were all great.

    The blood pressure thing with Foreman was pretty funny, as was Chase's sex life. At the end of the day though, it became a very sad thing. Loved the montage at the very end. Also I liked the appearance of Donal Logue. He was great on Grounded for Life, and he was great here.

    The episode overall wasn't as good as how the show has been as of late (which means the episodes that weren't focused on House & Cuddy's relationship), but it was still a solid installment regardless. Can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.