Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Trying To Put the "M.D." back into House M.D.

    Well, the first 15 or so episodes of this season dealt with the House-Cuddy relationship, and the first couple of episodes following the breakup in "Bombshells" were about House's attempts at moving on. Season 7 has been a mixed-bag in terms of quality, as episodes like "Selfish," "A Pox On Our House," "Family Practice" suggest the writing staff is still perfectly capable of churning out quality episodes, while other episodes like "Now What?," "Bombshells," and "Out Of The Chute" seem to suggest that the writers are running on fumes. "Changes," falls right in the middle, or at least for me it does. House found success with its intriguing medical mysteries, but once the show found an audience, it started tinkering with its formula a bit. I still haven't taken a liking to Taub or 13, but that's a whole different argument. The fact of the matter is, that House has lost a bit of its intrigue. No longer, or at least not on a consistent basis, are there interesting medical cases fueling the show. House seems disinterested in solving medical mysteries now, and the writers seem more interested in delving deeper into the personal relationships of the characters now. "Changes" was a pretty solid hour of entertainment, and the guest star, Donal Logue, made for an interesting patient-of-the-week: something House hasn't had for awhile. There was some medicine involved this week, but the writers couldn't help themselves from exploring bits and pieces of "Huddy" again here as Arlene (Cuddy's mom) tries to get House and Cuddy back together. I could've done without those scenes, but what can you do? At least this episode tried to balance medical mystery & personal drama. The interactions between Foreman and Chase we're also pretty funny. House had a couple of funny scenes as well, with one coming in the clinic, and the other in a patient's room. Overall, "Changes" was a solid episode of a show that used to be the "uncommon cure for the common medical drama."
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