Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Hard to describe...

    this is the very first time I give a 9 to an episode of one of my favorite shows. It's really hard to write a review for this week's episode, because House wasn't really there. I mean that he was there but...

    The medical mystery was okay. A guy who won the lottery with 42 million $ is looking for an ex-girlfriend, thinking that she is the one, with his brother on the side who turned out to be a mooch. We found out that he has a rare condition (well, that's about it about the medical mystery).

    The funny stuff wasn't there, except for the 2 cases, where we see House in the clinic, and in a coma patient's room, lying down on the coma patient's bed, while the coma patient is lying down on the floor.

    Plus, there was more to Huddy. Cuddy's mom was trying to get them together by threatening to sue the hospital for malpractice & mistreatment.

    One good thing (at least for me) was to see the interaction between Foreman and Chase. It was kind of funny.

    All in all, an enjoyable episode.