Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Superb writing..House in Charge seems mroe natural

    Well written, interesting, thought out well in terms of interaction and story progression, and very funny. Several HOUSE lines of dialogue were hysterical (what he said to Foreman in the exercise room is classic House) Very REAL writing, House back in reality mode. ALL characters were revealed. Chase is who he is, Foreman and Taub the lesser men, and 13 seems more House--like everyday in her opinions and attitudes.
    Harsh, real and seeking TRUTH. Well done all around. My first 9.5 in a long time.

    The settlement Cuddy's mother wanted was about in line for an out of court settlement where no actual physical damage ocurred 20-30K. I thought this was a tight episode with almost nothing out of character or place. The patients ailment was in intersting one as well. only two episodes Left and then WILSON departs. He was vital to this episode but he has not been so vital in a lot this season so I can understand why he is leaving (although I have not rwead any articles giving a full explanation..has anyone?).