Season 8 Episode 3

Charity Case

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • Great send-off for Olivia Wilde!


    I think House will suffer a bit from the loss of many of its great leading female characters like Olivia Wilde, but even so, fans were given yet another great episode last week. Wilde's send-off was done beautifully. I especially loved her exit scene when she said her final goodbye to House. Even the music fit perfectly! A Big Star cover by The Wellspring... I found it here

  • More of the same


    Boy howdy, my last review of house took a thumbs down pounding. Afraid this one might be the same. What an aweful episode.

    The formula of "House is never wrong" becomes really very dull if there is never even a glimmer of hope of anything else being the case.

    From the outset of this weeks mystery, you knew how it was going to end. Its a House staple episode. I will give it praise for actually focusing on the medical mystery this week though, something last season did not seem so bothered by.

    New girl and newer girl, well there was a side plot I could have lived without. Not sure which one displayed less screen charisma, like two shades of grey competing. The premise being "new girl" cant accept gifts. A house team mate with a quirky characteristic? We have seen it all now!

    Wilson has become more unintersting as the weeks go on, and spent another week being the moral compass of the audience. Foreman has been promoted to "cuddy replacement cameo man" and the less said about Thirteens upteenth exit from the show the better.

    " Why do you keep watching it if you dont like it?" being the obvious question. Problem is I love House, and just hate to see it being sailed down the river to a bland and dull ending.

  • There are almost 20 producers, co-producers, executive producers, and co-executive producers... you think it would show a bit more.


    Not that they probably don't care, but the producers should be scrambling on how to send off this show with a level of perfection that exudes the capabilities of this show.

    One thing is consistent: Hugh Laurie's commitment to the character and the quality of his acting. The character strongly shines through with this one.

    Olivia Wilde shows why she was so effective in her role. She captivates the screen. She commands the audience's attention and gracefully fills the camera. Can't say the same for Charlene Yi. Nor Odette Yustman. At least not yet. These are not great choices as replacements. Or at least they have not provided much to bite on so far in terms of interest. Wilson has taken a very diminished role and Foreman, well he's still Foreman but man he is still boring.

    Overall, the medical case was interesting to me. I enjoyed the storyline with Wentworth Miller and liked the banter of medicine regarding this case. The idea that altruism can be caused by some physiological basis was cool.

  • loved that song!


    episode 3 was the best of this new season so far. 13 will be missed and her goodbye scene with House was perfect, in part b/c of the beautiful background song chosen, "the ballad of el goodo" cover by The Wellspring. i looked it up and found the full version here for all you music lovers like me, enjoy! --

  • A Change of Heart


    More meh in the land of House this week as an undercover millionaire gives a large donation to an unemployment office of some sort and then collapses. House takes his case, still in only half of his office, and is joined by Doctor Adams as well having said that they would "meet for coffee." But the patient's altruism may prove to a symptom and House needs to prove that it's irrational and being caused by something. The really strange parts of the episode were the parts where the millionaire (Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller) offers House a million dollars after hearing two sentences of his so called plan to rebuild his old team, and when 13 asks him to donate her his kidney instead of Wilson's dying patient and saying that he could then die and save many more lives. While nice in thought and sentiment people just aren't wired that way but I picture his wife to be much more of a gold digger than she turned out to be. It all turned out to be some sort of thyroid deficiency or something that caused a hormone imbalance and he didn't give House the money after all. House kept trying to keep in touch with 13 even though she wants out. Altruism was brought up as a point to deviate from the other countless episodes where House diagnoses kindness as a symptom of a disease this time around. In the end when he let 13 go with her girlfriend as Olivia Wilde's farewell to the show it shows House is capable of changing in little ways like when he bought the motorcycle in season 2 or letting 13 go and "trying to save her." The game between Park and Adams was a good side story but utterly unnecessary when the episode should instead have focused more on House and 13 even though Adams needs to be added more to now. While charity is good to contribute to, there's no need to give away all your organs after all you have to live too right? Just maybe not as a millionaire.

  • Better than last episode


    I like house .. the episode was not bad at all. But I cant seem to get over the fact they are not going to have thirteen on this show!!! They always get rid of people we get use to!! First it was jennifer morrison whom i totally adored.

    Now no thirteen???? I want her back!!! this is so not FAIR!! First they kick the blonde girl now thirteen :/ I might want them to keep the new girl that was in the prison with house!!! but still this sucks that thirteen wont be in this show anymore!! ill miss olivia wilde so much

    And I miss CHASE!!! Where is he i want him back!!!

    I love jessica but im not too happy with the other girl..

    She has to speak properly. She mumbles a lot.

    other than that the episode was good. I want thirteen and chase back at the least please!!

  • Micheal Scofield and Thirteen couldnt save this episode


    Thisepisodeof Housewasn'tgood

    This episode was about House trying to get money for his department by treating a wealthy man who would give up anything.

    This episode was also about House trying to get Thirteen back on his team, for those of you whodon'tknow, this was Olivia Wilde last episode on House, withoutspoiling it, she dose leave in a way ididn'tsee coming.

    The other side to this episode was Adams messing with Park by getting her stuff and to see how long she can keep it up without Park going over the edge. This as well had a ending i didnt see coming.

    This episode of House was very poor and and kid of dumb. My last two complaints is that Thirteen left (but i can get used to Dr. Jessica Adams) and that there was no sign of Chase or Taub. I want to see Taub's kids.

  • House has lost its luster


    I wasn't going to watch it, but because there was nothing else on, I saw the episode.

    I have to say the POTW was pretty interesting, one of the most interesting patients they've had in a while. the concept of philanthropy as a symptom was, I thought, creative.

    I enjoyed 13's visit and was glad, and surprised to see House put her needs above his own for once. He realized she doesn't have too many more healthy days, and he sent her to enjoy them. Very uncharacteristic of him, I thought.

    As for the rest, ahhh. I always watched the show, not for the patients, but for the stories of the characters. I miss those. This is not sour grapes about Cuddy. I always thought that was contrived and not the logical place for those characters to go. But, I didn't realize how much of the water for the show was carried by his team. Park continues to be a nightmare. Her speech is difficult for me to understand and her part seems ill defined. Is she mini House? Is she some looney intern? I really can't make myself care.

    As for Adams, she is okay, but I hope they don't plan to keep her long term. It's kind of hard to believe that she would just work for nothing out of love or loyalty to House, a man who doesn't engender love or loyalty because he gives none.

    BTW, what happened to the theme song? I know they are cost cutting, but, seriously, if you can't afford the theme, it might be time to let the show go.

    And that's what I really think. I think the show should have ended with House walking off into the distance on that beach. This year was a mistake.

  • Where is House?


    3 episodes in, the last 2 being the worst I've seen in 8 years, and I ask myself where is the House that gave us 7 seasons of great tv drama and often brilliant episodes. The show seems to have slowed down to a deadlycrawl. The writing is unimaginative. The 2 new doctors are not adding anything. It seems they were hastily concocted characters to make up for the loss of Cuddy and now 13. They are just plain vapid. Please do something and get the show back on track. Please give Hugh Laurie something to work with. I really love this show and miss what it used to be.

  • 803


    House is back as this was the third great episode of the season, three episodes in. The show has found those compelling medical mysteries it had during the early days and has succeeded once again with revamping its cast. I don't like Charlene Yi, but she was shockingly not terrible tonight, and Odette Annable continues to shine on this show. Not just competing with Olivia Wilde in the looks department, but as one of the best female doctors on television.

    Curious case, some amusing side stories with the doctors and justa well-written show. Love the new season of House.

  • What's old is new Again


    It takes a few episodes to really evaluate House. You have House in a mental hospital then it's back to normal. You have House and Cuddy finally together...then that ends drags on and then it's over again.

    The First two episodes were great but will things return to normal?

    NOPE and that's good. All we really need are House and Wilson as friends and the rest falls into place. The Show needs the bromance.

    So 13 returns for one last fling and leaves in great fashion she's really besides Wilson the only other friend he has.

    The new team is likeable Dr Park is a bit nuts and the side story with her and the other new girl was good.

    The Case wasn't interesting but the interactions between the characters were.

    I look forward to the rest of the season and if it's good enough I hope it's not the last but so far so good it's a fresh start and the shark hasn't been jumped yet.

  • 3 episodes running so far...IT'S ALL GOOD!


    It's actually quite interesting how the new characters in this episode starts to rebuild the old chemistry of the show. Dr. Chi Park for instance reminds me of Foreman back in the old days; Annoying yet brilliant ready to challenge House. Although her hair is...out there somewhere, I think she will go and develop to a more Foreman-ish persona soon enough. Dr Jessica Adams has a touch of Dr. Cameron in a way - a bit idealistic due to young age (I suppose), sweet and caring but ready to defy authority to get the job done (saving lives). I have yet to see Chase and Taub (hopefully next episode) and how their characters will develop with the new cast. I'm quite excited to be honest. But I guess what I can't get use to at the moment is the absence of Dr. Cuddy (Lisa E.) and how Foreman now being the Dean of Medicine at PPTH.

    So what's so special about this episode? It shows some of the classic elements of the old - the new characters and how they resemble the classic characters we love and how House now, start to build a good momentum from this formula. About the case? Well I would say it's not as exciting as the first episode but hey...its the third episode of the season! We have yet to see seven more before we start formulating our judgment.

    As an avid House MD fan, I'm very happy of the new direction this show seems to be going. Hopefully, we'll see soon, the promise of old mechanics that we love about House.

  • Convict meets convicts


    It is great to see Wentworth Miller (Benjamin) again on screen. I like like him (it's the only reason why I finished the episode tonight). And great to see Olivia Wilde (13) back in House. But despite these good actors (and I like both of them), I find the episode tonight a bit boring. It's not the usual upbeat of House of the earlier seasons. The new Asian intern is like a junior House and it's a bit annoying. House is allowed to be annoying because that's his character since day 1 and he's a great doctor but the new kid on the block seems to have no backup to be annoying.